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Leveraging Yourself Against Fear

  • Posted on September 18, 2014 at 1:16 am   This truly shows looking fear in the face and triumphing for a giant reward. It’s a little over 2 minutes, but worth it.


This is article by a friend of mine Bianca Lynn who works as a guide to
help people reconnect with their own truth and live in a way that feels
authentic and meaningful. She’s at This article
isn’t necessarily for the engaged, but I felt after reading it, that it
could be applied to your wedding plans.


Sharing Yourself Is Scary   –  Bianca DiSalvo   (Part 1)When I was a little girl I embraced who I was. I shared myself willingly, abundantly and completely. When I was happy I laughed. When I was excited I screamed. When I was hurt or scared I cried. That’s what kids do. They share themselves and their experiences openly for the world to see.Over time, things changed and I stopped sharing myself so authentically. Maybe I got distracted. Maybe the world got more risky. Maybe I learned sharing myself fully was not acceptable. Maybe I had more to lose as I grew up. Perhaps it was all of the above.Whatever caused this change in my ability to share myself fully left things a little lackluster. My life was good. I was grateful for all I had. Still, it felt a little less than satisfying. I felt disconnected from myself, from what mattered to me, from what I was really here for.  And I felt disconnected from those around me.The fear of sharing yourself is something that most of us have. By the time we’ve reached adulthood each one of us has determined what we can and cannot share. We are negotiating it and navigating it all the time. Is it okay for you to share your own brilliance, pride or contentment? What about your fear or heartbreak?


January 2014 – What’s New?

  • Posted on January 3, 2014 at 9:03 pm

You know that January is the month for white sales, i.e. linens, towels, cars, airfare, hotel, groceries, home (houses and apartment) prices and this year postage.  All of those things will be going up by the time February rolls because they WILL be going up.   Did you know the best purchases  for this month are mattresses, furniture of almost any kind, winter clothing, gym equipment and of course gym memberships, jewelry, fragrances and of course, Christmas ornaments, cards and decoration.

Keep in mind before Valentine’s Day there are other things pertinent to Valentine’s Day that are also on sale:  Jewelry – Why do you think engagements are big on that infamous day (Jewelry sales in January).  Keep in mind the closer to Feb. 14th, the higher the price will get.  This is the time to also get candy, too.  Provided that is will not spoil, you could stock up for one the gifts on Valentine’s Day for your Sweetie.  And that’s just all around “sweeeet”.

Just as I reported last year, it’s also the perfect time to buy wedding apparel.  It is all on sale, even for men.

David’s Bridal:  Up to $200 off every gown by every designer in the store.  Coupons available online, now, which are good through 12 midnight on January 5th.  The designers include Vera Wang, Oleg Cassini and  Zac Posen.

The online only items sales include  Invitations through 1/5, with free shipping through 1/27.

Men’s Wearhouse:  Sample sales from Jan. 6th – Jan. 10th

  Macy’s:  Dress shoes by – Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Cole Haan all between: $83.99 – $119.99

J. Crew:  Up to 40% off online with code ShopHappy.


 The Bridal Garden:   is the only not-for-profit bridal boutique in New York City, with donated designer wedding gowns discounted up to 75% off the original retail price.  Dresses are samples, overstock, and once-worn; they are donated by designers, stores, and brides.  Proceeds benefit education for disadvantaged children.  Located at – 54 West 21st Street, Ste 904.  Betw:  B’way & Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Call or go online to make an appt:  212-252-0661

The NBR Awards Gala hosted this year by Lara Spencer of Good Morning America and Flea Market Flip 

Online Men’s Apparel Sales:

Ike Behar Men of NY:   40% off

Joseph A. Banks:  20% off standard pricing

Raffaello:  10 – 50% off their ties, depending on the designer and material

Jack Franklin:  Ties start at $15 – 40 each silk tie

Men’s USA:  30% off 3 buttons for $139

Online Women’s Apparel Sales:

David’s Bridal up to 50% off everything