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Valerie Kanay Talks interviewed me, just in time for the Countdown Sales weekend. Find out even more about the book New York City Budget Weddings: Elegant and Affordable and what going on the NYC wedding scene.

Not ready to commit? Just need a little bit of information? Then why not listen to the secrets of wedding planning in NYC? You’ll have just what you need to know whether or not you’re a DIY bride or need additional assistance.


Coming Soon: 11 Secrets from New York City Budget Weddings  via 

11+ Secrets From NYC Budget Weddings

Weddings in New York can be out-of-this-world expensive!

The average cost used to be a couple years ago $50,000, but now it’s upwards of $87,000! Count those zeros. Do you have that kind of money to spend/use/invest in one day? Sure the planning may be a year or two long, but the culmination, the emphasis is on that one BIG Day. At least that’s what most of the experts tell you, right? Not the marriage, but the ceremony and the party—The Big Day.

It seems if you want a nice but different wedding that you MUST SUCCUMB to that price if you want an elegant event.

Just because everybody else is attempting to spend that amount of money, doesn’t mean YOU HAVE to just to have the BEST event of your DREAMS!

You can STILL have your wedding in NYC and it CAN be ELEGANT and AFFORDABLE.

It IS possible to stay within your BUDGET!

  • Reading and editing this book made me want to re-marry.” – CLH

  • This book offers a toolkit of opportunities to get exactly what you desire at the price you can afford, no matter where and what your want for your wedding.” AG

Just because the average NYC Wedding Costs $87K+ does NOT mean you have to SUCCUMB to wedding industry EXPECTATIONS

  • Nor do you have to spend even half that amount

  • …if you don’t want to

  • Nor if you don’t you have it

DON’T Use TOMORROW’S $$$ on Today’s EVENT!!!

YOU can STILL have the wedding of YOUR Dreams!

This book shows & tells you how to have a stylish and an elegant wedding event at whatever price point your budget can afford.

There are various suggestions to add elegance and style to your event

  • Don’t get LEFT out-in-the-COLD after YOUR wedding because you spent MORE money than YOU could AFFORD!

  • Don’t be bound to have a discussion (or fight) over the years about the BIG $$$ expenditure of your WEDDING day with your new spouse.

  • Don’t let one day’s overspending (over indulgence) ruin the REST of your LIFE!

Say NO with Guidance of HOW to HAVE your BEST wedding EVENT ever, with your portable TOOLKIT: New York City Budget Weddings Elegant And Affordable

Get the Book on Kindle March 18 – 22 during the countdown sale from $1.99 – 5.99

     18 March starting @ 4 am – $1.99

     19 March starting @ 3 am – $2.99

     20 March starting @ 2 am – $3.99

     21 March starting @ 1 am – $4.99

     22 March back up @ 12Midnight – $5.99

Start your WEDDING PLANNING off with INTELLIGENCE knowing you have a TOOLKIT to get through the MUCK of Untruths and PLAN your BEST New York City WEDDING event EVER!!!


GET the Book:  NEW YORK CITY BUDGET WEDDINGS: ELEGANT AND AFFORDABLE   Creating Your NYC Wedding for Less than $15,000

On Amazon’s KINDLE Now!



New York Budget Weddings: Elegant and Affordable

New York Budget Weddings: Elegant and Affordable


How to Self Publish Books


DIY FB Timeline Graphic

With the DIY Author Platform (, by Stephanie Barko), after you’ve finished with the questions, 49 of them, you have a knowledge base that creates a virtual blueprint that you can continue to refer back to. You will have a clear perspective on how to self publish your books and market them. It’s like a trajectory business plan for your book. This program fleshes out who you are as the author for each of your specific books. The 49 questions have to be used for each of your books, to make them better, which makes you a better writer, too. The platform assists the author in continuing to understand why your book was written in the first place. Will your answers to the questions change over time? Of course they will, and with these questions it’s easier to revisit them again and again because it can even assist you with re-writes.

Indie Author Publishing

This platform through the questions disseminates who you are as the author of this book and why you wrote it, for whom you wrote it and who your chief competitors are. Through the 49 questions separated into specific groups, you become more aware of what you are offering your continuing or new audience. I was sent an advance 2-day complimentary look at this app for review, but even if I’d paid the $99 I would be getting a lifetime of success for my current books, and even the ones that haven’t even been written yet. As indie author publishing books you are no longer working alone with this blueprint.

When initially you see the 49 questions you may think, why would I need this since I am self-publishing my book? This is exactly why I became an Independent author, so I wouldn’t have to answer to a publisher’s questions and share my profits with them. Why would I need an instrument that is still traditionally used with a brick and mortar publishing house? The whole point of an Indy author is to be free-wheeling right? Rake in the dough since we don’t have to divvy up the profits to an agent, a manager or the publishing house, which only left us crumbs? Only 3-18% after we’d put our heart and soul into writing. But wait this indie author news can assist us with staying organized within our independent publishing career. Even when we do not “go the once traditional route” we still need to be organized. We still need to know which step to take when it comes to book promotion ideas, how much to allow our growing audience to see and when to rollout specific parts even before we’ve published.

Book Marketing Tips

This program is designed by a book publishing industry insider to assist the Indy author toward more success especially after all of the writing has been done. This program gives you insight into all the fuss of acquiring the help of a traditional publishing house and succeeding. Even though the publishing house took the bulk of the money from you, they would also work hard to get that money and it was a win-win situation for a long time. With the DIY Author Platform you are guided to start your marketing even before you finish writing so you can begin to get the buzz around your book NOW! No longer is it a hit and miss or search and possibly rescue after the book’s finished. This program is your writing, marketing, publicity, soul searching (for the book AND you as its author) book program. It keeps you honest about your book, while also adding to your talking points. Getting you ready for your audience’s questions, no matter where you are. In person or on the radio or even on a TV show, you are ready after you’ve answered ALL these questions. These book marketing tips lead you to success.

How to Book Publish

There are just 49 of them, and yes that may seem like a lot to some, but in the end those questions help you and your books succeed. Plus, you can easily finish the questions within 90 minutes and if you can’t you’ll need more research and you have 45 days, too. To say that the questions are more helpful to a new author downplays the importance of the program. No, it can help a new Indy writer as well as seasoned writers who are even still with a traditional publisher.

Am I doing all 49 of them? Not quite, but I plan on rectifying that and am grateful that I now know what I am missing. You will be too. The DIY Author Platform is the new blueprint/business plan for your book, each of your books. She shows you how to book publish, with all the bells and whistles of the traditional publishers at your fingertips. Unlike a business plan that often business owners threw into a drawer and forget, this program can and will be used again and again, to your success.



Budget Weddings resident Venue Designer:

The Book is on sale now on Amazon:  New York City Budget Weddings: Elegant and Affordable



And also:   11+ Secrets From NYC Budget Weddingsdiy-book-platform-slideshare-1-638diy-book-platform-slideshare-1-638



11 Secrets from New York City Budget Weddings soon out via 


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