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The Bag . . . for the Wedding

  • Posted on February 3, 2012 at 5:07 pm

New Yorkers are a community of bag carriers. Pretty much everybody carries some sort of carry-all. Think about it. I was looking around just the other day and there was possibly one person in ever twenty-five people that did not carry a bag. And those that were carrying a bag carried not one, but two bags. It is amazing the types of people who carry bags. At the very least a carry-all is going to be in their repertoire. One for each person, alive and of age to carry a bag. One of my favorite shows has always been 60 minutes and I will miss Andy Rooney immensely. I don’t believe I can fill his shoes since I am neither curmudgeonly nor, even though I don’t get threaded nearly enough, do I have bushy eyebrows, but this is a subject he would understand. I’m sure.

Granted I was in the subway initially when I made this mental and visual discovery. And what’s funny is that even though I was indeed carrying a bag, this was the one day, that I was not carrying a notebook, to write in. Luckily I was going to both Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, so I would get a bag, yes, another one and in WF I could pick up their sales sheet, that afforded me space to write my notes and the beginnings of this blog post. If you don’t count my purse, I now had, after only being outside less than an hour, two bags. One carrying all the stuff I would need to stay awake on the subway to and from all my destinations or just for entertainment, so as not to stare at others.

Take women for instance- most of us on any given day have our purses. The sizes vary, but for this season, it’s supposed to be a large bag. Earlier in the year, I fell for that idea, coupled with what the purse size is supposed to be for anyone above a size 6. Fashion-wise, the larger the woman the larger the bag. The larger woman is not supposed to carry a small bag, since it makes her look bigger, “they” say. I bought a hobo-like bag discussed below in violet. My color, but alas, it was too big to carry everywhere, at least for me. I tend to fill the whatever the dimension of the bag to its capacity rather than to how much my shoulder, back, or arm can carry easily. And don’t we all do that?

What about men? Here’s the thing–men carry all sorts of bags, too. I don’t even mean a man-bag as the okay carrier for the Metro-sexual man. No men carry backpacks, messenger bags, hard briefcases, soft briefcases, computer bags, passport-sized bags with long straps and even yoga bags. In fact, the straps come in various lengths even for men: long ones, short ones, extended handles and regular briefcase handles.

Then there are the children and students through college. You know you’ve seen all the poor little girls and boys who carry backpacks that are almost the same size as their frame or torso, through the ones which are even bigger than their own bodies, bending them over. Looking at them, we often realize, that if they do not have back problems now, that later on in life, they may. Even female toddlers are encouraged to carry a little purse, usually pink, or some other pastel tone. I’ve crocheted a couple myself already for nieces. And they love them. Something that’s light to throw. It’s probably one of the last stages of life to throw a purse or bag around.

I think the reason we New Yorkers are SO enamored of our various bags to tote here and there, is that we are mostly on foot when we are outside. Unlike other ultra-urban cities, we are not tethered to cars – the ultimate catch-all. You know, you’ve seen the type of car that acts as a mini kitchen or lunch room. Some are even portable changing rooms, or if at least shoe receptacles. In fact, we (New Yorkers) are often quite proud about all the walking we do on a daily basis, because we have to. Cars in Manhattan, Bronx, and Brooklyn are many, but not every person who lives in these boroughs has a car. It’s crowded enough without that. Perhaps we should also be proud of the muscles we have developed as well, even though it might only be on one side [of our bodies] from carrying our disparate bags. Even Queens and Staten Island with much less people have a great many people who don’t even know how to drive.

What do all of these ruminations have to do with weddings? To be sure the bride and groom will have to carry something with them to their wedding place, even if it is to get from the limo to the ceremony. What type of thing will help them be organized, and also be able to carry everything they need to get them through ceremony and possibly all the way through to their wedding night, without being burdened down with various bag paraphernalia? The bride, no doubt during all the planning stages will need to carry her loose-leaf binder—with all the information gathered before making the final decision, plus the contract afterwards, the notebook for taking notes after talking to a service provider, items picked up at various stores, for later ideas pertaining to the reception or a party. Various items, that might get to be used somewhere in the event. And you haven’t even gotten to the wedding day. Let’s think about some of the things that might be needed.

Dressing at the ceremony spot, then a garment bag is a must. Inside the garment bag, preferably one that will accommodate the shoes, maybe even jewelry, flip flops [for the reception].

Maybe the bride is already dressed, but needs to take little things to the ceremony for the reception: flip flops, a handkerchief or tissues, lip stick or lip gloss, translucent powder, maybe even a fan (if summer or late in life).

Groom might need a bag for keys for the rented car to airport. Really that might be for the Best Man to carry. Other things for either the wedding or the reception, i.e. Groom’s vows (if written personally), Best Man’s toasting speech, music for the soloist, accompanist, a gift to the bride during their honeymoon (or condom if they are not ready for children, yet.) Honeymoon tickets (if leaving right away). Or even just their keys to their house or apartment (So as not to disrupt the line of their suit or tux or any groomsman’s either for that matter.) You get the idea, almost anything.

What kinds of bags will help all these people carry all that they might need for the ceremony? Well, I wish I’d had at least one of these when I was getting married. It would have carried just about everything I needed and if my husband or “brother” had had one of these, they would not have forgotten things like the Guest book or the memorial programs for my parents’ chairs. For myself/or Matron of Honor, both my something blue (Irish Fan), and something borrowed (necklace with earrings) and my handkerchief would have made it to the ceremony and the reception.

The perfect bag for all of these people would have been the Puddle Jumper by Lug. If you ever watched Maxine’s Corner-TV you would have seen one between the segments of the episodes. The Puddle Jumper comes in two sizes mini and large. One is for everyday usage and the larger is for overnight use. For the bridal party, use of the larger one will probably be most beneficial. Whole Foods used to carry them and is where I bought my first one. Now some Duane Reade’s carry them (across from 42 Broadway in Wall St.) They also have large sack-like or hobo bags. What’s great about them is there are numerous compartments that are pockets and zippered areas. They, do of course, come in great colors: purple, orange, royal blue, lime green, black and fuchsia.

Since we New Yorker are attached and will be attached to various bags, isn’t it great that Lug can enable us to be stylishly organized in so many wonderful colors and styles. Check them out at