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14 Ways Your Wedding Wardrobe Can Help Keep You Healthy

  • Posted on December 19, 2012 at 7:57 pm

You know that your wardrobe is one of many lifestyle choices that can help you stay healthy. Remember to choose wisely even when it comes to wedding clothing, shoes and bags, with these tips.  During your nuptial preparations and especially on the day of your wedding, you will be going through so many emotions that it is imperative that your clothing helps rather than hinders your movements.


Your Wedding Day Clothing Choices:


  1. Wear the correct size. Tight clothing can cause circulatory problems and aggravate high blood pressure.Buy clothing that fits comfortably. That goes for jewelry as well.

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    Tight and Comfortable?

  2. Dress for the climate. Let your local weather forecast help you decide what to wear. If you are marrying in the summertime, don’t wear items that make you extra hot.  With little or no food that day, you might faint.  High heat and humidity is easier to bear when you’re decked out in light weight and loose fitting gear.  Not very much fun for you, your new spouse or your guests.  In harsh winters call for coats, hats, gloves and boots if need be prior to your arrival to the ceremonial spot.  You’ll want to start your marriage well, rather than with the sniffles.

  3. Protect yourself from the sun. Keep using your sunscreen and let your garments provide an additional line of defense. Hats shield the delicate skin on your face and neck year round. If you go on your honeymoon to somewhere with a beach, then don’t forget to pack appropriately.  Toss on a tunic or sarong after your swim at the beach or pool.

  4. Customize your bra to your shape. Bras with adequate support reduce back pain. Specialty shops and department stores often offer free fittings. Fuller figures may need underwire and front hook closures.  You will want the perfect fit, shape and comfort for you wedding day.

  5. Shop for compression socks. Many doctors recommend compression socks for patients who are recovering from medical procedures or have conditions like diabetes that interfere with circulation. They’re also great for anyone who wants to boost blood flow or stands on their feet all day.  These could be a great rehearsal dinner gift for your fiancé and the groomsmen.




  1. Measure your heels. High heels may look sexy but the misalignment can trigger pain and posture issues. If you want to wear them down the aisle and for pictures, go for it, but comfort and health are my bi-words at all times.  Since you give your feet a break by looking for styles with good support and alternating with flats most days, why not do the same for your wedding day?  Your feet will thank you.
  2. Take off the flat flip flops. Flip flops provide little support for your ankles and knees. They’re convenient at the pool but put on walking shoes if you’re covering longer distances.  Even though wedding flip flops are all the rage, they do not provide the needed support you will need to stand and greet all your relatives.  Find some comfortable, pretty shoes with support to change into after your first dance.  You’ll be happier for it.  When your feet are happy, so is the rest of you.

    No more Flat Flip Flops

  3. Learn the facts about toning shoes. Lots of people liked the idea of shoes that would shape up their legs for them. However, studies showed that those claims failed to hold up and some brands actually caused injuries.  Whatever shoes you decide to wear on your wedding day, make shoe you have worn them at least twice before, so they are broken in and you know they are comfortable.  A hobbling bride and groom at the end of the festivities is neither fun nor happy.

  4. Keep up to date with your shoe size. Your feet may keep growing all your life, so ensure your favorite boots or heels or even flats still fit before you put them on for all-day wear. Allow about a half inch of space around your toes.

  5. Drive responsibly. If your feet hurt because you followed none of the above suggestions, don’t compound your chances by driving* barefoot.  1. Bare feet and flip flops can be dangerous behind the wheel. 2. You may slip or find your toe caught under a pedal. It’s worth the time to change into footwear that grips well.  *It is my hope that you will have someone else to drive and drop you somewhere after your reception.



  1. Lighten your load. Your handbag may weigh more than you think. The general rule of thumb is to limit yourself to ten percent of your body weight or less. Empty out stuff you no longer need.
  2. Leaving for your honeymoon right away.  Don’t overstuff your luggage; after all wherever you are going you probably will want to buy souvenirs or even more clothing.  No need to pack everything and have to check bags.  Pack just what you might need, plus one outfit less and you will be doing quite well for check in and your return flight.
  3. Switch sides. It’s easy to get in the habit of carrying stuff on one side of your body only, which leads to overuse over time. Make a conscious decision to alternate from one shoulder to the other throughout each day.
  4. Try a cross-body bag. Even better, pick a style with straps that you can wear across your chest or back. It will distribute the weight more evenly and take the pressure off your shoulders.

  5. Switch wallets. While women may be putting too much stress on their shoulders, hips are often the area of concern for men. Ditch that overstuffed wallet in favor of a lean credit card case. You can always keep your old wallet in your glove compartment for those occasions when you need the extra items.

    Fat for a reason.

    Fat wallet with money?

Fashion on your wedding day is great, so let that special day’s wardrobe help you to lead a long and active wedding day healthily and with fun. Use these tips to check out your wedding day trousseau and guide you through your next nuptials’ shopping spree.