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Wedding Make Up Ideas

  • Posted on December 2, 2015 at 3:41 pm

Ruimio Make-Up 6-Color Palette Tray Surprised Me

 RUIMIO Makeup Contour Kit Highlight and Bronzing Powder Palette – 6 Colors

Ruimio Make-Up 6-Color Palette Tray surprised me with it versatility. When it arrived I opened the box to find four colors that I thought would never do anything to enhance my skin tone, but I was pleasantly surprised once I decided to give all six colors in the tray a try.
As you can see from my selfie (For the record, not my best shot and my husband hates selfies.), I started off my trial with clean dry skin and I started from the lower right hand corner, using that as my foundation and then built on top of my face with the various colors to enhance either with coverage, contouring or color additions to my face. I believe it and me came out looking terrific. My skin tone was smoothed out and it did not look like I had on any makeup at all and that’s what we all want. We desire to look effortless beautiful, right?

Ruimio & Me.

Ruimio & Me.

Fresh Washed Face


Make up Tips and Tricks

1) I used the medium brown in the upper right hand corner as my foundation, using a brush.
2) On the far upper left is a white that I used lightly as dark circle highlighter to erase those circles (which surprisingly worked very well.).
3) In the middle on the bottom, I used the peach as my blush (and it worked, too.) on my cheekbones.
4) The tray below the medium brown in the lower right hand corner is a dark brown which I used as my contour beneath my cheekbones.
5) The upper middle color is light beige which I used to matte & prime my eyelids.
6) And on the lower left hand corner is medium beige, that has a hint of green in it, so I used that as my eyelid color.


With Ruimio an enhanced face

With Ruimio an enhanced face

And since I go almost nowhere without lip color, I had to add one of my favorites, which is not part of the Ruimio palette’s color tray.

If you’re tight on space to take things with you, make-up wise in your bag (if you didn’t get a bigger bag to take with you), then this slim set of 6-color palette tray is great to take. It’s slim and can fit most anywhere without taking up much room.
The two things I wish it had would be its own set of brushes and the names of the colors in the tray either on the back or even on the plastic liner. The reason they don’t have the brushes is I’m sure because it would add bulk, but not sure about why they didn’t include color names. Perhaps it’s so you can decide where to put it. All-in-all though its versatility truly surprised me.