Here’s the Behind the Scene Scoop-Part 1

  • Posted on May 28, 2011 at 5:16 am

Alright, I promised you a surprise and information on my book, well today you are in luck, I decided to tell you what’s been going on. You already know the name of the book and you already know the surprise, but what about the behind the scenes goings on . . . Do you want to know that?

For the last 5 – 6 weeks I have been working with a phenomenal team of women who have helped me put together an unforgettable book launch. I will say there were also a couple of guys along the way who helped as well. A lot of women have said that men are usually not known for listening, but listen to me they have been doing and I have to just send you all a shout-out for that as well.

My book is in final edits, YIPPEE! The process to getting it to the published state or eBook form has been longer than I thought it would be. You may recall, I finished or proclaimed I’d finished a while back and even likened it to giving birth. It is still feels like that. Now, I have decided to birth something else, but this time not alone. [Has that been done before? Is that like birthing with ‘a village’? Humm, maybe.]

One of the people I interviewed after being presented as a new author at Riverside Church’s wedding event, was Angela Gregory. Ms. Gregory is the Wedding Consultant at The Riverside Church and we talked about brides thinking outside of the box when it came to their weddings. She even told me about her book that she is currently writing about her experiences from her point of view as a wedding consultant. Now, I get to encourage her, as people encouraged me while I was writing my book. I have looked forward to doing just that.

About an month after our interview, I got an idea about how to publicize my book while benefiting two other types of people within the wedding process. I shared it with a few of my friends and then took it to Angela via email. She loved the idea and we threw some dates around and came up with 10 July 2011. Yup! Just 6 weeks from now, this new event will take place at The Riverside Church in the Assembly Hall.

What have I been doing since the date has been nailed down. Batting around ideas on how to publish my book. Doing rewrites that the wonderful Carla Lynne Hall, my editor, Internet marketer, and advisor has sent to me. Ms. Hall has been a Godsend, she has been so patient and has steered me on how to set up my website. She has reined me in when I have gotten excited about publishing right away and reminded me that there were still things to look at in depth before thinking about publishing anything, right away. As a seasoned author of several books herself, Ms. Hall continues to guide me with each step onto the correct path prior to publishing. Publishing is a whole other process, too. Her advice has been invaluable when it comes to marketing my book both in person and online.

From brainstorming with both Ms. Hall and Guya Rai (my WIBO-Workshop In Business Opportunities, classmate and part of my 1/3 of my brainstorming group from class.), led me to think outside the box myself with how to market my book. That is how I came up with the idea of the Taste-Off. Initially it was named something else, but by the time my first meeting with Angela came to an end, we trashed the first name and were going back to the drawing board. Then a thought, call it intuition, or call it God, the name popped out of my mouth and the people around me got a look of glee and delight on their faces. I ‘d come up with the name for the event. When I spoke to my team about it later, they concurred what Angela and her team told me at the end of our meeting, that it was a terrific name and it said exactly what it is. And that is how Wedding Cake Taste-Off was born.

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