Event Accessories

Event Accessories to help you stay in style are here on Budget Weddings NYC. Where can you use them?

On those special nights or even days out with your friends, I know you desire to look sophisticated, while potentially being classically stylish. What if besides what you on, you could also easily do that with your bag, your make-up brushes and jewelry? Let’s start with the bag: The Career Tote, has everything you need, or should I say it has compartments to keep all of your stuff easily organized. It’s terrific because it’s large enough to take a pair of shoes, laptop and even a planner or calendar to keep you spatially organized on a daily basis. Check out the following pictures of what the interior looks like here and if you’d like to order it, you can do that here, too.







With interior zippered pouch:


Can’t you just see yourself carrying this bag elegantly to the next wedding or anniversary or even to that district board meeting? You know you can, and you know EVERY other woman will wonder where you got it and secretly where they can get one, too.

And here’s how I’ve used the tote:

A. Hart's Career Tote Bag goes to the beach easily.

A. Hart’s Career Tote Bag goes to the beach easily.

$650 complete:

And just to add to your sophistication we’ll send you a beautiful Amethyst Necklace and Earrings set which consists of Hartique* diamonds surrounding the entire necklace, amethyst necklace with-matching earrings made of Hartique diamonds for pure elegance. Made of Hartique diamonds and platinum which is stronger more resilient than gold and will take on a beautiful patina as it ages. Your bonus gift is valued at more than $175 and is part of La Amorevole Sofisticazione Collection

*Hartique diamonds have been created (here in the U. S.) for beauty while saving lives in the blood diamond regions on the African continent.

Take your stage in style with Event Accessories. Soon-to-come The Budget Weddings NYC Jewelry Collection (CharLena Matrimoni Budget NYC) designed specifically for Budget Weddings NYC. I almost can’t wait.

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