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A waste of time?

  • Posted on June 11, 2011 at 1:44 am

Due to something I ate yesterday, my sometimes delicate stomach rose up in protest into the night/morning last evening, right after choir rehearsal.  Needless to say, the things I had prescribed to get done both last night and this morning in relation to the Wedding Cake Taste-Off event were not gotten to.  Spiritually, I suppose, one could say, I was forcing myself to rest.  Or at least to stay home and get a lot of reading done.  Theoretically, that is what happened.

I have so much to do, but today it was not to be done for the Wedding Cake Taste-Off event in July.  I am still in search of a champagne sponsor who will do the champagne service for the invited guests.  I did take a look again at my press release and tighten it a bit.

My editor came over yesterday and gave me marketing tips but not the final edits.  That’s frustrating, although the tips were quite wonderful, but I want to see the final edits so I can put them in and then send them off to the last person to read it BEfore the event.  Way before the event, I hope so that the book can go to print.  Of course, the cover design is not finished as yet either, so I shouldn’t fret anyway, right? The designer and I had a discussion about that and the eBook design, which is not to be done by the same person.  So . . .?  What about that flyer though for the event? [Pretty cool, I think.]  The designer captured exactly what I’d detailed.  That wonderful designer, is Fouzia Eldrissi’s ( website designer (  [Jjkodesign is having a contest for small businesses, you might want to check it out].  Ms. Eldrissi will be at the event on 10 July and she is interviewed in my new book.  She is a delight.

If I re-cap my week, actually it has been quite fulfilling really and it might even seem as if I deserved to rest.  I had a meeting with Angela Gregory the wedding coordinator of The Riverside Church, which is the (sponsoring venue) this week with regards to the planning and how things are shaping up.  I’ve spoken, (texted actually) the fabulous Rose Jeffries [] who is designing my outfit for the event.  Researched and acquired the bags that the goodies will go in, researched both California and upstate New York vintners, set-up both the website, it’s content, prize structure, bakers rules and added content to Like Page . . . actually it goes on and on.  Really, I did deserve to rest and I guess my body must have known that I wasn’t really planning to so voluntarily until Friday (today) afternoon, when I would walk the Highline.  Walking, although meditative, and somewhat recuperative is not resting, so all in all it was not a waste of time after all.  No, it was a great day to reflect on all that has been gotten done.  Forced though it was, it was still a great day, in the end.