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TNT Wedding Weight Release

  • Posted on November 16, 2016 at 2:42 pm


What is TNT weight release? Well the entire name is Weight Release The New Thought Way,

    which is a program I’m reintroducing in which you do not have to diet to release your unwanted weight. It’s a five-day quickie dare initially and you will get an overall review of what the 25-day Dare is all about. And here’s the best part with regard to your wedding day–NO DIEting. No deprivation! No exercise. All of this because what you eat doesn’t really affect your body. It’s your mind, body, emotion that affects your psyche.

    Yup! That’s right. You do not have to die wanting to eat something that you know in your heart of hearts is not good for you. Plus, there’s no exercising, at least not in the hard sense. Now you may be wondering, what in the world is New Thought, let alone the New Thought Way. First things first, New Thought is a protestant philosophical movement (based on scripture) that started during the late 19th century in the belief that God is the source and all good, that humans are spiritual beings created in God’s image which are inherently good, there is power in affirmative prayer*, the teachings of Jesus Christ leads us as our Way-Shower, and we must live our principles, not just know them.

    *One of the co-founders the Unity Movement, Myrtle Fillmore was cured of TB with the use of affirmative prayer, feelings and belief. And this was at time that TB was a prescribed death sentence. I am not saying you will die from NOT releasing the weight, but if you are overweight you are putting a strain on most if not all of your organs and wouldn’t it be great to release that weight without restricting a lot of what you normally like to eat? Now that is not to say that you can eat any and all of what you like. Let’s be realistic, eating some things in moderation or not at all is smart. I will explain those parameters and this plan can assist you in releasing weight that is not serving you at all, especially if you have to sit all the time or may have trouble walking up and down stairs or maybe you feel out of breath most of the time.

    This program Weight Release: TNT Way is based on my book Spiritual Identity: Weight Release – TNT

has a 5-day Dare which jumpstarts your ability to get acclimated to the ten tools during the full 25-Day TNT Dare AND begin releasing weight. Six of the ten tools you already use in the your everyday life now. We will just tweak them so you use them more effectively with regard to your weight goals. Learning these tools in which you can enhance the release of weight without diets, without exercise and still feel great about yourself. You’ll start to see real results within your mind, soul and on your body even after the first day. You’re sure to feel more confident, too. I’ll introduce you to the plan through this micro-course, so you have an idea of what the full plan involves. Just think with the 25-Day plan you may have the results in less than a month’s time. How easy could it be?

And won’t that be delectable when it comes to fitting into your dress without complications? AND you’ll have no fear of regaining the weight since it is NOT a deprivation diet. With this TNT Weight Release Dare you will get to the figure you desire, easier, and quicker.


Plan Your First Years of Marriage, Right

  • Posted on November 2, 2016 at 4:06 pm

The initial two years of marriage can be a learning experience or minefield, depending on your thought processes. That is of course a generalized simplification that not all marriages fall under. Sometimes you are so tuned in with each other that it takes a couple years down the road to get to the minefield. Let me explain about this area.
During your dating years perhaps one or both of you asked all sorts of questions of your partner, so you have pretty good idea of who your significant other is and is all about. Then you get married and since you remember or can reassess the answers to your questions, it seems like smooth sailing until you hit a bump that neither of you even thought to ask. Perhaps it about health issues or your children’s initial education, or some form of money that never even crossed your mind during your dating or even during your engagement period. There are lots of aspects that come into play for any one of these issue. Things you may have taken for granted, such as trust issues, clear communication and empathy for the other person’s feelings and ideas.
Ahh you say, yes, we’ve got all that. Yes, but have you fully discussed it and if you have, are there parameters set up as to how to handle it if the discussion becomes heated? There are a great number of books that emphasize communication: from how to fight fair (with words and feelings) (Non-Violet Communications to Imago Dialogue which emphasizes; mirroring, validating and emphasizing. And beyond that you still need to trust your partner with both the larger issues and the smaller ones that almost seem unnecessary to mention. However without that trust your communication will go by the wayside and like our recent (U.S. 2012 – 2017) two houses of congress nothing will be gotten done. There will be seemingly lots of movement but in reality you are at an impasse. There may be move from side to side, but there is no way either of you can move forward and back seems ridiculous.
Living with and knowing that your partner is empathetic to your ideas and feelings are a must along with their being interested in what you are saying validates them and keeps the conversation going until you can come to a conclusion that works for you both. There is even a book specific to your early years of marriage: First Year of Marriage by Marcus and Ashley Kusi, which will assist you in hammering out a plan, vision for your marriage, as well as offering insight into other areas of your life together as a whole.
What can you do about all this to head it off at the pass? Start early and start strong with an ongoing process that can handle anything that comes up during your marriage or coupling. Much like a business plan, your marriage plan is a living breathing plan that changes when either of you and within your marriage changes. That’s called a marriage growing plan or vision for your marriage. You could even come up with an affirmative vision plan that grows along with you during the life of your marriage. Pick something that either says where you’d like to be or an ongoing feature within your marriage. That’s type of plan you’ll need for traversing any unforeseen minefields in your path.
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