Great Spot in South Bronx For You AND Me

  • Posted on July 29, 2011 at 8:26 am


Last Friday, 22 July, I had a truly fun experience. I was able to catch up to a friend of my husband’s, John Colon, and experience a new establishment – – to me in the South Bronx. The place is The Gallery Lounge, 26 Bruckner.   It’s a beautiful spot with yummy half moon sherbert-colored, orange leather banquettes, a long bar and few table set-ups.   Sounds lush and something out of Florida, doesn’t it?  My friend is of course John Colon of The LatiKnow Company, (which Educates through foods) and is also known for setting up restaurants’ management teams [notably 809 Restaurant & Lounge] in and around New Jersey and New York area, plus his dream come true–his current shop, La Bodega {Food Distribution} in La Marqueta.

I went there to talk to my friend, John Colon, about possibilities of our teaming up together in a mutually beneficial business  with regard to my Wedding Specialties. The experience I had was truly wonderful. Several minutes after my arrival, John came out to greet me in a white double-breasted jacket, to show me what he foresaw in the near future for the space and then back to the kitchen. On the way back, he asked me if I wanted to see “his” kitchen. I was surprised, not so much that he can cook, since I knew that already, but that he ls now a chef. John has always loved food, to eat, yes of course, through education for the customers about uses for certain foods.  Also educating the restaurant team on how to both treat and serve their customers, but also now educating his customers’ palate through their eating experience.  He is all about widening people’s awareness of the arts of Spanish foods from the Hispanic perspective on a broader spectrum.  And now he gets to do just that every Friday and Saturday nights, here at the Gallery Lounge, from 7 pm – 4 am.

I was also able to meet his Consulting Chef Tamar Poysner,  who won Rachel Ray’s 2009 competition:  “Hey You Can Cook 4”.  Ms. Poysner in 2010 was on Gordon Ramsey’s Master Chef program as well.  By now you are wondering what’s the idea behind all this talk of food on a wedding website, right?  Think event space, food, chefs, what does that spell?  Reception site. And I was there on your behalf, asking about possibilities of having your wedding and reception here.  Right now we are working out the details, but have your event for under $10,000 with either full-service or cocktail parties.  Keep in mind for a sit down it is suggested no more than 50 people.

The two chefs were in their element in their kitchen, [and so was I], joking, trying out new recipes, etc. as they continued washing their hands after everything they touched [a very good sign].   I even got to taste a couple of the newer items that they were trying out on their menu, for the evening. It’s always fun to go to talk business and wind up being offered tidbits of food.  I hadn’t expected that at all.  A surprise tasting as it was, for me and you. Yum!  Let me list what I liked there so when you go, you will know:

  • Hot, hot, hot Salsa dance music.
  • Tamarind Sauce and Curry Puff
  • Meet-Lover’s pizza (consisting of Shrimp, rather than pork of sausage.) YUM!~
  • Canoa
  • Jerk Burger [with cheese, of course] Slider

All I can say is YUM!!!!  Go!  Experience the Spanish-Caribbean blend from these two chefs’ diverse and co-mingling cultures.  Ms. Poysner throws in a bit of Italian cuisine she learned during her winning tour to Tuscany.  Together Chefs Tamar Poysner and John Colon through their cooking are able to share their passion for food, via their styles of cooking together for you.  Imagine having that at your wedding and reception.  Again, I say YUM!!!!

The Gallery Lounge, 26 Bruckner Boulevard, Bronx NY 10454

Look for wedding workshops and seminars in the near future in this spot.  There’s even an art gallery complete with paintings on the walls.  Fun and Yummy!




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