August a Month of Fun & Pure Joy

  • Posted on August 1, 2013 at 3:56 pm

We made it through the “Dog Days of Summer” or “Christmas in July” as a few advertisers call it.  Weddings are seemingly supposed to slow down to a crawl, but if you looked at my friend Rev. Louis Olivieri, Wedding Wire reviews, you might not think that.  Now we are into August and the weddings start to heat up again, all the way through fall into early November.  It used to be that the month of June was the BIG wedding pop off month, but people have turned away from June, at least here in NYC, as being too filled with other celebrations  (graduations, Father’s Day, the summer solstice, etc.) and a bit traditional to have their weddings.  No, now it’s September, August and October as the summer into autumn weddings, usually in that order.

It’s interesting if you think about, since a lot of NY-ers are out of town during the summer, especially during August because it is their last ditch effort to hit the road before school starts again or before Labor Day marks the commercial end of the summer and ‘regular’ vacation time.  September, I do understand, don’t you?  It is SO beautiful as the leaves start to turn colors from greens to red and by the end of October to hues of gold, orange and brown.  By November the leaves have almost gone or at the very least almost have all been raked up.   Then you almost get that chiaroscuro look to the trees before real winter sets in, here in New York City.

As August rolls in this year, I have decided to add some fun of my own.  Why?  Because this is my birthday month.  Unlike a lot of my friends, I have ALL ways loved my birthday.  In fact, I used to celebrate it for 3 mos.  From July through September.  Aah!  The good old days.  Anyway, now it’s only a month celebration and rather than wait to celebrate it through September, I am celebrating the whole month of August.  As part of my celebration, I am offering my books up for a steal from $.99 to 2.99 each.  Then towards mid-September they will go back  to their regular price.  There may even be a freebie thrown in here and there, as a surprise.  I haven’t decided which one, but it’ll be a good surprise to us all.  Happy Birthday to you.  Happy Birthday to you.  Happppy Birthdayyyy to everyonnne.  Happy Birthday to YOUUUUUU!  And me, of course.  Enjoy!


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