Valentine’s Day Flowers, What to Buy?

  • Posted on February 9, 2012 at 6:39 am

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Flowers Other Than Roses On Valentine’s Days retrieved 1/12/2012

Believe it or that not there are flowers Other Than Roses Gifted On Valentines Day
“There is a popular tendency to associate Valentine’s Day with a single type of flower – the rose. There are many other flowers too that are gifted on Valentine’s Day. There is a reason why each of these flowers is given on Valentine’s Day.
The giver is expected to have associated with each flower a particular meaning and the recipient is supposed to have got that meaning. These meanings are not accepted by everyone. Yet there seems to be a consensus on this matter, which enables people to communicate using flowers.
The meaning associated with tulip is “love and passion”. This is, in some ways, similar to red rose, which means love, respect, and courage. Yellow tulip, on the other hand, conveys the sense “hopeless love”. Hibiscus indicates delicate beauty and heather suggests admiration and beauty. If rose meant mere love, ivy means a more specific type of love, namely wedded love. Lotus flower means “separated love” and lily of the valley means “let us make up” or “return of happiness”.
If the giver and the recipient are following different conventions, it can result in confusion and miscommunication. According to one convention, a hyacinth gives the meaning “playful joy” whereas by another convention, it means sorrow. It seems wise to not just rely on the flowers; the giver is also advised to act according to his/her feeling rather than let the flower do all the talking.
Apart from the fact that it provides you with a whole system of flower-meaning association, using various flowers also helps in reducing the monotony created by the use of rose alone.
Carnations, in addition to being the most popular flower for Mother’s Day, are also popular for Valentine’s Day. There are carnations of various colors and designs, each conveying a different sense.
There are mixed flower bouquets that are made using different kinds of flowers, like lilies and irises. Such combinations have a visually pleasing effect.”

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