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Are the guys looking for a gag-gift for the groom, perhaps a Bobblehead of his favorite or not so favorite politician? Or you could send in the couple’s picture and surprise them with a 3D version of themselves. I’m sure all you have to do is get a picture and send it in to and they will get using the image that you’ve sent them and create a life-like memorailist dream of themselves. How fun.
It’s like send it and forget it. Have the bobble heads sent straight to your door or to the happy couple’s door. Or better yet to their pastry chef’s door. Then the pastry chef can incorporate the bobble head either on or around the cake. Now that would be both a surprise and fun.

Custom NHL Bobbleheads

Teddy Roosev

If you are more hands on and want to do a little of it yourself then you will want to head up to Washington Heights in Manhattan and speak to Jerry at 3D Heights (4084 B’way, NYC 10032 347 404 4416). He’ll show you how to use the imaging machine for his bobble head, plus you’ll see exactly what they’ll look like before they are sent off to the factory to be made. Or you can even take in the happy couple or if you’re the groom your fiancee, take a picture, pick a premade outfit or take your own picture in and they will duplicate everything. It’s takes about 3 weeks.

There you have it two options. Two options that work, as a surprise for the fiance or for the guests. Either way it’s a great surprise, yes, AND also a wonderful memory of your wedding in 3D.

3D Hgts Figures



Okay, your bride has turned their eyes toward you and is asking why haven’t you gotten anything together to wear? You really don’t have a believable answer other than you just don’t know what to do or where to go. Sound familiar?

Are you more of a casual guy and haven’t thought about wearing a suit in over ten years? Now your wedding is inching up toward you and your fiancée has been pleading with you to go and try on a tux or at least buy a well-fitting suit. Now it’s a month to the wedding and not only is it your fiancée, but well-meaning people in your life who have done everything short of an intervention. What can you do? Who can you turn to for answers?

Luckily for you, I troll stores both online and in brick n’ mortar stores, so you can find the perfect ideas for your wedding day. Here is a short video that answers the 5 Golden Rules of suit purchases. Whether or not you decide to go to the originator of the video is up to you, but now you’ll know what to look for no matter where you buy your suit or rent your tuxedo.

5 golden rules from

Or perhaps you’d like a custom-made suit, well you can still get one and affordably at, which is online and you’ll receive a free monogram. Then not only do you have an original custom-made suit, but also get your initials in it.


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And then stay fit before and after your wedding day with with Basic Training: A Fundamental Guide to Fitness for Men.Your new spouse will thank you on both counts, but do it for yourself.

Here’s a fact that most brides don’t take into account. I found this article to help you, the bride, understand what the nearlywed groom is going through. No, I did not write this one, but I used to write for the Examiner, so I thought it would be an enjoyable and helpful article:

After the Proposal Men Must Recuperate Before Planning the Wedding

Wedding Proposal

Groom’s Proposal Burden Over Needs Rest

Brides-to-be sometimes feel that their fiances are not interested in wedding planning, and this sentiment is never more real than when a woman has just received an engagement ring. Women often feel a letdown of sorts in the days and weeks following the proposal as they begin making wedding plans and find that their future husbands are reluctant to discuss the wedding or participate in planning decisions.

Take heart, ladies! For many men, this reluctance will eventually wear off, but what you must understand is that when men propose, they have often spent weeks, even months, preparing for the proposal. They researched diamonds, settings, and proposal ideas and put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into figuring out how they would pop the question.

When the time comes, you are just starting on that high, whereas they are coming off of it. All of their hard work has paid off, and now they just need a little time to recuperate before jumping into the next project. It’s kind of like when you plan a party. When the party is over, you need time to relax and unwind before you’re ready to plan another one. Men go through the same thing.

So, if your fiance seems a bit lackluster about wedding planning for awhile after he proposes, do not take it personally. This is a great time to do some planning on your own and spend some time with girlfriends, sisters, and mothers.

Article by Mills Charity, 2013 May 23,,  Retrieved on 3 June 2013.

Remember that sense of letdown or the atmosphere when your hubby first comes home, he will need to decompress from his day before he can talk sense or get excited about your day. Give him 20 minutes, then you are home free for his undivided attention. Just 20 minutes to happiness. Just think back to the ring, and you’ll understand.

I HAVE to share this video from acquaintances of mine.  I know that you will enjoy it as much as I did, even though they did not get married here within the 5-boroughs. For this website they DO come in on budget.  Please watch it and enjoy it.  This is a video from Schuyler’s point of view as he sings to and about his bride.


Guys call this mushy and cute.  This is from the blog Personal Facts, which calls itself the “the best dating blog on the web”.  I liked the information and thought I’d share this with you.  Make your own decision about the mushiness and cute factor.  Enjoy!


Falling in Love From a Male Point of View


On Personals Facts, I have been very open about my dating pitfalls and quite recently I have been opening up about something I have denied myself for many years—which is the act of falling in love.

After talking to the lovely Leslie of The Soundtrack of Life, she had brought up the idea of writing about how it is for both sexes to fall in love and considering I am the first to admit that up until recently I have been a heartbreaking man-whore for most of my twenties, I thought it was an amazing yet challenging topic to write about.

So the following is a list of when I fall in love, how I felt, what I did and how I dealt with it and how I’m continuing to deal with it.  Just like love, my list is slightly incoherent and not as blissful as you would expect it to be—because let’s face it: Love is never perfect when it’s REAL love.  (It’s also not a Michael Bolton song either.)

1.  I knew I was in trouble (a.k.a. falling in love) with my girlfriend (wow, I’ve never written that before about her…huh), the first time we had kissed.  She was shy and serene, so I had figured I was the one who was going to have to make the first move–in fact; I was looking forward to it.  However, when I invited her over for a drink, she confidently walked to me as I was making the drink and took me by surprise by kissing me.  I still think of that kiss to this very day because it reminds me as to why I fell for her in the first place.

2.  When I met Sabrina years ago, she was my friend before my lover–something I wasn’t used to at the time.  It’s because of our connection when we were friends that made me comfortable being myself around her.  She has never tried to change me and because of that I have evolved into a better man.

3.  I craved talking to her (even over the phone) as much I craved a cigarette with my coffee.  Craving her was constant, instantly addictive and it kept me alert.

4. She felt like an accident because she wasn’t my type.  And just like an accident, it was an unexpected and life-changing event in my life.

5. I daydreamed about kissing her more than sleeping with her whenever we were apart. 

6.  I knew I was in love the day I broke her heart the first time round.  You always hurt the ones you love.

7.  Over the years, Sabrina and I have had plenty of falling-outs.  I adored her and for months I downright resented her, however I never was ever “neutral” with her….which says a lot in my opinion.

8.  She was and still is my greatest writing muse—no matter if we were on speaking terms or not.

9. When I was in denial of how I felt about her, I would find excuses to go shop for birthday and Christmas gifts for my friends and family to the store she would buy her favorite perfume from.  When no one was looking, I would sniff the bottle of perfume like it was a line of cocaine.  Love makes you do some crazy things.

10. Her idiosyncrasies (such as scrunching her face in the mirror every time she’s doing her makeup, her insane klutziness or how she scratches her head like a monkey when she has writer’s block) are quirks I can’t possibly live without.

11.  I made it a personal mission to count all of her beauty marks on her face and her body.  She has sixteen altogether.  Five on her face, two on her neck, one on each shoulder, two below her breasts, one on her stomach, one on her foot and three on her arm that look like a constellation.

12.  I feel the same passion about her as I feel about the debate over the differences between R&B and Soul music.  It’s like saying you love somebody and being in love with somebody.  R&B is just a word. 

Every man falls in love in a different way—but what I can definitely say is that when men fall—they fall hard.  When I first fell in love, I made plenty of mistakes; I tried denying the fact that I was at the finish line when it came to future relationships.  However, it took me five years to realize that when you are truly in love with someone and are willing to go the distance with them, then you embark on another race—a far more fulfilling race than you could ever dream of.

Now in fear of coming off like a lovesick puppy everyday on the site, I’m going to take a break from all this nauseating talk of my girlfriend for a while and write about free dating issues YOU are experiencing.  Drop me a line or comment below for issues you want addressed on Personal Facts!

Grooms helping out OH boy!  Check it out here:



Noah St. John and Babette Bibey St. John recently returned from their honeymoon, but a little more than two weeks before his marriage he divulged what he thought someone (the male or groom) getting married could and should be aware.  I thought it would be fun to share his perspective on my website.  To get a groom’s perspective, rather than just my remembrance and obviously from a bride’s perspective.

You may wonder what a successful speaker, author, and entrepreneur might have in common with people on a budget?  A great deal.  Just because he may have a larger choice as to where he and his bride spend their honeymoon (or various other parts of the wedding event), it doesn’t mean that his choices of how to use his money wisely when planning his wedding are any different than yours.  On the contrary.  I know that you haven’t read my eBook, New York City Budget Weddings:  Elegant and Affordable yet, but I do state that lots of millionaires are budget conscious and although the St. Johns’ have not as yet reached that status, nor were they living hand to mouth, but they were conscious of where their money was going on their wedding plans.  I believe that is both necessary and smart.  I mean by that, that they did not just spend money for the sake of having it and showing the world they do not care where their money was going, no they were conscious of where their money was going and to whom.  They still had a lot of fun within their budget.

Couples on a budget, no matter how large or small their budgets are all cognizant of where their money is going and staying within their proscribed budget.  I think hearing from Noah St. John only reinforces that point further.  I hope you enjoy reading his ideas/suggestions here from  his perspective as much as I have.

1. Start early.

Babette and I started our planning process by going to two bridal shows. At the first show, we met our photographer, videographer, and DJ – all from the same person!

If we hadn’t gone to that first bridal show, we might never have made this connection.

You can avoid a lot of stress by simply setting your deadlines earlier.

That way, when unexpected things come up – as they always do! – you’re much better equipped to handle them.

Who is Noah St. John?  Check out one of his website’s below to get a better idea.

As soon as I find other men’s perspective about their upcoming nuptials, I promise to share those with you as well.  I hope you have enjoyed this one and the future ones, as much as I did.

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