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It’s the Fourth of July: Happy Fourth, Two Thousand Thirteen

  • Posted on April 27, 2013 at 4:06 am

It’s the fourth of July here in New York City on a balmy afternoon as we get ready for the fireworks.  The official fireworks, because for the last couple of days there have been fireworks happening via prodigious youth or just illegally gotten and ignighted around the neighborhood.

Anyway since it is the 4th of July, you are probably gearing up or already at a BBQ.  What if you didn’t know what to wear if you were going off to a real  outing to friends or friends of a friends, what could you possibly wear.  I thought I’d include an article from a friend’s website to help you out, entitled Fabulous July  Fourth Holiday Wardrobe.  Enjoy:



Let me tell you a secret, well maybe it’s not that big of a secret: I hated the strapless.   Now the strapless gown is . . . mostly dead.  I was so tired of seeing every single bride, no matter their shape or how well-endowed they were, trying to uphold a strapless gown. I have nothing against Vera Wang’s popularity with her designs; it’s just that no one got the idea, that she designed that specific silhouette for herself.

Ms. Wang is a size 2. She can wear the strapless and be quite lovely in it, but not a size 22 and up.  Or a woman who is larger endowed (which is me and a number of my friends).  To say it caught on, is really an understatement since we have had about 15 years of strapless beauties from most of the other designers of wedding gowns. It just does not work, nor did it work on all brides, even when they tried to make work.   Some of us, just should not wear that silhouette, no matter how sexy we feel.  The ”girls up top”,  by the time you get to the reception, you the bride, can already feel weighed down or at the very least like you have sold your assets over and over and over again during your various wedding poses for your pictures and videos. It’s the gift that just keeps on giving, because now everyone for years has your pictures in which you have spilled over your gifts from on high to everyone.
Well all I can say now;  is YAY Team, for getting off that rotting bandwagon and the move on toward the lace and more demure, but sexy wedding gowns. Of course, the real thanks should go to Harry’s new wife Kate. As weddings go, we, the world over have been copying the Royals of England and their wedding attire and accessories, including the cake design for at least two centuries.
Lace is SO romantic, don’t you think? You can add it to the bodice, the skirt, on the sleeves, at your neck or even to camouflage an ample bosom. And it is SO feminine, too. It screams special occasion, whether it is in white, cream, eggshell, black or any other color.
Let me show you just of a few of what I mean including your bridal party, too. Yes, we don’t want to leave them out of the romance of your wedding day. They are like icing on the event, before the cake is revealed.

First out the shoot: Eva Longonria’s lace and ruffle soufflé, courtesy of US Magazine. as she was dressed for the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival.