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Tips on Gratuities For Your Wedding Services – Part 1

  • Posted on February 17, 2012 at 4:17 pm

I found this article when I was deciding on a Podcast host and thought you would love to know about tipping. I know I’d forgotten about this until the day before our wedding. Here are some great tips even though Bill is specifically talking about Orlando weddings. I’ll follow up next week with New York tipping, but you probably know them anyway. Also I am starting the article with the less expensive way of tip or the budgetary way so as to avoid sticker shock.  It’s a long article, so I have decided to break up into three segments over the course of the next week. Enjoy it.

Gratuitous Tips on Gratuities and Tipping Your Wedding Services.

By Bill Parkison

Published by: Orlando Wedding Professionals Bridal Directory Magazine – Fall 2011 October 17, 2011 @ 3:50 pm


What if your budget prohibits you from affording a tip?

During these difficult economic times, couples from coast to coast are cutting back on their wedding expenses. If a simple wedding and modest Staycation honeymoon is all you can really afford, consider these suggestion as a way of showing your appreciation for outstanding services when funding is tight:

This is the era of individual mass communication. Send your message of delight with your wedding services providers in a message released on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Digg, and the endless social networking services available online. All it takes is one “Like” on Facebook for everyone you have befriended to get the word on the great experience you had with a vendor.  Referrals, referrals, did I mention referrals?  A referral contract makes everyone’s day! One good word goes a long way in the wedding industry. Even if you don’t know anyone getting married in the near future, most wedding vendors provide services to corporate and other social events. What a great surprise to your vendor if they were hired to work a holiday party due to the referral from your wedding. One of my favorite non-monetary tips is a big basket of home-made cookies. Home-made inexpensive chocolate chip, oatmeal or the family’s secret cookie recipe for a holiday favorite, you can’t go wrong.  And cookies are guaranteed to bring smiles to the faces of everyone in the room.  For the officiate, or business owner that went above and beyond, you may consider sending something personal, like as a restaurant gift certificate, or tickets to the theater.  Flower arrangements or plants are very nice and widely appreciated as well. Remember, a simple handwritten thank you note is always greatly appreciated by everyone.

Nothing can ever make you wedding day more memorable than the moment you stand holding hands with your best friend promising to love and care for them the rest of your life. However, when special moments arise due to the efforts of your vendors, don’t forget to let them know it.