Strapless is fading and Romantic is in!

  • Posted on December 6, 2012 at 8:16 am

Tip #29

Strapless is slipping out of the must have to end all.  YAY!  That’s my personal feeling.  I tell you more later.  Just think though you have more fabric it’s truly have fun with.   Diaphanous fabric and lace, or eyelets, dotted Swiss, and netting.   Just think you can have any of this and the pricing is still more affordable than the Vera Wang-like strapless.


Tip #24 – 28

If you are getting married in the next week or two, or even specifically today 1/6/12, wear a wedding gown with sleeves.  It is supposed to feel like 24 degrees in mid afternoon.  You do not want to get frost bite on your arms just because you decided to wear a summer frock on a cold winter’s day.

You could wear sleeves and a little bolero jacket for that special decorative flare.

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