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Dog Days of Summer 2015 Wedding Trends

  • Posted on August 3, 2015 at 6:22 pm

If you tuned into my show last Friday 31 July, you would have heard most of this post, plus a little more. If you’d prefer to listen to it, just go to In the meantime as promised here’s the inspiration for that show and finding deals now in the NYC version of the ‘Dog Days of Summer’.
Before I get to the trends, you may wish to pick up one of my two books or both on Kindle: New York City Budget Weddings: Elegant and Affordable, as well as 11 Secrets from New York City Budget Weddings.
Color Trends:
This summer has been filled with varying shades/hues of pink and blues. Think watermelon pink (yuch-to me) only because that shade is lighter than the inside of of the watermelon. I guess it’s the lighter red next to the rind. Actually I always think of watermelon as being red inside. Really it’s an oxymoronic shade. Anyway, now you know how I feel about pink. Not the PC thing I suppose, since that is the “unofficial” or default color of weddings. Anyway … ref.
Let’s start with color trends for the fall 2015: It seems jewel tones are what’s coming this fall, and will go straight through the winter of 2016. So if you and your fiance’ don’t want to use your favorite colors ( which I think is always the way to go.) then you can have your pick from the usual fall colors: pumpkin, tones of brown, gold and greens. In the pumpkin family they’re changing the names so that they sound newer. Look for Tangy (rather than spicy).
Don’t forget you do not have to stay within the color hues but can go opposite to make it truly interesting, such as bringing in a hue of blue, sky or turquoise and even whites. Cream would look luscious next to pumpkin & tangerine.
Keeping the colors really easy to find for all the people in your wedding party. Either send them a color swatch, that you can pick up at your favorite hardware store or the color swatch’s number so they can pick it up and get the true color rather than a guess at what you’d like. Remember there are thousands of shades, tones, and hues of all the primary colors.
More colors, for the coming season are muted reds and pinks, some quads of color have names such as Tangy, Sweetness and Poetic.

Grey, like on HGTV is still playing prevalent role in the wedding arena too, as a go-to shade or hue. There are varying names:  classic- light – & dark grey. Then slate, charcoal and ashwood. All grays.
Daring colors are anything to do with purple or violet family. I am not sure why since royalty is connoted with purple, but maybe it’s daring to think you’re royal enough to desire wearing it. Mmmh. Purple was a prominent color my wedding ceremony and obviously I like it because it is part of my logo. I’m betting friends are surprised it’s not on the cover of either of my books. Mmmmh me, too actually.
Menswear – amazing there’s an actual change for men this year. Who’d have guessed. Just read an article and it makes sense, if your bride is looking scrumptious and the center of attention, shouldn’t you as the groom also look scrumptious, too. After all you will take pix or be in a video together. Whichever medium it is or if it’s both, you’d rather look like you belong with the bride rather than an after thought, right?
One big change might be in the pants, which are looking a bit fuller around the legs this year. If you’re a bigger man, this look can help you quite a bit. Cuffs are also pretty popular on pants, but steer clear of cuffs, if you don’t consider yourself on the taller side (taller than 5’8″). Short or squat men in cuffs just shortens or fattens them. No matter the trend, if that’s you, don’t do that to yourself or your groom.
If you’re not renting or buying off the rack and having it tailored to fit, you could also do custom. There are some budget friendly local designers.

Here’s a few to assist in your planning: if walking by the storefront’s name is New Era Factory Outlet, Inc., – This one you take your own measurements, send it to them along with the style & color preferred, then 4 weeks later they deliver., and


A suit that fits well is already a standout and well worthy of you being at your bride’s side. Imagine 20 years down the road and not wanting to look at your pictures because your suit was ill-fitting and looked like crap. you get my drift.
You could even splurge on materials. Plaids are particularly popular in 2016, as are unique colors like high blue and deep red.
Formal/Informal weddings, stick to the darker hues of course. charcoal grey, navy blues or even black.

Hair Trends:
For women with longer hair, it seems there is still the trend of hair up for sophistication. Plus, lots of people, mostly men I believe love it on their wedding night when they can unpin their bride’s hair allowing it to cascade to her shoulders. Who says men aren’t influenced by media. Yup! It’s true they are. Or is that just my husband? mmmh
On Friday 7 August 2015, on a special show, I’ll go into even more detail about hair trends AND of course I will update it here on my website.


Upcoming guests: Curtis & Carla (Eastern seaboard sing duo) L A Timberlake, DJ/Venue Coordinator, Kristina Latour – Video Producer and possibly Celeste Mumford – J Lexi, LLC (Holistic SkinCare needs)


  • Posted on January 7, 2013 at 7:26 am

CharLena’s Picks:  Wedding Dresses after the 2013 Awards ceremonies’ Top Five.  

This is also a continuation from March 2013 Budget Weddings NYC Newsletter:


From 5 through 1 with honorable mentions to follow afterwards.  Remember no matter the color, or shade of the dress all dresses can be replicated.  I have named three places on my radio show:

# 5 Amy Adams on red carpet at the Golden Globes.


Amanda Seyfried on Oscar’s red carpet comes in at #4.

#3 Jennifer Lopez at Golden Globes.  Love the way the dress falls at the bottom.  And of course, what girl wouldn’t want a bit or lots of lace to glam it up.


Surprises of the pales in color, coming from this bold colorful woman, but you know a woman’s prerogative is to be changeable.   This year I liked these:

#2  Just remember to have your seamstress move the darts away from your breasts and you too, can rock this even better than Anne Hathaway did on The Academy Awards’ red carpet.



#1 Jennifer Lawrence’s dress that toppled her.  I LOVE, LOVE, the cut especially the skirt, the raised or brocade pattern and the wideness of the skirt.  Imagine it in lavender   Just remember during any part of your excitement to pick up your skirt in front as you walk or ascend stairs and to carry your train while descending stairs and you’ll be golden.

I hope you have enjoyed my picks for the season and remember even though most of the picks are designer gowns you can get replicas or have it made in the color and even style of your choice.

The following pix in no special order are the honorable mentions.


I like the sweetheart neckline and the design of Carrie Underwood’s bodice.

If you have a near perfect bod you can rock this gown, like Jessica Chastain did or better.  The sleekness of this dress is killer, for sure.


The flowing soft material of Lupe Fiasco’s dress and the color are so wonderful, I had to include it.  I think I used to have a raw silk skirt and tank in this color.  Whew!  Need I say anymore?  I didn’t think so.



I think the cut out for this dress is going be seen at a lot of parties this year including as part of the proms all over the place and especially here in NYC.  Can’t you just see it.  It is SO interesting and fun.  Good choice Ms. Watts.


And finally T. Swift again in a more demure lace gown or is it a dress.  I don’t remember how long this one was, but lace and a wedding seem to be synonymous   It looks like Ms. Swift’s apparel has an overall air of wedding attire with 2 in my top 10 and one in my “honorable mentions”.

Now you have a whole slew of gowns to get ideas from.  Make your choice and rearrange them if you are not buying off the rack but having someone make it and have them make to your specifications.

 The Men: (I guess I can’t leave them out, right?)

Men’s wedding attire is almost still unchanged, but what about a red or even black velvet  tailored jacket or tux and black velvet shoes.  Maybe a colorful cummerbund to match the cravat and or tie.  Mmmh!  I like that too.  There’s a change a happening . . .  a little.


Good Evening!  This is the month of February 2013 and I decided to try different days and times for my radio show on Blog Talk Radio.  Perhaps you have listened to show in archives or actually listened to it live.  Let me know what time you would like to listen to it live and I will see what I can do.  In the next couple of weeks, here are a few of the people I plan to have on:  Bridgette Bartlette, Fouzia Elidrissi, Jean-Hans, Phil Nee, just to name a few over the wedding industry.  Last week I even met a well known make-up artist/performer who may be on.  His first name is Ernesto.

Meanwhile today, I read from both my soon-to-be published book – New York City Budget Weddings Elegant and Affordable and the Amazon published book – Wedding Cake:  From Frosting to Crumbs, plus gave you advice about choosing your wedding cake, complete with questions and  also a little bit about your wedding planning budget, men’s wedding attire, plus spiritual transformation during your wedding planning.  Please check that out via Blog Talk Radio’s archives of my show Budget Weddings NYC 4U.  I know you’ll get a lot of enjoyment and tips from listening.


Enjoy your weekend and tune in Monday at Noon when I give you my Picks of the Oscars’ red carpet attire for weddings.



Whether you are already in the midst of your wedding planning or even if this is the start of your of that process, you deserve to take some time off from your wedding plans, to regroup with your fiance’ to release the perils of wedding planning.  Take time out each day, to reconnect and just be.  You will feel inspired to go along with almost anything, as long as you are together on the same page of understanding.  It draws you together more perfectly than “just” going out on a date.

You may want to incorporate this into your marriage as a daily habit to keep and continue to grow together with.  Making time for each other is a sure way to stay in love with each other and to communicate better.

Here’s some ideas to stay together and release at the same time:

Start a novel together and read out loud to each other a little each night.

Draw a bath as warm as you can stand, pour some wine into your wine glasses, light some candles and soak away the stress of the day and the events of planning your wedding. (This might be a once a week relaxation form, but lovely nevertheless.)

Massage each other’s shoulder, maybe once a week a full body massage, complete with scented oils.

Exercise together at the gym or go to a yoga class together.

Sit comfortably in each other’s arms and look deeply into each other’s eyes.

These are but a few suggestions, I am sure you can come up with some of your own that are perfect for you.  Perhaps you will even want to continue the practice into your marriage.  It’s a great way to stay connected with other, instead of growing apart.  Start now to do some of these things and I promise you will get through your wedding planning without a hitch and still deeply in love with each other even after a few mishaps or arguments or misunderstandings during your wedding planning.


I mentioned this on the book’s Page on Facebook, but want to share it here, too:  Color is invading the wedding dress and NOT big flowers, either.  It’s almost like icing on the cake.  White flowing dresses, but with a bit of color in tulle or taffeta.  Also, this year ruffles are back in lots of different ways:  big ones, small ones and then some that look like flowing tears of fabric or even look like feathers.  You can see pictures on my Pinterest under Wedding Apparel.  Pinned Image

The designers taking up the cause of color are:  Vera Wang, (yup! Truly) and Alfredo Angelo.  Both can be found at David’s Bridal.  Picture above is from neither of the mentioned designers.

Tip #2

Look for and find those marvelous wedding gown January Sales.  Not just at David’s Bridal, but at trunk shows and other wedding gown boutiques, too.  Below are dresses from David’s Bridal for only $249.                                                     $199                     A Vera Wang pink print in Taffeta for $299 at DBs.

Happy New Year.  If you are getting married this year, choose a significant date, have your plan and budget ready and let’s start your engines and let’s roll.

Tip #1

Always, always, always remember to get a contract wherever you go and with whomever you are dealing with for services or products, EVEN or especially if you know them.  AND you’ll save money more money, too.

Yup!  That goes for EVERYbody.  For a follow-up or more in depth look at this, see my full length article in my Newsletter.  Sign up at right to receive the monthly newsletter.

An Impromptu interview at David’s Bridal – Brooklyn

  • Posted on January 7, 2013 at 5:48 am

600 DressOn my radio show: www.BlogTalk which is on every other Thursday. The next one is on January 24th.
Anyway last time the show was on, it was Thrifty Thursday Plus, for after Christmas wedding sales exploration. It had been my idea to go to all five boroughs to experience wedding accessory sales on 12/26/12 and then tell you about them the next day on my show. Well because of where I live, I was really only able to get to two of the five boroughs. I also promised to include the impromptu interview that I had on David’s Bridal on my website. I did not do it, yet. I wanted you to experience it first as my preview audience.
As I stepped into David’s Bridal of Brooklyn, I was thinking of you, and started to tell the sales women at the desk that I was looking for some wedding accessories and was interested on what was on sale. Now David’s Bridal was already having a sale on wedding dresses. In fact, a very good sale that started that very day, which goes through 14 January 13, a 50% all wedding dresses, so you know I was intrigued as to what else could be had for that percentage as well.
As always when I ask about sales or specifics about weddings, the first thing I was asked was when is my wedding. Ladies be ready with your answer. Now, as you know I’ve been married for seven years, so I actually couldn’t lie and came clean right away that I was had a radio show and wanted find out for my listeners when, what and how long the sale would go on. That is when an impromptu interview was dropped into my lap or hands, since I was standing. Kim and an unnamed sales woman started telling me about the sales and why it is imperative for brides to be organized before stepping into any store or talking to any service provider for their wedding. Let’s get to the interview.
CPF: Are there any accessories on sale now that it’s after Christmas?
K of DB: Well since this is the official start of the wedding season, yes there are. A lot of things are from 30 to 60% off.
CPF: How long will the sale be?
K of DB: It is indefinite for now, but probably for the next month at least. (Recently saw on TV it’s until 1/14/13)
CPF: Did you say that it is the start of wedding season? Today is the official start of the wedding season?
K of DB: Yes, it is. Christmas is over and most people think it’s all about the after Christmas sales, but in reality the sales in bridal wear after Christmas mark the beginning of the new wedding season. October used to be a savings month for wedding, that month is one of the most expensive, now.
CPF: Ahh. That explains why the bridal shows all begin anew in January.
Kim: Exactly to capitalize on the bridal show we in the industry get the jump and try to pull people into the stores so that brides will have an idea of what gown pricing is and what some of the new styles that will be the next big thing.
CPF: Is there something that every bride should know before coming into your store?
Kim: Before stepping into any store, first don’t be afraid to get the business of buying your dress. Don’t spend time buying your bridesmaids’ dresses first. As part of the whole process, you the bride, are the main event, so to speak, you have to get your dress first. After that it is easier to figure out what the wedding party can and should wear.
You must be clear about what you want to (how much money you want to circulate) spend, and you must know that number before stepping into our store or anyone else’s for that matter. Other things you must know are what style, and the cut, although we will help you with what looks best on your frame. If you have an idea it is most helpful.
CPF: What can the bride expect from the staff of David’s Bridal?
Kim: We’re here to help you get what you want and want to help you find what you want within your budget. We are a full of service bridal store with dresses in plus sizes. The other DB’s do not necessarily have a wide selection of plus sizes, but because we are in Brooklyn, I requested that more than a corner of a rack be devoted to Plus-size gowns. I now have 5 racks of Plus-size gowns including our designers. Right now we are having a storewide sale, with 50% off on wedding dresses now through 14 January 2013. The exception is shoes, whereas the shoes are on sale, if your foot is an unusual size, it may not be in the store and we will have to special order it.
CPF: You have big name designers these days in your store, correct?
Kim: Yes, we have had both Oleg Cassini and Vera Wang, for a couple of years, now who are the designers of choice within David’s Bridal.
CPF: Do you think there is something that a bride or couple must have that a lot of brides and grooms are not utilizing?
Kim: There are a lot of wedding couples who believe they can save money by not hiring a wedding planner. They are wrong! Every bride and groom has to have a wedding planner who can find various things that will save the couple lots of money. Wedding planners know where to ferret out the best deals. There was a bride once who came in to have a fitting and asked me when she was leaving where there was a party store, because she needed warming trays. I felt for her and asked her why her wedding planner wasn’t helping her. She said she didn’t have one and someone was going to help the day of her wedding at her church, but that she was trying to get everything done herself. I told her what I just told you, that she needs a wedding planner if nothing else, to take the pressure off her shoulders of getting stuff done. That’s the wedding planner’s job and they do it quite well, because they usually love doing it and know where to find the deals. It only makes sense.
CPF: Do you buy the dresses for $99 or lower and mark them up?
Kim: No, the $99 – $5000 dollar dresses did not start off at that rate. Most of the dresses started at least twice as the price tags and more before they came to the store and the prices are slashed for DB’s clientele and those are the regular David’s Bridal prices, which are being further slashed now for the sale during January by 50%.
CPF: How many people should a bride bring to help her pick out her dress?
Kim: Brides may bring 1 – 3 people, but no more than that or it just becomes a confusing stressful day for the bride. And don’t bring your fiancé. He doesn’t want to be there. Plus, he is not going to tell you (really) that he doesn’t like you in a dress that you think looks wonderful and in reality doesn’t, because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.
CPF: To wrap up your advice, the bride must know what she wants before she goes in search of her dress, right?
Kim: Yes, she must be willing to start at the beginning and the bride is the beginning. Then know how much she wants to spend, the style of the dress, and the best cut for her.
CPF: What are some “Don’ts” that neither you nor your staff likes?
Kim: Our store is a full service store and the is staff here to help you. Short notices for your wedding day are not helpful for you or our alterations department. Please no 90 day weddings and expect alterations. If you want your wedding in 90 days from now, you will have to get a dress that fits you perfectly off the rack, because the alterations department will not be able to help you. Minimum 90 days for alterations.
CPF: Thank you very much Kim for all of your wonderful advice and information in this impromptu interview. Will you or corporate be attending the Staten Island College Bridal event?
Kim: Yes, the Staten Island College Bridal event on 1/13/13 the Brooklyn David’s Bridal store’s event and Great American Bridal on 1/14/13 is the DB’s corporate office event, which will be held at New York City Marriott Hotel. It was my pleasure. Thanks for coming in and wanting to share our sale on your show.

14 Ways Your Wedding Wardrobe Can Help Keep You Healthy

  • Posted on December 19, 2012 at 7:57 pm

You know that your wardrobe is one of many lifestyle choices that can help you stay healthy. Remember to choose wisely even when it comes to wedding clothing, shoes and bags, with these tips.  During your nuptial preparations and especially on the day of your wedding, you will be going through so many emotions that it is imperative that your clothing helps rather than hinders your movements.


Your Wedding Day Clothing Choices:


  1. Wear the correct size. Tight clothing can cause circulatory problems and aggravate high blood pressure.Buy clothing that fits comfortably. That goes for jewelry as well.

    Budget Weddings NYC apparel

    Tight and Comfortable?

  2. Dress for the climate. Let your local weather forecast help you decide what to wear. If you are marrying in the summertime, don’t wear items that make you extra hot.  With little or no food that day, you might faint.  High heat and humidity is easier to bear when you’re decked out in light weight and loose fitting gear.  Not very much fun for you, your new spouse or your guests.  In harsh winters call for coats, hats, gloves and boots if need be prior to your arrival to the ceremonial spot.  You’ll want to start your marriage well, rather than with the sniffles.

  3. Protect yourself from the sun. Keep using your sunscreen and let your garments provide an additional line of defense. Hats shield the delicate skin on your face and neck year round. If you go on your honeymoon to somewhere with a beach, then don’t forget to pack appropriately.  Toss on a tunic or sarong after your swim at the beach or pool.

  4. Customize your bra to your shape. Bras with adequate support reduce back pain. Specialty shops and department stores often offer free fittings. Fuller figures may need underwire and front hook closures.  You will want the perfect fit, shape and comfort for you wedding day.

  5. Shop for compression socks. Many doctors recommend compression socks for patients who are recovering from medical procedures or have conditions like diabetes that interfere with circulation. They’re also great for anyone who wants to boost blood flow or stands on their feet all day.  These could be a great rehearsal dinner gift for your fiancé and the groomsmen.




  1. Measure your heels. High heels may look sexy but the misalignment can trigger pain and posture issues. If you want to wear them down the aisle and for pictures, go for it, but comfort and health are my bi-words at all times.  Since you give your feet a break by looking for styles with good support and alternating with flats most days, why not do the same for your wedding day?  Your feet will thank you.
  2. Take off the flat flip flops. Flip flops provide little support for your ankles and knees. They’re convenient at the pool but put on walking shoes if you’re covering longer distances.  Even though wedding flip flops are all the rage, they do not provide the needed support you will need to stand and greet all your relatives.  Find some comfortable, pretty shoes with support to change into after your first dance.  You’ll be happier for it.  When your feet are happy, so is the rest of you.

    No more Flat Flip Flops

  3. Learn the facts about toning shoes. Lots of people liked the idea of shoes that would shape up their legs for them. However, studies showed that those claims failed to hold up and some brands actually caused injuries.  Whatever shoes you decide to wear on your wedding day, make shoe you have worn them at least twice before, so they are broken in and you know they are comfortable.  A hobbling bride and groom at the end of the festivities is neither fun nor happy.

  4. Keep up to date with your shoe size. Your feet may keep growing all your life, so ensure your favorite boots or heels or even flats still fit before you put them on for all-day wear. Allow about a half inch of space around your toes.

  5. Drive responsibly. If your feet hurt because you followed none of the above suggestions, don’t compound your chances by driving* barefoot.  1. Bare feet and flip flops can be dangerous behind the wheel. 2. You may slip or find your toe caught under a pedal. It’s worth the time to change into footwear that grips well.  *It is my hope that you will have someone else to drive and drop you somewhere after your reception.



  1. Lighten your load. Your handbag may weigh more than you think. The general rule of thumb is to limit yourself to ten percent of your body weight or less. Empty out stuff you no longer need.
  2. Leaving for your honeymoon right away.  Don’t overstuff your luggage; after all wherever you are going you probably will want to buy souvenirs or even more clothing.  No need to pack everything and have to check bags.  Pack just what you might need, plus one outfit less and you will be doing quite well for check in and your return flight.
  3. Switch sides. It’s easy to get in the habit of carrying stuff on one side of your body only, which leads to overuse over time. Make a conscious decision to alternate from one shoulder to the other throughout each day.
  4. Try a cross-body bag. Even better, pick a style with straps that you can wear across your chest or back. It will distribute the weight more evenly and take the pressure off your shoulders.

  5. Switch wallets. While women may be putting too much stress on their shoulders, hips are often the area of concern for men. Ditch that overstuffed wallet in favor of a lean credit card case. You can always keep your old wallet in your glove compartment for those occasions when you need the extra items.

    Fat for a reason.

    Fat wallet with money?

Fashion on your wedding day is great, so let that special day’s wardrobe help you to lead a long and active wedding day healthily and with fun. Use these tips to check out your wedding day trousseau and guide you through your next nuptials’ shopping spree.

Strapless is fading and Romantic is in!

  • Posted on December 6, 2012 at 8:16 am

Tip #29

Strapless is slipping out of the must have to end all.  YAY!  That’s my personal feeling.  I tell you more later.  Just think though you have more fabric it’s truly have fun with.   Diaphanous fabric and lace, or eyelets, dotted Swiss, and netting.   Just think you can have any of this and the pricing is still more affordable than the Vera Wang-like strapless.


Tip #24 – 28

If you are getting married in the next week or two, or even specifically today 1/6/12, wear a wedding gown with sleeves.  It is supposed to feel like 24 degrees in mid afternoon.  You do not want to get frost bite on your arms just because you decided to wear a summer frock on a cold winter’s day.

You could wear sleeves and a little bolero jacket for that special decorative flare.

Wedding Cake Taste-Off Author’s Fitting

  • Posted on June 17, 2011 at 1:32 am


Today was all about me. Don’t you just want that sometime? To have a day when it’s about stuff you either have to or want to get done. Well, that was what today was all about.

Here’s what my day’s plan was:

  1. Videotape invitation to Brides for Wedding Cake Taste-Off and talk about my book.
  2. Dress fitting with Ms. Rose Jeffries of Rose Loves Fashion
  3. Call my co-Sponsor; Ms. Angela Gregory, Weddings at Riverside
  4. Make some calls
  5. Home to write.


Did I get all of that done? Absolutely. Was it as quick as it took you to read it? Absolutely, not. First off, I forgot to turn my phone off last night and someone called and awakened me around one am. Not fun, especially since I then did not go right back to sleep. My time to awaken was scheduled for 7:20 am. I did, but also heard someone hit the bathroom, as I was about to and so lay down for a minute. Not wise, I reawakened an hour later. Called ahead to my fitting to let Ms. Jefferies know I’d meet her an hour later than prescribed. Met with the videographer, picked up some luscious cake and off we went to just in front of Riverside Cake, to shoot.

Aerial View

I think she (Videographer) got some awesome footage, plus it was not hard to eat the cake either. Yummy! When you see the footage, I am sure you will agree. Video tapings being what they are, we ran over by 45 minutes. So now I am an additional hour late for my fitting. Plus, I had to dash down to the Garment District to meet her.

At the fitting, ladies, unless you sew (which I don’t) and of course after you have already approved of the design, and interjected your opinion on draping or comments about the spots where you might be uncomfortable (which I did), shut up. I added my two cents and nearly torpedoed the top. I’d put my head into the wrong opening and thought I was correct, which meant all the measurements were wrong. Not! Rose and her team soon discovered my mistake and pinning commenced quite efficiently after that. As you may know designers do the first fitting in muslin, so pulling out the muslin, would have been a lot of wasted work in this case, but not horrifying. I see now why doing a gauge in needlecraft is SO important. (I crochet.) The fabric and the drape is going to be luscious. I cannot wait for you to see it. THANK you Rose for your patience and talent. It is going to be fabulous.

Designer to Author for Wedding Cake Taste-Off

I had to go shoe perusing for a hot minute (Didn’t find a thing I liked, but I was in Midtown, anyway.), and then bead perusing as well. Got some ideas on a potential fun, but elegant necklace. What I find, for me, is after a bit of creativeness in another genre, I am ready to come home and do some serious writing. It’s kind of like oiling the pump. [You’ll find I am not very good at cliches.] Oh, and I made my phone calls in Bryant Park. Very soothing and just what I needed to get more work done. I now have a night of writing ahead of me and I am raring to go. WooHoo!


Saving Money As A Wedding Guest

  • Posted on March 13, 2011 at 12:32 am

Saving money as wedding guests can sometimes be as hard as the couple saving money on the wedding event.  Brides can sometimes in their quest for their perfect day forget that their guests have not saved up for this specific day like the bride and groom may have over a significant amount of time.  When their wedding guests get the invitation, depending on its formality it may represent a crunch of both time and money.  Because of this forgetfulness, wedding guests often feel the pinch of having to buy something special to wear to the event, or to participate in the many pre-wedding and post-wedding events, especially if they are an integral part of the ceremony.  Or even to purchase an expensive gift, just because they have been invited to the wedding.  Friendship is one thing, but the wedding couple, must remember that their guests do not want to spend the rest of their lives paying for the happy event in collusion with them.

When planning the wedding the couple must take into consideration their guests’ range of attention-span during pre-wedding events.  Especially if these are also their out-of-town guests.  Just because they are out-of-town, in for the wedding, does not mean they want their days and evenings filled with wedding event socials.  That is holding your friends and relatives hostage from out-of-town hostage to your desires.   Shortening or eliminating them altogether is a plus for the wedding guests.  Not everything should or has to be mandatory and revolve around the wedding event.  That alone, will cut down on outfits to purchase.  For my husband and my wedding, we dispensed with the rehearsal dinner, which saved both our wedding party time and money, especially since the pre-wedding gift was no longer “an expectancy”.  In actuality, we hadn’t expected it, but with the traditions of the rehearsal dinner, the wedding party usually is expected to buy an additional gift for the couple who they are attending and vice-versa.

Since my husband and I were well into adulthood, we did not expect nor need any of the big-ticket items that have become the norm for most wedding gift registries.  A few additions were set-up, but not entire stores-full of items.  Gift certificates of small denominations were encouraged and although no one took us up on the gift certificates or really even the registry, Amazon and Bed, Bath, & Beyond were our picks.  Most of our guests gave us money of varying combinations, which is always a plus, and a time-saver for the guests.  Our wedding was on a Saturday mid-afternoon in a church which cut down on wearing apparel cost for most of our guests.  Since it was a June wedding, buying or having dressy formal wear is easy for most folks.  Summer weddings are easy apparel re-wear, with most people being able to wear it again to a barbecue.

  • An afternoon wedding set in the summer especially can save on the guests having to purchase items to wear, that may never get out of their closets, again.
  • Summer weddings are especially easy because dressy summer apparel can easily fit into anyone’s closet.
  • The wedding invitation will denote a great deal to the couples’ guests as to what type of attire is expected.
  • The later into the evening the more expensive the attire and unless their guests go to a great many cocktail parties for work, that one bit of wedding-wear may set them back a pretty penny.
  • Plus, an afternoon wedding is or can usually be casual enough that women do not have to have special hair at premium prices added to their attire.
  • Spring and autumn weddings loosely follow the same constrictors and sometimes can feel even less money constraints, but with a twist for weather related attire.
  • A winter wedding depending on where it is held is the most formal attire but if the couple dispenses of a strict color code or theme of their wedding their guests may be able to wear the outfit again, as well.  Winter weddings do not usually have the playfulness of summer weddings, when it comes to attire for guests.

The choice of where the wedding will be held will also bring the cost of clothing for the attendees down as well.

  • A hall on a Friday or Saturday night denotes very special or formal attire.  Think date night or prom.
  • For weekend weddings; Saturday, and if the church lets you, a Sunday night and afternoon is less formal, followed by a Saturday afternoon.
  • Weekday evening at someone’s house; even less formal, with garden parties weddings being the less expensive for the guests.

In the couples’ burst of enthusiasm for their great day, it would do them well with their friends to also remember their friends’ pocketbook, which does not mean they have inexhaustible supply of money for their friends’ wedding day nor should they have to take the hit either.