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Leveraging Yourself Against Fear

  • Posted on September 18, 2014 at 1:16 am   This truly shows looking fear in the face and triumphing for a giant reward. It’s a little over 2 minutes, but worth it.


This is article by a friend of mine Bianca Lynn who works as a guide to
help people reconnect with their own truth and live in a way that feels
authentic and meaningful. She’s at This article
isn’t necessarily for the engaged, but I felt after reading it, that it
could be applied to your wedding plans.


Sharing Yourself Is Scary   –  Bianca DiSalvo   (Part 1)When I was a little girl I embraced who I was. I shared myself willingly, abundantly and completely. When I was happy I laughed. When I was excited I screamed. When I was hurt or scared I cried. That’s what kids do. They share themselves and their experiences openly for the world to see.Over time, things changed and I stopped sharing myself so authentically. Maybe I got distracted. Maybe the world got more risky. Maybe I learned sharing myself fully was not acceptable. Maybe I had more to lose as I grew up. Perhaps it was all of the above.Whatever caused this change in my ability to share myself fully left things a little lackluster. My life was good. I was grateful for all I had. Still, it felt a little less than satisfying. I felt disconnected from myself, from what mattered to me, from what I was really here for.  And I felt disconnected from those around me.The fear of sharing yourself is something that most of us have. By the time we’ve reached adulthood each one of us has determined what we can and cannot share. We are negotiating it and navigating it all the time. Is it okay for you to share your own brilliance, pride or contentment? What about your fear or heartbreak?