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A New NYC Wedding Price High

  • Posted on March 25, 2012 at 6:51 am

Check this article out and keep in mind that just because this has been spent and is the new top price for weddings in the New York City area, you are not stuck paying this amount.  Not now or ever.  You can have your New York City wedding for less than $15,000 quite easily and elegantly.  As you read through the following article, it’s going to feel like an impossibility, but it is not.  Read the article, but keep in mind that all is beautiful on your wedding day no matter the cost up or down per plate.  Just keep in mind that or rather who counts is the person at the other end of the aisle.  What’s important is not to spend all of your money, but to richly realize the importances of your new life with your new spouse.  Do not use up ALL the money that is yours and your fiance’s or parents to throw this shindig.  Certainly not all the money for a wedding?  Remember what I say: Save some money for your house downpayment or at least the start of your house downpayment bank.

Wedding Price.  Too High?



Looking at the number, it doesn’t seem possible does it to have your wedding in NYC for well under what you have in your bank account or on your credit card.  Don’t try to keep up the with wedding Joneses, they might have more resources readily available to them.  But all is still not lost; your wedding, doesn’t have to cost that much.  Nowhere does it say you have spend $450 or $196 or $107/guest.  It’s your wedding (yours and you fiances’).  The $450 versus the $27000 versus the $15K.  Going from outrageous to the sublime is probably just the kick in the pants you might need.  Notice the price differential per person (140 people in attendance) according to the three different budgets:  Several hundred over $67K, or over $27K or even down to a respectful, even relaxing amount under $15K.  Breathe, then stick to your budget and receive:


EVERYthing your heart desires to make your wedding beautiful.   In other words treat yourself  and demand to be treated like a Queen (or King), but also demand that the coffers not be raided, either.

Riverside’s Wedding Open House

  • Posted on March 14, 2012 at 5:11 am
  • Article originally Posted on February 21, 2011 at 10:47 pm


This year, I somehow missed the event entirely. I had it in my calendar at a completely different time than it was in reality. I showed up two hours later than the event. Forgive me for giving you a re-run of the event, however I believe the information is relevant.  The picture above is after this year’s event.

A Parent: Where does the wedding party begin?

Ms. Gregory: I am the first stop, for which you can schedule an appointment and we talk in depth about what you might want, the budget, and the number of guests.  You may also either email me, (best) or call me.  If you are ready to book, then definitely set up an appointment, and I will get you started in the process including your reservation of a room, along with the deposit.   Additionally, if you want your reception here, I can let our catering service, PashaEvents, know that you are booked and ready to have them (the Caterers) contact you.  You (The reservers) may also do that on your own, as well.

Bride: Can secular music be played during the ceremony?

Ms. Gregory: During the ceremony, you may only use sacred music, which you make the decision on what it is.  This is a sacred space and we are strict with having only sacred music played during the wedding ceremony.  At the reception it is your choice of musical style.  You may hire an outside entertainer, or band.

Bride: How long is the ceremony?  How long before the reception begins?  How long is the minimum time for the reception?

Ms. Gregory: The wedding ceremony is typically 30 minutes.  The reception can be scheduled to start immediately or within the half hour of your ceremony’s end.  Typically any place you speak to about receptions will measure their price by the time needed.  We schedule you for an hour cocktail, and four hours for the reception and if you would like dancing as well, that includes more than enough time.

Groom: How much is the reception?

Ms. Gregory: Our pricing is competitive with other venues of our caliber, so our price per plate/person is between $105 -$155.

Groom: Can there be two ministers side by side performing the ceremony, one in English and the other minister in another language?

Ms. Gregory: We have several ministers on staff from which the bridal party can choose.  If their choice is not available, we go down to the next minister who is available.  Often there are requests for a minister, who is not a member of the Riverside clergy staff, who can perform weddings at Riverside Church, then they are allowed to do the homily, and liturgy.  Having another minister duplicate verbatim what the English-speaking minister will say lengthens the ceremony by two, possibly three times as much. and that is why they may join the service, with their specific part or feature, but only be one or two parts, not the whole ceremony, usually the homily and liturgy.

There were many more questions which you may hear on my radio show: All Things About Weddings: Elegant and Affordable. If you are in the midst of or haven’t yet booked your wedding venue, I invite you to take a look a Riverside Church of New York.  And if you get the opportunity to go in February to go to their Open House, I would say, definitely go next year and maybe I’ll be there, too.

Ms. Gregory will also be at the GLBT Expo this at the Javits on March 17 & 18.

To Contact Ms. Gregory: 212 870 6763 or via email


Looking to read something that I have written check out my wedding cake Special Report:



Tips on Gratuities for Your Wedding Services – Part 3

  • Posted on March 6, 2012 at 8:35 pm

Gratuitous Tips on Gratuities and Tipping Your Wedding Services.

By Bill Parkison

Published by: Orlando Wedding Professionals Bridal Directory Magazine – Fall 2011 October 17, 2011 @ 3:50 pm

The Tipping Chart

Gratuities and tips should be made in cash and delivered in a plain white business envelope with the recipient’s name handwritten on the front. The amounts vary by region but, the Northeast seems to be the one part of the country with a consistency in posting tipping rates appropriate for the costs of their wedding services. Remember to consult your service prices and agreements before offering a gratuity to avoid overspending. I’ve chosen to include a scale of rates taken from leading charts found in my research. Any similarity to one particular chart is purely unintentional and coincidental.


· Event planner: 10 to 20 percent of your bill, depending on the terms of contract

· Officiates: $50 to $100 on top of any set fees

· Ceremony site staff: $20 to $30 per person, depending on amount of service

· Organists and ceremony musicians: $20 to $40, depending on length of service

· Reception site manager: 15 to 20 percent of entire bill for the reception

· Valets: $1-$2 per car

· Waiters: $20 to $40 each, depending upon quality of service. If you saw that there were only a few

waiters who worked their tails off, give them more.

· Bartenders: 15 percent of liquor bill

· Coat check: $1 per coat

· Limousine drivers: 15 to 20 percent of transportation bill (Check to see if tip is already included in the contract first! If so, then on-the-day tip may be smaller as a token for great service, or left out altogether)

· Photographer and Videographer: $30-$100 or more

· Delivery workers: $10 each if just dropping items off, $20 each if dropping off and setting up to great extent; even more if they’re transporting a LOT of items

· Tent assemblers and rental agency assemblers: $20 each, even more if the tent is extremely large or complicated, or parquet flooring is set down as well

· Entertainers: $25 to $30 each, more if they really exceeded expectations. Again, check your contract to see if gratuity is already included.

· Beauticians and barbers, manicurists and makeup artists: 15 to 20 percent of beauty salon bill – don’t forget the shampoo person!

· Cleanup crew: $20 each

· Baby-sitters: $30 to $40 each, plus a gift, in addition to their hourly wages; more if baby-sitter is putting in extra hours or caring for several children


With so many elements in motion during your wedding day, allow me to teach you a little trick ensuring you enjoy the most of your special day … delegate responsibilities!

For your wedding day tipping responsibilities, assign a gratuity ambassador. This person will be in charge of passing out tips to services rendered and at the end of the event. Choose someone you feel is responsible like a wedding planner, a father, mother, best man or maid of honor. A plain business envelope filled with cash is fine, but adding a “Thanks for everything!” will earn you extra points. You would be surprised how much it means to a vendor to receive a heartfelt thank-you note or email after the wedding.

Tips represent an expression and gesture of appreciation. Does this sound familiar? If a service provider makes a difference in your day, reward extraordinary effort.