Cake Taste-Off 2017 Yes?!

This year instead of our friendly competition. Ramya Murthy and I are contemplating re-writing the cake book from my and her point of view. You may remember her as being on my radio show She is the amazing pastry chef of Her cakes are amazing structural and architectural wonders. i.s. a camera bag and lens, that looks so real you’d never think it was a cake!

Wedding Cake Ideas  Decor & 2012 Trends

Remember the covers for that book…well it’s being changed, right now! Cover #1 designed by J-H Fulcher

Then the latter two designed by someone else at the behest of a couple of people, who said I needed to change the title and the cover. Mmmh. I won’t go with that mistake again. The ones below are pretty, but the cakes weren’t from anyone I knew.

Wedding Cake:  From Frosting to Crumbsbook_cover_1


We’re still in discussion, but look for trending ideas and her beautiful cakes via pictures and of course my cake history, as well a couple interviews of her along with how the cake became an integral part of the wedding almost synonymous with the bride. That’ll be out later this year. Our designer is working on the cover now.

Lot’s going on here at Budget Weddings NYC, including what you’ve asked for, too: Weddings with that allow for a higher price point and my friends (guests) from the show already built into your event. That website will be up shortly. The name of it is CEGNYC (Customized Events Group) with some of your the best, if not THE best service providers in the tri-state area.


AND then there were even more upheavals, personally. I broke my foot early morning of 1 April 2015. Had to move out of apartment two weeks later (through no fault of ours) In fact everyone had to vacate our building. Then my computer went out of commission. I finally realized April was the month of surrender, so what could I do, but SURRENDER.

Nope! No Wedding Cake Taste-Off this year. 2016 here we come. But five years later seems most appropriate anyway, doesn’t it? I think so.


It’s been about two weeks now for the end, I hope of a tumultuous year. Ten weeks without a desktop computer felt crazy. And yet I remember a time, when I couldn’t be bothered with a computer, but now …  If I don’t have my phone, kindle or computer, I feel cut off from the world. With all of that going on, you can understand why there is no Wedding Cake Taste-Off this year. I am still adding wonderful items to my website, and radio shows on Blog Talk Radio, oh and don’t forget my newsletter. Please do sign up for the newsletter on the upper right hand corner.

Here’s an idea for me, maybe the competition is better every five years. That gives time for a new batch of wedding cake bakers and pastry chefs to burst upon the scene. More later, I promise. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

The Wedding Cake Taste Off 2014 is turning into 2015, so I believe that is the route to take, until after my book is published.

Look for the WC Taste-Off in during the first quarter of 2015. Apologies to you all who have been waiting with bated breath, including my stylist.

We’re working on finding the perfect space for the next Wedding Cake Taste-Off. Tell me where would like it to be in Manhattan? Uptown, downtown or mid-town?


And the winner IIIIISSSS:  Stephanie L. I had hoped that we could chat on the radio, but I guess she was too shy.  Whatever the reason, she is receiving a fully customized wedding cake topper for her upcoming wedding, all for free, A $165 value. Congratulations, Carol. WooHoo!


2nd Contest:  Wedding Cake Topper begins at the end of May 5/27 – July 2/2014.  Special announcement on 7/11/14 on @ 6:30 pm. Webinar: Creating Your New York City Budget Wedding, along with local industry celebrities


More info coming:  3rd contest in the works for September/October 2014 in conjunction with the Wedding Cake Taste-Off.  Wedding Cake Topper winner announced on special edition of the, during the competition or actually at the event itself, broadcast live.

Six interviews of budget renown New York City vendors as speakers.

BAKERS and Pastry Chefs, START your ovens!



Winner Announced:  T. Schweitzer – Congratulation!

New ContestYou … and your wedding cake topper – Your Way!

Customized toppers

Contest starts Monday 17 February 2014.

Contest ends Thursday 13 March 2014 at 11:59 pm.

Customize Wedding Cake Toppers

Sign up on this website, (See above on Wedding Cake Topper tab)   for a chance to win.


Announcement on  6:30 pm 3/14/14

Groomsmen Gifts – Show them you appreciate them standing up for you.



Coming Soon!  Stay Tuned.

Wedding Cake bakers who have been in business 10 years or less who’d like to compete this year, may call 347 530 9132 or email me at to ask questions or go to to the Rules tab.

More later.


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  1. CharLena says:


    As soon as I started walking down the aisle, the wedding planner/designer within me was gone and I was the bride, enjoying the day. I think no matter how much you’ve had your hand in it, once you walk down the aisle, the wedding engine must be left to its own devices. I will say, when I wanted the picture of us with our guests at the end of the ceremony, that was the only time, the wedding planner in me came out. That was only because the photographer was being vetoed by one of the guests of what I wanted. A bridesmaid had to step in, after asking me what I wanted, to get that shot done. Once I was in the limo, she (the designer/planner) disappeared again, because I wanted to enjoy the moments and experiences in the limo with my new husband, in-laws and wedding party. Then of course, at the reception we were too busy being newlyweds to design or plan anything else.

  2. Miwa says:

    Dear Preston, Every single moment was my favorite. Every moemnt filled me with emotion and happiness. And at every moment I could see so much love shine on our guests’ faces. Many times we don’t realize how important this is for them to share this with us until afterwards. This moemnt is theirs as well.2 moemnts that I want to share though:The first one, was when we started to climb the stairs towards THE room where our lives would change forever. There is this deep feeling and singular excitement of being about to do something very meaningful and personal which will influence the rest of our lives.The second one was when it was time to put the rings on each other’s fingers. I was so busy being happy that I grabbed his right hand and it took me some time to realize that he was tactfully presenting his left hand with insistence looking right in my eyes. It made me laugh so much!Of course there are dozens of photos witnessing this.I wish you the most wonderful wedding with your partner !Do you think that you will be able to leave the conscientious wedding designer and planner behind when it is time to walk down the aisle and immerse yourself in that moemnt?Miyoko

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