FREE eReport – 7 Tips – Why Hiring a Wedding Planner Makes Sense?

A lot of couples believe using a wedding planner/organizer might be a waste of time and money, but in reality unless you have cloned yourself or you don’t care that one or two of your guests miss your ceremony, then try it like I did when I got married. I talk about this in depth in both my book (New York City Budget Wedding: Elegant and Affordable, Creating your NYC Wedding for Less Than $15,000) and wedding planning organizer (Wedding Planning Organizer, For An Elegant Yet Affordable Wedding book) about the disaster that might have turned into, had not my friend and pastry chef stepped up to assist the two non-professionals to set up the reception venue.
In the report you are providing your email, to receive, I delineate 7 answers and tips as to why an organizer is necessary for the couple especially the day of your wedding.

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