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  • Posted on March 7, 2017 at 11:16 am

For Immediate Release:
Angelina Hart appears on Budget Weddings NYC Show
Designer speaks about luxury leather handbags, jewelry and professional makeup brushes

Carlsbad, CA (PRWEB) March 2, 2017 — Angelina Hart was a guest on the Budget Weddings NYC radio show with host CharLena Pearson-Fulcher. In the one hour show which can be heard on the Blog Talk Radio platform, Angelina discussed her Grand Career Tote, women’s business handbag, her line of professional makeup brushes and her jewelry designs.

“Being on the show was a great experience. CharLena was a great host. I really appreciated the depth of the questions and I loved discussing the backstories of my products with her and her audience. I hope that my passion for creating beautiful things came across during the show,” stated Angelina.

This was the first appearance for Angelina on the Budget Weddings NYC show. It gave her a chance to connect with a new audience. Most of the dialog was focused on Angelina’s luxury leather handbags, makeup brushes and jewelry. The conversation also included topics such as design influences and dressing Hollywood stars during the award season. For more information on Grand Career Tote women’s business handbag, please visit…

About Angelina Hart

Angelina Hart is reinventing what timeless, classic style looks like for the modern woman. She set out to create what she calls “The New Timeless”, classic for the new century. She eschews products that will become dated or are trendy. Angelina’s goal is to put the best things she can into the world that are of our time, for all time. For more information visit

Media Contact:
(858) 247-2410

TNT Wedding Weight Release

  • Posted on November 16, 2016 at 2:42 pm


What is TNT weight release? Well the entire name is Weight Release The New Thought Way,

    which is a program I’m reintroducing in which you do not have to diet to release your unwanted weight. It’s a five-day quickie dare initially and you will get an overall review of what the 25-day Dare is all about. And here’s the best part with regard to your wedding day–NO DIEting. No deprivation! No exercise. All of this because what you eat doesn’t really affect your body. It’s your mind, body, emotion that affects your psyche.

    Yup! That’s right. You do not have to die wanting to eat something that you know in your heart of hearts is not good for you. Plus, there’s no exercising, at least not in the hard sense. Now you may be wondering, what in the world is New Thought, let alone the New Thought Way. First things first, New Thought is a protestant philosophical movement (based on scripture) that started during the late 19th century in the belief that God is the source and all good, that humans are spiritual beings created in God’s image which are inherently good, there is power in affirmative prayer*, the teachings of Jesus Christ leads us as our Way-Shower, and we must live our principles, not just know them.

    *One of the co-founders the Unity Movement, Myrtle Fillmore was cured of TB with the use of affirmative prayer, feelings and belief. And this was at time that TB was a prescribed death sentence. I am not saying you will die from NOT releasing the weight, but if you are overweight you are putting a strain on most if not all of your organs and wouldn’t it be great to release that weight without restricting a lot of what you normally like to eat? Now that is not to say that you can eat any and all of what you like. Let’s be realistic, eating some things in moderation or not at all is smart. I will explain those parameters and this plan can assist you in releasing weight that is not serving you at all, especially if you have to sit all the time or may have trouble walking up and down stairs or maybe you feel out of breath most of the time.

    This program Weight Release: TNT Way is based on my book Spiritual Identity: Weight Release – TNT

has a 5-day Dare which jumpstarts your ability to get acclimated to the ten tools during the full 25-Day TNT Dare AND begin releasing weight. Six of the ten tools you already use in the your everyday life now. We will just tweak them so you use them more effectively with regard to your weight goals. Learning these tools in which you can enhance the release of weight without diets, without exercise and still feel great about yourself. You’ll start to see real results within your mind, soul and on your body even after the first day. You’re sure to feel more confident, too. I’ll introduce you to the plan through this micro-course, so you have an idea of what the full plan involves. Just think with the 25-Day plan you may have the results in less than a month’s time. How easy could it be?

And won’t that be delectable when it comes to fitting into your dress without complications? AND you’ll have no fear of regaining the weight since it is NOT a deprivation diet. With this TNT Weight Release Dare you will get to the figure you desire, easier, and quicker.


Wedding Make Up Ideas

  • Posted on December 2, 2015 at 3:41 pm

Ruimio Make-Up 6-Color Palette Tray Surprised Me

 RUIMIO Makeup Contour Kit Highlight and Bronzing Powder Palette – 6 Colors

Ruimio Make-Up 6-Color Palette Tray surprised me with it versatility. When it arrived I opened the box to find four colors that I thought would never do anything to enhance my skin tone, but I was pleasantly surprised once I decided to give all six colors in the tray a try.
As you can see from my selfie (For the record, not my best shot and my husband hates selfies.), I started off my trial with clean dry skin and I started from the lower right hand corner, using that as my foundation and then built on top of my face with the various colors to enhance either with coverage, contouring or color additions to my face. I believe it and me came out looking terrific. My skin tone was smoothed out and it did not look like I had on any makeup at all and that’s what we all want. We desire to look effortless beautiful, right?

Ruimio & Me.

Ruimio & Me.

Fresh Washed Face


Make up Tips and Tricks

1) I used the medium brown in the upper right hand corner as my foundation, using a brush.
2) On the far upper left is a white that I used lightly as dark circle highlighter to erase those circles (which surprisingly worked very well.).
3) In the middle on the bottom, I used the peach as my blush (and it worked, too.) on my cheekbones.
4) The tray below the medium brown in the lower right hand corner is a dark brown which I used as my contour beneath my cheekbones.
5) The upper middle color is light beige which I used to matte & prime my eyelids.
6) And on the lower left hand corner is medium beige, that has a hint of green in it, so I used that as my eyelid color.


With Ruimio an enhanced face

With Ruimio an enhanced face

And since I go almost nowhere without lip color, I had to add one of my favorites, which is not part of the Ruimio palette’s color tray.

If you’re tight on space to take things with you, make-up wise in your bag (if you didn’t get a bigger bag to take with you), then this slim set of 6-color palette tray is great to take. It’s slim and can fit most anywhere without taking up much room.
The two things I wish it had would be its own set of brushes and the names of the colors in the tray either on the back or even on the plastic liner. The reason they don’t have the brushes is I’m sure because it would add bulk, but not sure about why they didn’t include color names. Perhaps it’s so you can decide where to put it. All-in-all though its versatility truly surprised me.

Dog Days of Summer 2015 Wedding Trends

  • Posted on August 3, 2015 at 6:22 pm

If you tuned into my show last Friday 31 July, you would have heard most of this post, plus a little more. If you’d prefer to listen to it, just go to In the meantime as promised here’s the inspiration for that show and finding deals now in the NYC version of the ‘Dog Days of Summer’.
Before I get to the trends, you may wish to pick up one of my two books or both on Kindle: New York City Budget Weddings: Elegant and Affordable, as well as 11 Secrets from New York City Budget Weddings.
Color Trends:
This summer has been filled with varying shades/hues of pink and blues. Think watermelon pink (yuch-to me) only because that shade is lighter than the inside of of the watermelon. I guess it’s the lighter red next to the rind. Actually I always think of watermelon as being red inside. Really it’s an oxymoronic shade. Anyway, now you know how I feel about pink. Not the PC thing I suppose, since that is the “unofficial” or default color of weddings. Anyway … ref.
Let’s start with color trends for the fall 2015: It seems jewel tones are what’s coming this fall, and will go straight through the winter of 2016. So if you and your fiance’ don’t want to use your favorite colors ( which I think is always the way to go.) then you can have your pick from the usual fall colors: pumpkin, tones of brown, gold and greens. In the pumpkin family they’re changing the names so that they sound newer. Look for Tangy (rather than spicy).
Don’t forget you do not have to stay within the color hues but can go opposite to make it truly interesting, such as bringing in a hue of blue, sky or turquoise and even whites. Cream would look luscious next to pumpkin & tangerine.
Keeping the colors really easy to find for all the people in your wedding party. Either send them a color swatch, that you can pick up at your favorite hardware store or the color swatch’s number so they can pick it up and get the true color rather than a guess at what you’d like. Remember there are thousands of shades, tones, and hues of all the primary colors.
More colors, for the coming season are muted reds and pinks, some quads of color have names such as Tangy, Sweetness and Poetic.

Grey, like on HGTV is still playing prevalent role in the wedding arena too, as a go-to shade or hue. There are varying names:  classic- light – & dark grey. Then slate, charcoal and ashwood. All grays.
Daring colors are anything to do with purple or violet family. I am not sure why since royalty is connoted with purple, but maybe it’s daring to think you’re royal enough to desire wearing it. Mmmh. Purple was a prominent color my wedding ceremony and obviously I like it because it is part of my logo. I’m betting friends are surprised it’s not on the cover of either of my books. Mmmmh me, too actually.
Menswear – amazing there’s an actual change for men this year. Who’d have guessed. Just read an article and it makes sense, if your bride is looking scrumptious and the center of attention, shouldn’t you as the groom also look scrumptious, too. After all you will take pix or be in a video together. Whichever medium it is or if it’s both, you’d rather look like you belong with the bride rather than an after thought, right?
One big change might be in the pants, which are looking a bit fuller around the legs this year. If you’re a bigger man, this look can help you quite a bit. Cuffs are also pretty popular on pants, but steer clear of cuffs, if you don’t consider yourself on the taller side (taller than 5’8″). Short or squat men in cuffs just shortens or fattens them. No matter the trend, if that’s you, don’t do that to yourself or your groom.
If you’re not renting or buying off the rack and having it tailored to fit, you could also do custom. There are some budget friendly local designers.

Here’s a few to assist in your planning: if walking by the storefront’s name is New Era Factory Outlet, Inc., – This one you take your own measurements, send it to them along with the style & color preferred, then 4 weeks later they deliver., and


A suit that fits well is already a standout and well worthy of you being at your bride’s side. Imagine 20 years down the road and not wanting to look at your pictures because your suit was ill-fitting and looked like crap. you get my drift.
You could even splurge on materials. Plaids are particularly popular in 2016, as are unique colors like high blue and deep red.
Formal/Informal weddings, stick to the darker hues of course. charcoal grey, navy blues or even black.

Hair Trends:
For women with longer hair, it seems there is still the trend of hair up for sophistication. Plus, lots of people, mostly men I believe love it on their wedding night when they can unpin their bride’s hair allowing it to cascade to her shoulders. Who says men aren’t influenced by media. Yup! It’s true they are. Or is that just my husband? mmmh
On Friday 7 August 2015, on a special show, I’ll go into even more detail about hair trends AND of course I will update it here on my website.


Upcoming guests: Curtis & Carla (Eastern seaboard sing duo) L A Timberlake, DJ/Venue Coordinator, Kristina Latour – Video Producer and possibly Celeste Mumford – J Lexi, LLC (Holistic SkinCare needs)

New York City Budget Weddings: Elegant And Affordable

  • Posted on January 8, 2015 at 5:57 pm

11+ Secrets From NYC Budget Weddings

New York Budget Weddings: Elegant and Affordable

New York Budget Weddings: Elegant and Affordable

IT’S TIME!!                                IT’S HERE!!!

The book seemingly five years in the making, really it was 3.5 years, but sometimes it felt like five.

The book is scheduled to be published on Saturday 1/24 starting at midnight and is is pre-pub mode. So, yes you can purchase it now via Amazon’s Kindle, but you will not be able to download it until the day of publication. The pre-pub cover a little different, but you can find it at this link:


Leveraging Yourself Against Fear

  • Posted on September 18, 2014 at 1:16 am   This truly shows looking fear in the face and triumphing for a giant reward. It’s a little over 2 minutes, but worth it.


This is article by a friend of mine Bianca Lynn who works as a guide to
help people reconnect with their own truth and live in a way that feels
authentic and meaningful. She’s at This article
isn’t necessarily for the engaged, but I felt after reading it, that it
could be applied to your wedding plans.


Sharing Yourself Is Scary   –  Bianca DiSalvo   (Part 1)When I was a little girl I embraced who I was. I shared myself willingly, abundantly and completely. When I was happy I laughed. When I was excited I screamed. When I was hurt or scared I cried. That’s what kids do. They share themselves and their experiences openly for the world to see.Over time, things changed and I stopped sharing myself so authentically. Maybe I got distracted. Maybe the world got more risky. Maybe I learned sharing myself fully was not acceptable. Maybe I had more to lose as I grew up. Perhaps it was all of the above.Whatever caused this change in my ability to share myself fully left things a little lackluster. My life was good. I was grateful for all I had. Still, it felt a little less than satisfying. I felt disconnected from myself, from what mattered to me, from what I was really here for.  And I felt disconnected from those around me.The fear of sharing yourself is something that most of us have. By the time we’ve reached adulthood each one of us has determined what we can and cannot share. We are negotiating it and navigating it all the time. Is it okay for you to share your own brilliance, pride or contentment? What about your fear or heartbreak?


January 2014 – What’s New?

  • Posted on January 3, 2014 at 9:03 pm

You know that January is the month for white sales, i.e. linens, towels, cars, airfare, hotel, groceries, home (houses and apartment) prices and this year postage.  All of those things will be going up by the time February rolls because they WILL be going up.   Did you know the best purchases  for this month are mattresses, furniture of almost any kind, winter clothing, gym equipment and of course gym memberships, jewelry, fragrances and of course, Christmas ornaments, cards and decoration.

Keep in mind before Valentine’s Day there are other things pertinent to Valentine’s Day that are also on sale:  Jewelry – Why do you think engagements are big on that infamous day (Jewelry sales in January).  Keep in mind the closer to Feb. 14th, the higher the price will get.  This is the time to also get candy, too.  Provided that is will not spoil, you could stock up for one the gifts on Valentine’s Day for your Sweetie.  And that’s just all around “sweeeet”.

Just as I reported last year, it’s also the perfect time to buy wedding apparel.  It is all on sale, even for men.

David’s Bridal:  Up to $200 off every gown by every designer in the store.  Coupons available online, now, which are good through 12 midnight on January 5th.  The designers include Vera Wang, Oleg Cassini and  Zac Posen.

The online only items sales include  Invitations through 1/5, with free shipping through 1/27.

Men’s Wearhouse:  Sample sales from Jan. 6th – Jan. 10th

  Macy’s:  Dress shoes by – Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Cole Haan all between: $83.99 – $119.99

J. Crew:  Up to 40% off online with code ShopHappy.


 The Bridal Garden:   is the only not-for-profit bridal boutique in New York City, with donated designer wedding gowns discounted up to 75% off the original retail price.  Dresses are samples, overstock, and once-worn; they are donated by designers, stores, and brides.  Proceeds benefit education for disadvantaged children.  Located at – 54 West 21st Street, Ste 904.  Betw:  B’way & Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Call or go online to make an appt:  212-252-0661

The NBR Awards Gala hosted this year by Lara Spencer of Good Morning America and Flea Market Flip 

Online Men’s Apparel Sales:

Ike Behar Men of NY:   40% off

Joseph A. Banks:  20% off standard pricing

Raffaello:  10 – 50% off their ties, depending on the designer and material

Jack Franklin:  Ties start at $15 – 40 each silk tie

Men’s USA:  30% off 3 buttons for $139

Online Women’s Apparel Sales:

David’s Bridal up to 50% off everything