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10 + Tips for Wedding Planning AND website fix

  • Posted on October 28, 2013 at 3:47 am

If you are a newsletter member or a radio show listener you will know that I told you that my dates for articles listed on my website had been broken somehow and all articles were stuck with an August 2013 date.  Usually I wouldn’t mind, since that is my birthday month, but I do want you to know that I am current with the information I am giving you.  This missive is just a way of trying it out, but let me also tell you what’s been popping off here in the Big Apple on the wedding scene, too

The air is crisp, actually it has been downright cold.  Who am I trying to kid.  My heat thankfully was turned up and is pumping out nicely.  I hope that you are experiencing that toasty feeling as you continue to plan for your nuptials.  If not find your fiance’ and cuddle together while you do your planning.

  Christina Ricci married her fiance on my Mom’s Birthday or . . . well 10/26/13

      Vera Wang’s strapless dresses are still hanging on.

      In the last year, celebrities have been having private, secret or intimate which means small weddings.  Will that trend seep into the lives of regular folks’ weddings, too.  It could save you a bundle.

      DIY wedding programs are on the rise, as keepsake items for both the wedding couple and their guests.

      Save-the-Date magnets, DON’T have to be expensive AND it helps remind your guests not to plan anything else on your wedding day.

      Cupcakes are now taking over as the wedding cake go-to item.  Easy for both the wedding couple and their guests to eat, especially on-the-run in the reception when greeting other people.

      Save big on wedding ceremony & reception by having your wedding in January or February.   That’s the time when places are starving for people to reserve venues.  (Immediately following the holidays) is a plus for you.

       Allow your guests to feel like stars too, with a DIY red carpet and backdrop (maybe with your logo or names scattered on the backdrop) for your version of a photo booth.  Talk about fun times for all, plus great wedding pictures.

       Engaged, but no wedding date yet?  Start saving now, via a wedding prepaid debit card, or bank account specific to the wedding or store a certain amount under your mattress or in a jar each week. (I’m half kidding.)  

 Top CharLena Pick of 5 New York City outdoor wedding spaces:

                          Central Park

                          Riverside Park

                          Fort Tryon Park over looking the Hudson River

                          Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn

                         South Beach on Staten Island

                         Botanic Gardens of the Bronx (Honorable Mention – If wearing fragrance, watch for bees.)

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