Cakes, Cupcakes, & Frosting: Being Within A Trend

  • Posted on June 21, 2011 at 7:33 pm

It’s seems I am within a trend.  That is when it comes to cakes, frosting, and even cupcakes.  Did you see the NY Times article “Viewers Still Drool For Frosting Fantasies“?  It is quite an interesting article about how many television show events/competitions there are on television now, pertaining to the cake.  When I say the cake, I mean the full size and the mini or cupcake.  Plus, evidently there are more bakery business openings these days than regular restaurants.  It seems the price point for start-up costs and success rate is much easier and greater with a bakery than with restaurants.  Too many moving parts to be handled in the restaurant than for a bakery.  Think of both of those this way:  The restaurant is like the general practice doctor  vs.  (baker) the specialist.  The bakery can then of course specialize further to either, just cookies or just cupcakes, or even just cakes (and possibly pies).  Wedding Cake Taste-Off At Riverside Church video.

Now you’re wondering why, do I think I am within a trend?  Right?  Well, because of the Wedding Cake Taste-Off, which is being held on Sunday, 10 July from 2 pm to 5:30 at The Riverside Church of New York, 91 Claremont Avenue.  What is that?  It’s a chance for brides to taste baker’s cakes while voting on the best, plus one bride has the chance to sit on the judges panel.  A few of the judges include, Gail Watson of A Simple Cake and Loren Brill of SweetLorens.  It’s going to be a lot of fun, but how could it not, when it involves cake?  Plus, I’ll be there with my new book and giving away selections from the book:  New York City Budget Weddings, Elegant and Affordable.

Besides the cakes, cupcakes, and frosting trends, there are also contests to figure out who and what the best bake good is in both look and taste.  So see I am in the midst of the trend.  We’ll have cake, frosting, judges, and a book.  Unlike a lot of the television programs, as stated in the article by Ms. Alexandra Stanley in The NY Times, the Wedding Cake Taste-Off will have great tasting cakes.  That’s the whole point after all.  Ms. Stanley goes on to say that most times the television cakes are sights to behold, but not good to eat.  The Wedding Cake Taste-Off will have both, since real people want both.

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