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Wedding Cake Taste-Off; Behind the Scenes – Part 2

  • Posted on June 9, 2011 at 8:43 pm

  • What’s the idea behind the Taste-Off besides publicizing my book? Well, there are two other ideas, that dovetail into the book and the brides.
  • What is one of the bigger subsegments of the reception that money can be thrown? The booze? Sure, if you don’t go with a cash bar.
  • The flowers, yes, maybe if you haven’t spent all your budget during the ceremony.
  • The cake? Yes, that’s it!

I knew you’d come up with it. The cake can get extravagant, plus if you don’t have or know of a baker, where do you go?

  • Do you go with word of mouth or do you go to someone you’ve seen on television, or in magazine or do you go to a wedding expo?
  • Or do you go to several bakers and taste-test their wares or a flavor you think might be what you want for your wedding? That can be both time consuming and expensive. It could also be frustrating.
  • What if your spouse to be can’t go at the same time you are doing your research, what then?
  • Do you buy a slice of what you like?
  • What if your spouse doesn’t like it or once you get it home, you realize you don’t even like it, then what?

The beauty of the Taste-Off is that the brides, grooms, and or wedding couples can come together on a Sunday and taste to their heart’s content, the baker’s best cake. Even look at their portfolio, check out their presentation, style and their price. But it is not just a bridal party bonanza, it is also an opportunity to showcase cake bakers/designers who have been in business for less than 10 years and who may have graduated through and from the WIBO process.

Coming up with the why, who, and where were easy. All of the whats and the how were the tricky parts, but as the time ticks down those seem to be taking care of themselves, too. I hope and it is my plan that it continues that way, too. I needed to come up with an idea for my logo, which initially I saw as an action type of logo, but then I realized that really could be just the background on a flyer. I decided to take it to a professional, but it still wasn’t resonating with me. The logo like the title of my book was posing a challenge, but finally I realized, I had to relax and it would come to me, what the logo could be, just like the book’s title did. After a strange weekend of our new Time Warner modem failing and being thrown off the Internet for 2 ½ days, I was able to come up with a usable logo. Mmmh. I like it. Meanwhile I was talking to other amazing women who were helping me make a successful start on through to and after the finish of event.

  • Rose Jeffries, a designer has signed on to design my gown for the event and offer an hour of her services as a giveaway to one lucky bride.
  • Additionally, Fouzia Eldrissi, one of the people I interviewed for my book is a wedding planner and she also will have a table set up and is giving away time for a winning bride, from one of the giveaways as well.
  • There will be additional giveaways for the brides, but I don’t want spill all the surprises here.
  • Plus, of course a special chapter specific to the event, that I believe each bride or wedding couple will appreciate.

The bakers and cake designer’s for the event will be able to showcase their best cakes for the taste-off, which will be judged for their taste, (blind taste-test) design and table presentation. They are allowed to bring their portfolios and I hope possibly get bookings while they are set up for the event. There will be two baker winners. too. I think they will be delighted to realize that the winning baker’s businesses will be publicized in local media outlets. Yesterday I finished the first drafts of my letters/emails to the various celebrity judges from around the tristate area. I can not divulge as yet who they are, but I have already received two verbal affirmatives. WooHoo!