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Craft-wo-manship, beauty, elegance, practical luxury and still within your budget. A woman with style always loves a beautiful bag and this one will assist you in saving time, while being organized in preparation of your wedding.

Elegant organized luxury.

Elegant organized luxury.

Plus, don’t forget the book that will assist you in preparing for your wedding that fits perfectly in the bag, too. See the book cover below:

wedding bag book

To purchase please give me a call at 862 212 2204 or email at

If you have hankering for having something engraved or personalized, you are in luck with, which is supplying you with both means and opportunity, plus a bit of fun going through.

30 Days of Maker Giveaways on Zazzle


Potential Venue for your intimate wedding ceremony – Christ Chapel at Riverside Church on Riverside Drive, NYC:

Please CONGRATULATE: Rev. Louis Olivieri for winning a fourth year in a row as the best pick for The Knot best of Weddings from 2012 – 2016

One The Knot's Favorites 4 years in a row.

One The Knot’s Favorites 4 years in a row.

Call him: 917 656 0929

Rev. Louis is a Interfaith Celebrant who can travel throughout the Tri-State area to joyously officiate for multiple and diverse backgrounds, cultures and orientations.

He is a wonderful man, teacher, mentor and officiant.

Congratulations Rev. Louis!

See Orlando in action and our interview of Flowers by Zenda


So say it with flowers and go see or call Orlando at Flowers By Zenda. He will treat you fairly and right.

Have a happy and romantic Holiday Season!

Protein Bars Squelch Hunger on Wedding Night

Did you forget to eat during the reception? Are you trying to think of something to take with you for your wedding night? I think, I just tried the perfect item to take with you. It’s not a dinky granola bar or a candy bar, no it’s a protein rich food bar that even vegetarians can eat. It’s a full 2.1 ounces of protein and fiber AND 19 – 21 g of protein. That bears repeating because it’s amazing. 21 GRAMS of PROTEIN! It’ll keep you running on all cylinders and you will still have a fabulous night of fun without depleting your energy.

Hi Protein Rich Food

 Quest Bar Variety Bundle- 12 Pack (1 of Each)

There are an amazing number of flavors. In fact, I would venture to say a flavor for everyone. I was just speaking to a friend of mine, who gave me a tip. She uses the bars more after a run and she suggests placing your favorite in a microwave and warming it up for a few seconds. I’d never thought about doing that, but can imagine that it would be quite delicious especially after exercise you crave a dessert.

Foods High in Protein

This is a great bar for wedding couples after they have gone from their reception to their wedding night or if they are going off to their honeymoon and suddenly realize they didn’t get a chance to eat more than a couple of bites at their reception. Tuck a few in your overnight bag or purse and you’ll be satiated for hours. You’ll enjoy stamina through the night with a food that high in protein.

Fits in well with a high protein rich food list:

Between 18 – 23 g of carbohydrates
20 – 21 g of protein
Less than 1 g of sugar – Stevia is the sweetener
High in fiber: 12 g

You can use it as meal replacement or booster, but however you use it you are being nourished with healthy ingredients. Most of the bars that I have tasted are delicious. If you’re Gluten-Free, this is the bar for you. There are one or two that have a slight chalky aftertaste, but most are easy on your taste buds and definitely convenient. The added bonus is that it is not a small light bar. It is dense with nuts and big flavors. From peanuts to almonds and pecans. Wow!
The flavors I liked the best are Mint Chocolate Chunk, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (Microwave = Suitable for dessert – according to a friend.), and S’mores (My all-time favorite) and the Pumpkin Pie (Don’t let the color deter you. Pumpkins are orange after all.)

Some of the best things about these QuestBars are, they are gluten-free, loaded with protein and low on carbs.

 Quest Nutrition Protein Bar, S,mores, 20g Protein, No added Sugar, 2.1oz Bar, 12 Count


Just Married Brides


7 Unique Awesome Wedding Night Gifts for the Bride


I loved planning my wedding, but I also know that without a list, I would have forgotten many more things than I did for our wedding night. I am a list maker from way back, so bear with me and my version of Unique & amp; awesome wedding night gifts list that you can give to your favorite bride to take on her wedding night.

Our wedding night did not start our honeymoon, so we could pack light, but maybe not as light as we did. Here are a few unique wedding night gifts I’d wished we’d remembered to take with us. Perhaps you can relate. If you can, maybe you can save someone else from forgetting these essentials.

Of course every bride is different, but I believe that these AWESOME & UNIQUE wedding night gift essentials will be a major hit during the bride’s first night …and morning. Help her make her wedding night not only awesome, but memorable for years to come. I’m sure her new spouse will thank you, too.

 Lug Life Puddle Jumper Wheelie Bag in MIDNIGHT BLACK

This is an AWESOME Bag!

An Overnight Bag is great, but what about all that little stuff, too, like cotton swabs, nail file, cotton pads, etc. Not every overnight bag will be lightweight enough, yet have all the compartments necessary, except the Lug Puddle Jumper. It comes in two sizes Lug overnight and Deluxe. I have the Overnight and I LOVE this bag. You can put SO much in it. And the real beauty is that the one I have has feet, AND fits on the extension handle of most rolling suitcases for extended stays. It comes in multiple colors, too. Mine is in grass (light green), but I suggest a darker color. (There’s even a rumor that it’s washable, but I’ve not tried that.) And now there’s even a Puddle Jumper with it own wheels. Sweet!
Lug Puddle Jumper/Overnight Bag, in various colors. So you’re bound to find the bride’s favorite color.






Love this Awesome design!

I wish I’d had this unique and AWESOME compact makeover kit,for my wedding night. Just imagine after all that kissing of friends and family you have your compact with everything in it to freshen up with. It’s great because it’s all in own caddy. Quite UNIQUE and it has all your essentials (2 trays of eye shadow and lip color & blush, with a tray of appropriate brushes and MASCARA. I have really sensitive eyes and this is the ONLY mascara that hasn’t hurt or annoyed them. Plus, there’s no trying to find anything at the last minute, there’s even a sharpener for your lip and eye liner pencils neatly on the bottom. Whoever came up with design was truly thinking. Lucky for me my hubby gave it to me this past Valentine’s Day and it’s truly cool AND easy to carry. It’s the perfect unique and AWESOME gift for any bride-to-be & beyond.


 Makeover Essentials ME The Complete Petite, #Unique Gifts for Groom, #Overnight Bag by

The bottom bag I have in purple and use it like it’s an additional carryall as well as an everyday bag. It’s big, fluffy and SO useable for EVERything!














A long hot bath with lots of bubbles and yeah, I’d have let my new hubby have joined me. Really sleep or minimally a nap would feel awesome by now, but an invigorating bubble bath works, too. No Lavendar, this evening– but Tangerine Melon hits the exact nice note, to mellow out, but not too much. Ahhh…Darling, I’m ready for my massage and …




 Deep Steep Bubble Bath, Tangerine Melon, 17.5 Ounce

This enchanting scent is a Awesome Turn-On …for me!

If there’s no need for a nap and you’re ready to get busy, but could use a massage to release ALL the tensions of the day, don’t forget Jo Malone’s AWESOME scented massage body creme or one of her massage oils: I’m sure your new spouse can and will get on board to give you a massage. Just supply him with the UNIQUE scent of Jo Malone’s Lime Basil Mandarin Body Creme into your skin. Oh my goodness the aroma/scent just sends a woman over the edge and emollient luxuriousness is heaven on earth. This is my favorite scent. Oh my …


 Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Body Cream 175ml/5.9oz














A UNIQUE Gift & scent-sational that keeps giving and giving and giving and giving ….

Perhaps a little something fun to tickle your husband’s fancy–besides you. A feather, some chocolate honey dust and, yup you. What more could he ask for? Mmmmmh or Yes, yes, YES!!!



 Kama Sutra Honey Dust Chocolate Caress Kissable Body Powder 8 Oz, 8 Ounce And if you can’t decide there are four to choose from or just get all four. Just think a feather, something tasty and you. Mmmh what a fun evening ahead.













If you’re like me and you like a little something between you and the sheets, when you are ready to sleep, then some little slip of a thing is in order. Let your new hubby (to-be) buy you some lingerie. After all that gift is really for him.

 Avidlove Women’s Babydoll Sleepwear Sexy Lingerie Lace Splicing Dress

And if he can’t decide on the color for the evening, tell him he could bring red or baby blue  and then you can go with your mood at the moment.

 Avidlove Women’s Babydoll Nightwear Lace Splicing Dress Sleepwear With G-String Avidlove Women Sexy Transparent Splicing Bow Strap Dress Lace Lingerie (S, Style5–Blue)

And in the morning if you’re little chilled from the night’s frolic and you don’t feel like sitting sipping tea or coffee in your altogether, then slip into either or these awesome lightweight robes, while you stare into your new spouse’s eyes contemplating the rest of the day and your lives together.

 Julianna Rae Il Cieli Spa Wrap (Alabaster – S/M)
Julianna Rae Le Tresor Silk Wrap (Water – S/M)




Tried and true resources for your nuptials:

 The Jewelry Lounge 3-D Heights Brazen Lingerie Interfaith Minister & Wedding Officiant /><

 The above pictures are purely pictures. For telephone numbers please look below for each individual person or business. These are great people, and I recommend them highly.


This website may contain affiliate marketing links, which means I may get paid commission on sales of those products or services we write about. This editorial content is not influenced by advertisers or affiliate partnerships. This disclosure is provided in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR § 255.5: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


You are always on the Internet looking at favors, venues, special gifts for your honey or wedding party, why not make some extra money in meantime. Add Easy Product Displays for your website or blog and earn money for your wedding, your honeymoon or beyond. AND you could even keep earning money. Check out how you can do that here:

Easy Product Displays for Amazon and Zazzle Affiliates






















      “Our website may contain affiliate marketing links, which means we may get paid commission on sales of those products or services we write about. Our editorial content is not influenced by advertisers or affiliate partnerships. This disclosure is provided in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR § 255.5: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”




The Jewelry Lounge – >

A beautiful shop in which you can have your bachelorette party complete with tea, champagne Mani/Pedi AND rent expensive jewelry for your wedding. Speak to Tina Di for even more transformative gem expertise.











Rev. Beth Gavin,, Minister, Trainer, Coach, Consultant and Mentor.

Meditation Leader on BWNYC4U on Blog Talk Radio – 1/2/15


CharLena Pearson-Fulcher, Officiant & Author – BWNYC4U Founder – Wedding make-up and skin care tips – 12/26/14 on Budget Weddings NYC 4U via



Wedding Cake Toppers –

by The Bobble Shop at 3d Heights

by The Bobble Shop at 3d Heights


Kevaughn, Cakes by Kevaughn –

Jeanne Ann Karfo, LMT & Minister – 212- 769-7911 available 24/7

Danielle Zuckerman, Paper artisans –

My cousin Katherine is an Avon-Lady, so if you do not have one, please go to her website and order and she will drop-ship to you.

Patrick Smth of Patrick Smither Naturals and a Licensed Massage Therapist

Make your reception even more fun with Denny Daniel’s The Museum of Interesting Things.


New 2014 Workshop In Business Opportunity grads to help with your wedding planning:  coming soon

 TenSecondSongs:  I do not know Anthony personally, yet but I am betting since on this video (see below) he has 20 different styles, you would be able to have him sing at your wedding in the style of your choice.  Contact him at:


If not, I have other singers at my disposal, email me: and what type you are in need of and I will send you a few from my resources roster.

By the way this guy has a terrific voice, too.

Here’s his related story:


Brazen Lingerie:  For that special occasion undergarment or anytime, you want to feel special.  The owner is my go-to person for lingerie and undergarments.  We discussed undergarments after the Golden Globes and the Oscars.  Check that out on

Brazen LingerieBrazen Banner Logo


5000 Broadway in Manhattan near 215th Street.  Open Tuesday through Saturday with a late night on Thursday.  If you have questions call owner:  Anina Young at 212 567 5563






Listen to an interview with International Independent Singer, Songwriter Nhojj, who shared his Valentine’s Day with me.  He also dropped his newest CD today You Were Made to Love Him, Celebrating Love.   Music speaks to the soul on so many levels and Nhojj is its interpreter.







For dates or information contact him:




The Wedding Strategist of New York is in.  If you have just gotten engaged and you don’t have a clue as to what you should be doing or who to call or you just have questions, please write me here: or call 347-530-9132.  I am glad to help you.  I have quite economical pricing.  We’ll arrange a time to speak together.  Let’s talk, focusing on what you truly desire for your wedding day.  I look forward to assisting you start on your road to wedding day bliss.


Look for a new resource for your wedding here in the next week.  I talk about in my post of the week.



The Ultimate Pie Woman:  Diana Scott-Sho Founder and Owner of The Little Luscious Dessert Company.  Check out her Sweet Potato Cake Bites, but don’t pass up her Blueberry Pie with Cornmeal Crust.


Listen to Experts with CharLena via internet radio with Budget Weddings NYC on Blog Talk Radio

Person of the Month


August Person of the Month:  Rev. Louis Olivieri

My friend and the interfaith/interdenominational minister, Reverend Louis Oliveri, is a special gentle, caring individual, who I have had the pleasure of knowing for four years.   We met at our spiritual center as he was training to become one of that center’s licensed ministers and one through One Spirit Seminary.  He has lead classes of books, I grew up and as he says, co-taught the class, since he was learning about using the liturgical teachers right a long with us.  Rev. Olivieri has always said that as we grow spiritually our flaws, which we all have, come out into the open and it is at that moment we have the opportunity to work on them so we can grow forward.  We will NOT, nor can we stay the same.  Spiritual growth is like fruit on a vine, it is either ripening or rotting, but unlike fruit, we choose in which direction we grow, but we cannot stay the same.

See below, the number to contact him.  Also, below are his most recent accolades from and his stupendous rating by 50 or more comments, also on the above website.  Congratulations, Louis!

...and The Knot agrees.

My favorite minister.

Rev. Louis Olivieri Wedding Officiant Interfaith Ceremonies in NYC and TriState Area     (65 Reviews) New York, NY (map) Website: Visit my website: Civil Union, Interfaith Ceremony, Non-religious… Religious affliliations: Agnostic, Buddhist, Christian (no denomination)… Complete telephone:   917-656-0929

tom 1 Reviews

Since the first time i spoke to reverend Lou, I knew i wanted this man to officiate my wedding. Little did i know the value of what he would bring. Although the cost may seem high at first, the reality is i couldn’t speak higher of the hole experience including the ceremony itself. The truth is, you can not put a dollar amount to perfection especially on your wedding. the simple fact that Lou gave us the ability to script our own wedding made the ceremony more memorable for both my wife and i. In the end days after the wedding im still getting compliments on how beautiful the ceremony was. Lou thank you for making this process more fun and memorable then i couldve imagined Wedding: 07/27/2013 Services Used: Officiant

Ben 1 Reviews

I was a stressful groom and Rev Lou provided the comfort I needed before the wedding. He was extremely professional and courteous throughout the whole process. Guests would have thought he knew us our whole time together. He takes the time to send surveys and understand what my wife meant to me. I would highly recommend him for anyone getting married in NY. Wedding: 07/20/2013 Services Used: Officiant

Jennifer 1 Reviews

We are so privileged to have had Rev Lou officiate at our wedding. He made us feel comfortable with the whole process and made our day so special. Even though we have only known Lou for a few months, guests at the wedding said he could have known us for years by the way he spoke of us during the ceremony. Thank you so much for everything! Wedding: 07/20/2013 Services Used: Officiant   Tahoma

Kimberly 2 Reviews

Of all of the people we could have chosen to officiate our wedding, Rev. Louis Olivieri was by far the best choice we could have made. In just a six month period of time of working with Rev. Olivieri, he was able to really understand us, both as individuals as well as a couple. During our time working together, Rev Olivieri was very patient, kind, and gracious. He translated our relationship dynamic into poetry. We could not have asked for a more thorough, supportive, and compassionate person to bind our union. He really brought the spirit of marriage to life. Wedding: 07/13/2013 Services Used: Officiant

Hilary &… 1 Reviews

First things first, we have to give a standing ovation, round of applause for Rev. Lou! About a month before our wedding, my wife and I ran into a unique situation; the person that we had been working with to officiate our wedding and assist with coordinating the plans became completely unreachable. I frantically searched the internet, made phone calls, and became mortified that all of the plans we had made over the last year would have to change. Then, I came across Rev. Lou online and decided to give him a call. He answered right away! I told him what had happened and that we were only a few weeks away from the wedding. He single handedly created a serene level of comfort and I knew he was the one for us. Since we reside in Ohio, all of our interaction was on the phone and through email until the actual day of the wedding, when we met him in person for the first time. I was amazed at his ability to work virtually with us and build such a well understood relationship. We were thoroughly impressed by everything about Rev. Lou. His genuine rapport, ability to design a ceremony that suited us perfectly, professional expertise, and inclusive, tranquil personality made such a positive imprint on us. Since we had to reconstruct our plans for the day, he also had many professional recommendations for other services that we would need which was a huge help! My wife and I strongly recommend Rev. Lou and are so pleased with the service and friendship that he provided to us during one of the most important milestones in our life! Wedding: 07/09/2013 Services Used: Officiant

gaina 2 Reviews

Lou had created such a beautiful ceremony for us. It truly reflected who we are! He has been so great and truly captured the essence of who we are as a couple! We had a small ceremony of about 60 people – all of them have been touched by our ceremony, and even the man teared a bit during the ceremony. I don’t think that we would have been able to create this unforgettable moment without him! Thanks so much Lou!!! Wedding: 06/15/2013 Services Used: Officiant   I did not include all the rating here, but I can tell you they are all the same, which I have included below.  As you read the reviews and look into Rev. Louis’ face, I know that you do understand what each one of these people are speaking about.  Look at that face, those eyes and you see a wonderful man who cares deeply for friends and acquaintances yes, but also for everyone he comes in contact.

A Gentle Spirit and Wonderful Officiant rating of Rev. Louis Olivieri’s ratings:


  • Quality of Service:  (5.0/5.0)
  • Responsiveness:  (5.0/5.0)
  • Professionalism:  (5.0/5.0)
  • Value:  (5.0/5.0)
  • Flexibility:  (5.0/5.0)
   You just can’t get better than that and you shouldn’t have to.  Thank you Louis for being the best you for all of us.



Read more about:

April Person of the Month:  Fouzia Eldrissi –

Read more about

Ms. Eldrissi is in the April 2013 Newsletter.  Plus, tune in

to BudgetWeddingsNYC4U on

on Thursday, 6 pm June 27th

My Bridal Budget

February Person of the Month – Carla Lynne Hall


A grub and steak house, since 1825. Why is she Person of the Month and under Featured Wedding Resources?  Ms. Hall is a singer/songwriter and can either write an original song (February is her dedicated romantic songwriting month) or rewrite with personal lyrics to yours and your sweetie’s favorite song and a surprise or scheduled performance of “your song”. Contact her either via or   Every two weeks, check out my radio show on and call in to ask questions of my guest(s).  Next guest:  Rev. Louis Olivieri,31 January, at special time of 5:30 pm.  Call in to ask a question at: 347-996-5829.

My favorite album by Ms. Hall and song.

My favorite album by Ms. Hall and song.

Spotlight on Chef John Colon:

A venue tip from Restauranteur, Gourmand and Chef Colon: To find out more about Chef Colon and his company check out his Facebook page:

1. & Contact him:

2. Cite N SoundZ Entertainment ask for Gabe.  DJ Services.

3. or Call him 917-922-8581  Wonderful photographer.

4.,  Contact Fouzia to help you with your wedding.  Wedding Planning through your vision, realistically. 5. – Contact  347-409-0402  Ask for Roody.

6. Telephone:1-800-727-3701   Fax:1-800-813-0908, 23 West 18th Street.  Beautiful papers.  Check them out!  Sara is Manager, but everyone there is nice.

7. Contact owner:  Petronella Lugemwa petronella@by   Check out her beautiful website/pix.

8. Call Ms. Gregory @ 212-870-6762 for additional information.

9. [Limos for Less, Custom Invtations, & Destination Weddings) .   Contact for Pat.

10. Flowers By Zenda – 718-562-8979, They are willing to work within your wedding budget.  No two weddings are the same, so why should flower pricing.  Contact Orlando and tell him CharLena sent you. Zenda Orlando from Flowers By Zenda talks about the different flower usages.

11. New Beginnings Ministry, A Spiritual Resource for Divine Journey, Reverend Debbie Nardozzi, Interfaith Ministry email:  or tel: 516 897 7097 She is a fun, conscientious, and loving minister.

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