Wedding Formality Is Up To You . . . Again

  • Posted on March 1, 2011 at 12:42 am

The wedding  formality is up to you again, of course.  Formal usually has to do with the attire of the wedding party and the time of the wedding.  The later the wedding usually the more formal it is.  For instance, an eight o’clock in the evening wedding and especially if it is on Saturday night, is going to be considered formal, especially if the bridal party is in black tie and possibly tails.  That will imply that the guests are to arrive in similar attire for the men and long dresses for the women.  In that case, the guests are going to expect a sit down dinner, which can drive the cost of your wedding up exponentially depending on the number of your guests.

Summer weddings lend themselves to a more carefree or of an informal nature and are especially easy for both the wedding party and the guests.  Most brides do not make their guests (especially the males) wear a full set of tails unless in a cooler or cold climate.  The guests along with the female bridal party could wear between knee and tea length dresses in the color or colors of the bride’s choosing.  The groom and groomsmen would wear dark suits also of the bride and groom’s choosing.  Most probably, that would fall within the black or navy family.

Guests could wear any or all of the above unless it is specified on the invitation.  Remember the invitation is the clue for the guests and what they are to wear.  You will of course, get a renegade or two that will wear something completely different from the norm, but that’s what a party is all about anyway, right?  The party’s the thing when it comes to the whole money situation.  Think about what is important for your new life together; talking about money or everything else that is bound to come up in your new lives together.  Dreamers can.

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