Bow Ties Are Back!

  • Posted on February 3, 2011 at 7:47 pm

CharleyNoble Bow TiesMen’s Wedding Attire, almost never changes, right?

If you looked at wedding attire through the ages, say the last 100 years or so, the changes would be noticeable, but not so much that you’d wonder how are why the change.  Really the only things that have changed are due to formality versus casual.  With the exception of flared or non-flared pant leg and cutaway jackets.  Really again the cutaway jacket can still be employed in a formal wedding.  Not a major difference.  Let’s look at the tie, though, that is something that has had a radical change, even in the last five to seven years.  Unless the men were in a formal wedding, the tie was long and very often black or gray, unless the bride wanted the ties to match the colors of the wedding, then of course the tie could be any color at all.  NBO and other mens’ apparel stores have complied by having ties the color of the rainbow available for the groom and his groomsmen.

Guess what, though?  A change has begun now to seep into everyday life, as well as for weddings.  Imagine a fashionable look at men’s attire.  Weddings may never be the same for the guy again.  The casual wedding or even everyday office life for the male, may be changed by a retro look at the bow tie.  Not the clip on version either.  The real bow tie.  It’s back!

Bow tie shops and companies are starting to pop up everywhere.  Well that might be hyperbolic on my part, but I have read about a new bow tie company in the New York Times, just 3 weeks ago.  Granted it is on the high end for bow ties, with their second store is in West Village, so it would have to be high end ($175/bow tie) to pay their rent.   So why am I talking about bow ties, if it is a high end item, on my website, you may well ask.  Well, because I of course, have found you an alternative.  First though, a little about the other company which I do not know of other than what I read in the NYTimes, is that they also sell suits which are also made in England, (~$3200 – $6000) also on the pricey side, or suitable for a $50, 000 or more wedding, which I found out on Monday is now the real average price of a New York City wedding,  from a talk by a NYC wedding planner.  EEEEKkk!

Anyway, that’s another entry.  this is about bow ties and their comeback for weddings and other events.  If your groom is going to go with a bow tie for the wedding, I suggest he just buy it rather than renting it.  Not for a hundred and seventy-five dollars, of course.  The bow tie, if it is not an outrageous, and even if it is an outrageous color combination is affordable.  Dare I tell, you?  Yes, it’s only $35 at Charley Noble.  You can not* get a better deal anywhere and their ties are spectacular in design and colors.  Of course, I checked this out for you.  How could I not?  Plus, I was able to get you a deal, because I thought of you all when I was talking to the owner on Monday night at the business expo I participated in.  Just mention either my name or and you’ll receive a 10% discount off*, your entire order.  It’s a great deal, especially from a brand new company to offer a discount.  These ties are also handmade here in New York City, so you will help keep people employed in New York City and a new company running.  Plus, if you don’t know how to tie a bow tie, the owner will give you lessons as well.  Now you too, can be in fashion for your own wedding or another event with your own bow tie.  Even if you never wear another bow tie in your life, I think you should purchase your own bow tie, as a remembrance of you wedding.  The groom, I believe should have something to pass on to his son (or daughter) when he (or she) gets married, like the wife does with her wedding dress or veil or shoes whatever is manageable to keep via apartment living?  I think yes, and the bow tie is a perfect fit all around.

So check out at the end of February when their website will be live, otherwise contact them via their Facebook page of the same name. Mention my name or and get your 10% off. Also look for a chat with the owner in the near future on

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