The Surprise is Here!

  • Posted on May 27, 2011 at 9:14 am
Are you ready for the surprises?
  • First check out “From the Groom’s Perspective”.  It is from Noah St. John’s perspective on his wedding 2 weeks prior to his recent wedding.
  • Look for information on a special event that is brewing to launch my book.
  • My book’s title is:  da, da, tada!  New York City Budget Weddings:  Elegant and Affordable.  You’ll learn in my next post the angst I had at coming up with that title.

At one point my manuscript that my editor was looking at had 7 different titles.  Yes, that’s right 7 different titles, but none of them were fully resonating with me as the name of the book.  Then I learned, I needed to relax and the name/title would come to me.  On, I shared that the writing and finishing of the book was like giving birth [No, I personally have not ever given birth to a human child.], with all the angst of giving my child its correct name.  I even wondered, if my book would get a complex from going without a solid name for a month?  Well, now I have my 2nd favorite name for just under a month, now and it feels right and that’s why I feel I can announce it.  Yes, there was yet another name, [for a 2nd whole month] but then I realized that it could be better and this is the culmination of that thought.  So after 3 months of various contemplations I have my title.  Keep in mind that immediately following my finished product or what I thought was my finished product, I thought I had ‘the’ title.  I didn’t even think about another potential title for 2 months.  Mostly because I was busy going back and looking for mistakes, typos and just general cleanups in the manuscript.

New York Budget Weddings:  Elegant and Affordable — I think it has a nice ring to it.  What do you think?  Let me know what it conjures up in your mind when you hear it.  Really!  I am interested.

More later.  Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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