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  • Posted on October 23, 2011 at 1:47 am

Happy Holidays and a Very Happy &

Properous New Year.

And if you are in another state with family, I wish you love, happiness and to have a safe return.
My hope for all whose weddings are in the coming months is that it does come under budget, while still being elegant and fun.

There has been even more events that I have gone to, that I think you may want to know about, so I have composed of list of things that have happened but need your help and things that are in the process or preparation to happen, that also need your help.  Two are monetary help and one is political clout help.  If you have any of the latter please lend it to Debora of Deja Vu Book Lounge in east Harlem.  More about that later.

The films that would greatly appreciate funding and or just publicity are:


Beantown, A Documentary Film

Set in an impoverished Afro-Ecuadorian town is home to Ecuador’s top soccer talent and yet even after 2002’s World Cup they remain marginalized by the same people that celebrate their athleticism.  The film includes interviews with soccer players; Valencia, De La Cruz, and Delgado.

It’s a wonderful film, still in the process of being made.  The ending has almost been shot, but the producers need funds to get back to Ecuador, to film, then funding for editing and then of course marketing.


Contact  The producers are Betty Bastidas and Maia Monasterios.  To see more information on the film, go to


The second film’s title and information I will have at a later date.  The film is set in South Africa and involves getting children into and respecting dance as a medium of release, enjoyment, and discipline.


The book store, I mentioned above needs political clout.  The bookstore is located at 112 East 116th Street, New York, NY 10029 between Lexington & Park Avenues.  In the heart of Spanish Harlem.  In fact my friend’s store is just around the corner in La Marqueta.  His store is La Bodega.  Yummy food, good conversation and terrific gift items too.  Check that out, too.


Back to the bookstore:  Deja Vu Book Lounge.  The owner Ms. Debora wants to have a book fair.


Very similar to the Harlem Book Fair, which had its humble beginnings, back in 1997.  It was QBP Magazine and Mosaic Books along with African Diaspora Book Group, who got that off the ground.  One of co-Founders of both African Diaspora Book Group & QBP Magazine were instrumental in putting that book fair on the map and garnering Time-Warner’s support.  Ms. Debora, needs that help now for the book fair she wants to start and present.

The book fair is now scheduled for April 21st 2012.

The challenge is getting to have it on the block with the sponsors she has garnered.  The very same block with her book shop, rather than being pushed off to a non – trafficked  section of Harlem.  Being in the heart of where the action is has its perks.  It’s safer for the both the participants and the visitors.  Plus, it is easy to get to for all.  The book fair will feature poets, writers of Hispanic origins as well as urban origins (people of color and from and around the neighborhood).  She already has some well-known participants.  Ms. Debora already has the backing of her block, it just seems to be the politicians of her community who are against bringing literacy to the neighborhood through a book fair.

Here’s my call to you to get involved, especially if you have some political cache’.  Get involved to bring literacy in the form of poetry, other writing back to the neighborhood.  Don’t you think it’s about time?




Why haven’t you heard from me of late you may wonder?  I have had a glitch on my website.  I’d write my blog or articles and sometimes I’d usually write into the website itself, but of late, I haven’t been able to see what I have been writing while I’ve been writing it.  I would either have to highlight it to see it or publish it and then if I needed additional editing I would then have to take it into edit form again, which meant I couldn’t see it again.  Talk about ghost writing or invisible ink, but via the Internet.  Quite frustrating!!  That was quite a glitch, which I had to work out.  It was an odd thing to say the least.


Another reason I haven’t been updating you on what’s what in my life, is I have been putting more finishing touches on my  book, New York Budget Weddings, Elegant and Affordable, in case you’d forgotten the title – NOT, before it went back to my marvelous editor for the final  edits.  I also decided to add another chapter which I have never seen addressed by anyone or anywhere while I both researched more and re-read my book and others on similar subjects.  While I was re-reading, you know I had to do some of my own editing, which spurred me to write more about the subject at hand.

With both of these, one technical and one artistic, plus checking out the food events around town, that are out of the ordinary, I’ve been pretty busy.  I’ve missed chatting with you and find out what’s going on with you, so as someone said in a movie said “I’m BAAAACK!  Back with —  two count’em — two entries about the food antics happening in New York City and around me.  Soon to come a podcast with the winner of “The Wedding Cake Taste-Off”, along with some of our guest vendors.  Keep your eyes here.  See you soon.