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Your Dreams Succeed Through An Elegant Tote

A bag that makes all your dreams succeed AND just after one of the biggest events in your life has transpired. You’ve been asked and you’ve accepted to become affianced. You’re Engaged!!! Yippee!! Luckily for you, your fiancé  and a few of your closest women friends in your life who know your taste, loves and desires to exhibit elegance, have chosen the perfect gift. A gift that’s so perfect because it goes beyond just the wedding preparation and short jaunts with friends, family or even your fiancé.  This tote is a gift that speaks “old world elegance” with a modern flair to anyone who sees it.

Amazingly, you can use the bag for almost anything, including the preparedness for the wedding especially with the amazing inserts of make-up brushes in the pouch AND the wedding planning organizer book. This is a gift I will get to use forever. How did they know? I gave no specific hints. I guess thankfully they know me and my inner elegance is shining through, now complete through my tote and the amazingly soft make-up brushes to go in the interior make-up pouch. I AM a lucky woman to receive such beautiful gifts, that I wholly deserve.

Excellence and Beauty

Career Tote with Make-up Brushes


AH Product Overview – Small

How To Pack For Your Honeymoon

Coming Soon for the Size 12 and up Bride.

Is it different than the smaller woman? You bet it is, but I’ll show you how you don’t have to carry any more bags than the size 0 bride. You’ll be surprised just how much more you’ll be able to pack, even if you have a size 11 shoe.

 Shoes: Are you going somewhere flat or hilly, or maybe to the beach? My new favorite shoe brand, since I broke my foot last year is the Croc. It’s great to walk in no matter the terrain. And they even have a designer Croc, that’s fun to rock (uhr wear). Berger is the designer. They’re easy to wear at the beach or walking up stairs in Italy, or wherever you honeymoon. For a night out on the town, take or buy of pair of almost flats, but with a no higher that a 3/4″ heel. Your arches or lack thereof will be happier for it. Walk, or standing for that matter in flats is hard on your feet and if you stand for a long time, the next day your shins, heels, arches and knees will be be screaming out loud.





Cinco de Mayo Party – clothing

Feliz Cinco de Mayo


Growing up in Phoenix, Cinco de Mayo was always a special time. And in Phoenix it is quite a big deal, especially now. Not just a one day deal, but a whole week of fun and celebration. Complete with special party attire.
There were always lots of things going on in the area parks, including the park I lived down the street from El Prado Park. Now of course the neighborhood has changed considerably since I was a child, but the many get-togethers and festivities are probably about the same when it comes to Cinco de Mayo. And if you are getting married and even bigger event is in the offing.
Do you know what Cinco de Mayo is all about? I mean other than it being the fifth day of May? The holiday, of sorts, is really only celebrated to its full capacity in Puebla, Mexico and in the states with a large Mexican population, most notably, Arizona. It’s in celebration of perseverance and fortitude byPpr Portrayals 1 General Zaragoza’s company of Mexican soldiers’ initial win over the French better equipped and larger arm in the Battle at Puebla.
While I was growing up the celebration was mostly in the various neighborhoods around town rather than a city-wide event. Nowadays the event includes a parade in the center of downtown on Central Avenue, along with restaurants presenting various Mexican fare at deal-worthy pricing*, Mariachi bands, Dos Equis & Corona, deals on food and drink, and of course the Margarita of the Year award. All of it sounds like a great deal of fun city-wide, but it was also lots of fun while I was growing up. My next door neighbors were recent immigrants from Mexico, so you know a hot pot of spices, vegetables and menudo (boiled tripe) were put on to boil early in the day.
By the afternoon all their relatives both in Phoenix or coming up from parts of California and Mexico were already in full party mode and dressed for it. The men would be in their specialty shirts and the women and young women in peasant blouses and ruffled full skirts in festive colors. Smaller children were always running around getting into mischief and eating, while staying out of the way of the adults.
Families already get together to celebrate with food, music, and lots of dancing, so with a wedding there are even more people about, trying to get in on the festivities. As a bride in the midst of these fun times perhaps you might keep your wedding dress on, but if you want to really get down and dance to the mariachis, allowing your husband to truly throw his hat into the ring, so you along with your guests can dance around it perhaps you’d like something a little looser, so you can really dance or hit the piñata.
I have, of course a number of suggestions:

If instead of having your wedding on Cinco de Mayo, which could still be considered a budgetary wedding, you decide to honeymoon in Phoenix in and around the date, here are a number places you could go and feel like you are a part of the greater Phoenix festivities:

Someburros - 101 E. Baseline Road, Tempe. 480-839-8226. Half-priced margaritas all day long and free bean & cheese burritos between 11 am – 2 pm delivered via Uber to your Tempe door. Call first to make sure you’re within range.
Barrio Urbano - The Yard, 5632 N. Seventh St., Phoenix. 602-287-9000 Offered from May 5-7, features a bucket of Coronas for $15, house margaritas for $6 and a special mole rojo with chef’s vegetables $19.
Sierra Bonita Grill - 6933 N. Seventh St., Phoenix. 602-264-0700, You’ll get made-to-order margaritas for $5 each from open to close. During lunch from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., $10 lunch specials - spicy potato taquitos, chipotle chicken street tacos, red chili pork tostadas, the SBG Sonoran-style hot dog and a green chili quesadilla. YUM!

Meditative Eyelash Growth

Meditative Eyelash Growth


How to Make Your Eyelashes Grow Longer


How did I not know there were SO many different ways to assist the growth of my eyelashes? I feel as though I was thrown out of the girl’s information bus, at least when it comes to eyelashes, until I was trolling “Product Reviews”. There it was a meditation to grow eyelashes; meditation and eyelash growth? Sound’s impossible, right? I like meditation. In fact, that’s why I have a weekly guided meditation show every Saturday morning. And I just recently finished a book with three guided meditations in it which will be out in April.

To say I was intrigued with creating growth via my eyelashes with meditation would be an understatement. I was willing to give it a try.  Additionally, I was sent a meditation on beautiful skin, but I couldn’t think that it would do me any better than what I already have. So even though the way both meditations downloaded on my tablet, I was paying the skin meditation no mind at all. I wasn’t visualizing anything when it was on, but I do like the music. In that respect I did not do a before and after picture of my skin, because I have great skin already. I just couldn’t see where there could be much improvement. For my eyelashes I did do a before and now after. My eyelashes grow slowly much like most of the hair on my body, but fall out quite willingly, even though I do not wear mascara.

Before Meditation

Before Meditation

The eyelashes meditation was just over four minutes, I was fluttering and seeing my lashes longer all during it. I’d check my eyelash growth once a week, but really couldn’t tell any improvement—at least not during the first two weeks. My skin on the other hand, I believe showed improvement within two weeks. I can’t be sure, because I wasn’t checking for my skin, just my eyelashes. I did make note, though when friends asked me what I was doing. They said my skin looked GREAT!  And kept saying it until finally after 3.5 weeks I finally took the time to look closely at my skin and they were right. My face looks phenomenal. I hadn’t had a facial or even given myself a facial in over a month and yet it looked as if I had. My pores were tight. My skin was glowing. My husband even remarked how great I was looking and that was when I’d asked him to look at the new growth of my eyelashes. Now I am a proponent of the efficacy of meditation, but I was still surprised that it could affect skin quality and eyelash growth. Is this a great product for you prior to your wedding day? You bet it is. And the only thing you need do is listen to it before bed and upon rising in the morning. It worked perfectly for me, since at night I always put cream on my face and feet, put on my bed clothes and turn down the bed and in the morning, it was a breeze, too because I could listen while I was journaling. Perfect. Try it. It’s amazing and it amazingly works, too!


Glowing Skin AND Longer Eyelashes

Glowing Skin AND Longer Eyelashes






Turning Traditional Oscar Dresses into Wedding Dresses

The SuperBowl of Awards were just yesterday. Were you waiting for the opportunity to see what your wedding dress would look like? Even if the red carpet paparazzi never asked what his female actor was wearing you knew you'd find out and possibly find your wedding gown. Isn't it funny to wait for your wedding dress possibility based on a show? Since you did wait, which is your style of dress? Is it traditional, a little wild and down-right sassy-sexy, or comfortably classic? The most popular award shows will help you in your decision based on the actors and what they were wearing.

For instance:

           The Academy Awards or The Oscars - tend to be more traditional and little bit more classic from the 1940's onward

           The Primetime Emmy Awards & The Golden Globes - the gowns are less classic, a little more loose and flowy. Watch for those awards later in the spring (The Golden Globes dresses and their lingerie counterpart are found on by 3/7/16.)

           The Grammys Award - All out push the envelope wild. Sexy and sassy all rolled up into a fantasy.

What if your theme was based around your favorite or choice of award shows? Would you intermix your choices for wedding ceremony and honeymoon? Let's see what that could look like. And what if you weren't a size 0 or a 2 or even a 10 where would you go? of course, from classical style to all out wild. Only your imagination could hold you in check.

Pictures of just to give you ideas of what you might want to do or purchase will be up by Tuesday 3/8/16 afternoon.

The owner of this site is compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Even though the owner of this blog/website receives compensation for our posts and content, or advertisements, CharLena always give her honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. The views and opinions expressed on this site are purely the webmasters’ own. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

Wedding Flowers Bridal Bouquets

Part 1

wedding flowers bb2

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I know you’re all, (or at least we women), are thinking about what our special someone might get us for on that day. And of course what we’ll get them, too. Or are you thinking maybe there’s a ring in your future? Well even before that day, there’s Ground Hog’s Day and a friend of mine’s book is coming out on that day. Maybe instead of guessing you’ll want to get her book, The Love Reset, just so you can read which way your male significant other may be leaning. The Love Reset Will he propose and surprise you with a wedding bouquet and a RING! Wouldn’t that be fantastic? Or will he lean back which is attributed to his natural rhythm revolving around his trust of you. As you may know Valentine’s Day is the BIG day for engagements and flowers for all the lovers out in the world. It is officially just past the middle of cuffing season, and if you’ve made through that season, more than one time, your engagement may be right about now. If it’s not candy or teddy bears or a promise ring the main staple is a bouquet of flowers, right? Damn straight AND your significant other, it is hoped by now knows your favorite flower. However here’s hoping that they are a little more imaginative beyond the flowers. Anything fun together such as a spa day together or hiking or of course the penultimate, dinner and the engagement ring is a great image. Last weekend, we here in the Northeast, had our first major storm, so unless there’s a shipment of flowers in (and there always is) the flower choices may be quite limited. Here’re a couple of ways you might expect your significant other to go flower-wise: Amazon flower bouquets   1-800–Flowers FTD – don’t give them any ideas of waiting that long. Flowers By Zenda  - Be sure to mention Budget Weddings NYC when you go in and Orlando may give you an additional discount. He’s a real sweetheart and loves flowers, of course, but also the stories surrounding the flower purchases. I guess that makes him a romantic florist. And that’s who you’d want arranging and composing your flowers bouquets anyway, right?

Wherever the flowers are gotten from, make sure whoever gets them, knows what YOU like. Don’t make them guess, plus it’ll be more fun to receive what you like and not have to pretend you like it. And yeah, it’d be great to get flowers anyway especially if your significant one doesn’t usually buy you flowers at all.

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Winter Weddings in Black & White

B & W Cake

I am officiating a wedding tomorrow 11/15/15 in which all females including the officiant (me) are to wear white and the men black. For me that proved to be fairly difficult, because in the past white skirts and especially blouses have been the bane of my existence. Nowadays if I plan to wear white, I do NOT sit. I do NOT eat. And I definitely do NOT drink hot chocolate, tea or coffee. In other words the only thing I am doing with my mouth is talking.


 Buenos Ninos Women's Long Sleeve Crew Neck Loose Chiffon Long Maxi Dress with Belt White L

Luckily tomorrow since I am the officiant I will be doing plenty of the latter with no time to eat or drink anything unless it is nearly clear. Because I have so few items other than summer blouses in my closet that are white, I had to start from scratch. Here is what I found in the short amount of time to the wedding (5 weeks) from the time I was engaged to perform the ceremony.

       A quick word on that:  If you have a ceremony that is more involved than the traditional wording, do your officiant a favor and contact them at least 3 months in advance. And double that if you are either a control freak or do not make up your mind quickly and stick to the plan. I am not saying this couple did any of that other than the late contact and engagement of my services.

       Now why would a minister or officiant or celebrant need lead time, you may ask. Let's get the & reasons out of the way first, money. If you wait 'til the last minute unless you find a friend to perform your ceremony, your minister of choice may be booked or if they fit you in, you may not be able to afford their services. If you have special requests, remember those requests may have price tags attached and you, yes you the client will need to be ready to pay for those specialty items. If the minister has to order the specialty item, there may not be enough time to receive it, especially specific wearing apparel. And again that too, can be be added to your cost.

        If the ceremony has other moving parts and you'd like your officiant to say special words, there is a need for writing lead time. Yes, there are books with vows, even places online, but if you want the feel of your officiant having known you or a specialness to your ceremony, there will be need to be time for writing your special vows or selections. And even if writing comes easily to your officiant, it is still takes time to write and re-write even before you see it and decide you'd like re-writes because you've added or taken something away.  #4 specialty items ordered specifically for your wedding, you will have to assist in defraying some of those costs, as much as 35 - 50%. Your officiant may or may not be able to use those articles in the future and should not have to pay for them "just because" it is a stipulation of the ambiance for your wedding. "Your Wedding" being the operative words.

        Luckily, but much to my husband's chagrin, I have been accommodating because one of the wedding partners was in my first class that I facilitated. Yes, I have a soft spot in my heart because of that previous connection. If it weren't for Amazon, I'm not sure I would have been able to acquiesce to some of the requests. Since I am the officiant I do not have to wear long white gloves, but even if I did (NO, although I do have some elbow-length gloves) I'm sure I could have found them all on Amazon. As it happened the dress I ordered didn't arrive in time, but I'd also been asked to wear a white robe and yes, that did arrive on time--from Amazon.

These are representatives, not exact matches:

 AzureGreen Interfaith Minister's Stole white Ever Pretty Womens Floor Length Semi Formal Evening Dress 8 US White White Pulpit / Pastor Robe (Medium 55)

I looked at all of these and even was going to get crocs, but finally settled on some square-toed slides.

 Nine West Women's Able Patent Platform Pump,White,9 M US Trotters Women's Jamie Pump,White Pearl,8.5 M Delicacy Womens ANGEL48 Open Toe Rhinestones Med Low Heel Party Sandal, WHITE PU Leather, 10 B (M) US

Remember I had those words (both commemorative and practically) to carry elegantly, plus pens for signing the marriage license afterwards, so space was of the utmost importance.

 Cole Haan Nickson Mini Satchel Top Handle Bag, Winter White, One Size COACH Poppy Colorblock Leather Small Blaire Tote, White Guess Women's Rikki Zip Around Wallet Clutch Bag (White)

And to top off the dress I have a lace floor-length jacket as icing. No gloves needed for me. Mine has straight rather than flared arms, but this is pretty close.

 Bluetime Women's Light Loose Solid Lace Elegant Long Sleeve Sheer Longline Kimono Cardigan (Black, S)

For the bridesmaids I'm not sure what type of dress they are wearing, but I do know they are wearing elbow length gloves:

  ZaZa Bridal Shiny Stretch Satin Dress Gloves Below-The-Elbow HE09060WH06, White, 4US, Ever Pretty Strapless Long Bridesmaid Dress 09060

STOP! Surrender AND Receive!

Since April was a month of change and surrender and a month without Midnight Meditation with CharLena, I hope you took that time to reflect on your prayer and meditation or engaged communication time with God. Or maybe you took the time to commune with your fiancé, partner or even yourself. I know you didn’t get that distinct directive from me, but I hope the time we were not able to spend together here via my website or listening to my program was used to experience full relaxation. It was funnily strange that each time I set up a meditation program it was gone and I could not get online to even lead a show, during April. I’m thinking that it was a forced surrender. I was not getting the message initially even with the fracture of my foot in two places. Fortunately by mid month, I finally understood the message, and fully surrendered to the situation with my foot and the change of my living situation. I had to. Things were definitely out of my control. Sometimes things come to a head in life, especially when planning your wedding and there is just nothing you can do to either right the situation or proceed. That means you have to do a thorough situation analysis and sit “your ass” down. Be still and grow from the situations around you. For me everything for about 5 weeks was put on hold. Mostly because the during the first two weeks my inner ears were filled and I couldn’t hear so I was STILL trying to control things around me. By the second week in April I knew the Universe was knocking AND I finally heard, understood and stopped. And there's no better place to "sit your ass down" release and let go than a butterfly chair. Easy to get into, meditate or fall asleep in, but to get out of it.  For me the round one is like a big hug, but if you have specific feel in your living or bedroom then the rectangular chair works, too.

 Urban Shop Microsuede Saucer Chair, Black Overfilled Butterfly Chair - Ultra Padded Black

The good thing of finally hearing, adhering and surrendering was that it allowed the blessings to abound not only within my life but within my husband’s and my businesses. The blessings are continuing which is a very happy process and occasion. The situation analysis and mostly getting quiet and sitting down were finally what allowed the flood gates to open to me/us. If you can do that at anytime, maybe even during each month especially during the wedding planning process, the whole of your event will flow much easier.   Namaste   CharLena

Angela Alfieri will be back on my radio show this Friday, 5/22 at 6:30 pm.

Even more questions will be answered. Join us.

Today on my radio show my special guest was Angela Alfieri, Director of Inhale Exhale

Person For the Month of April:

The very relaxed Angela Alfieri, Director & Founder of Inhale/Exhale

The very relaxed Angela Alfieri, Director & Founder of Inhale/Exhale

Angela is a Relaxation Expert.   She  shares the benefits of relaxation through therapeutic massage, yoga and lifestyle coaching, as well as sharing how she supports your health and wellness goals, too through her lifestyle programs especially designed and customized to your needs. We talked about massage therapy and how she got started, as well as her upcoming retreat on St. John Island and the benefits of yoga and light therapy. If you'd like to hear the full interview go to: and listen to the full show. Here are a few of the highlights. The information about light therapy is amazing, especially since it is FDA approved. I don't know whether or not insurance covers it, but from its benefits, it would be worth finding out. She has one more spot available on her St. John Yoga Retreat which is from April 24 - 25th 2015.  If you're a couple she may be able to the 9th & 10th person in too, but really there is only 1 more spot available. We talked about how massage therapy opens up a person's more softer side and after having had massage they are always easier to be around. Do you know any bride or groom - zillas? Angela will be back on the show to continue our conversation in the near future. And in the distant future we will do a Bridal Yoga Retreat together. Look for that in 1 to 2 years from now. And for Midnight Meditation with CharLena on 4 April 2015 Angela - who is a Relaxation Expert will be our Meditation Leader. We have a lot to look forward to from Ms. Alfieri.

Her website:

Angela's Website

will. i. am 2015


Wedding Dress Hacks for 2015:

Dramatic necklines--not necessarily deeply cut but fun necklines are the trend for 2015 for women and for men color for their tux. Not just black tux or suits. A nod to interesting depending on the groom's personality. All in all it's time to have fun within your wedding. Don't do "stuffy".  Do "your personality". Oscar Apparel that made Wedding Aisle Cut.  Top picks by Anina Young- Brazen Lingerie, Rose Jeffries - Dress designer & Stylist and CharLena: 87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals Rose's Picks for Men and Women - Be Yourself especially during your wedding.   Anina's Picks for best undergarments, along with Men's wear:

Great foundations!

Great foundations!




CharLena's Pick for thin & medium-sized women:

Dramatic neckline trend personified.

Dramatic neckline trend personified.

CharLena's pick for Wedding dress from Oscars 2015

CharLena's pick for Wedding dress from Oscars 2015

According to Rose both CharLena's dramatic collars are on trend.

And look what you can get that looks like these runway dresses from Amazon. YES! AMAZON!!!

 Women's Sweetheart Lace Up Wedding Dresses Bridal Gowns White size6 JSSHAN Women's Runway Deep V-Neck Sleeveless Empire Tunic Taffeta Prom Evening Dress Size US4/UK8/EUR36 Color Off white Women's One Shoulder Chiffon Full Length Prom Dress size8

Complete with the interesting collar or neck from the award's show.

Both eBooks Available on Amazon's Kindle:

MY 99 cts bk A compilation of the first 10 chapters, plus the flower chapter as a bonus and 11+ secrets to fulfilling your wedding planning dreams without breaking your bank. And the complete book:   NYBW_V2

TeleSeminar Registration:

Budget Weddings - Your Wedding Path

Hear Ye!       Hear Ye!    The Time is Near!

The Book HAS Almost ARRIVED.

Some of you’ve been with me from the beginning and I'd like to share some GREAT news--for you.   After three and half years of tentative time frames of its arrival After three and half years of spinoff or sequel book hype And now, four years later after changing my life as the first words poured out of me The change of life I was never prepared for:   The start my business: Budget Weddings NYC That book will be available for download in 2 short weeks!   A few of you already know that the book is in pre-Publication mode on Amazon, right NOW!   Now it’s time for all of you to share in my joy and triumph!   Let me give you all the good and juicy news the original book:

      Publication Date: 28 January 2015

     Special Teleseminars with special guests:

January 20th from 1 - 4 pm EST and 7 - 10 pm EST

         AND on the day Jan. 28th of publication spend the day with me

         From 2 pm - 8 pm EST discovering your wedding planning goals.

I would like you to be part of at least one of those events. Either One or both of the pre-pub celebration Jan. 20th 1 – 4 pm Break for supper Back on Jan. 20th 7 – 10 pm On Publication Day Jan. 28th 2 – 8 pm   Both 3-hour slots feature wedding industry specialists that you can ask questions of. A couple of them are even in this book. Some will be in one of my future books. Full 45 minutes of answers and guests:

  • Questions answered on the spot
  • Easy hand-raised to answer your questions
  • Make-Up artist: Jade Daru is on board
  • Wedding Cake Toppers: TBA, but either Art Winford or Jerry Costanos
  • New York area Officiants: Rev. Debbie Nardozzi
  • Vision Board Expert: Asha Johnson
  • Ener-Gems Exper: Tina Lin

Then on publication day, a celebration with a difference so join me and my surprise visitors and co-hosts for an afternoon of bonuses and gifts. Go to: upper right hand corner on this page to sign up for the event, my newsletter and a free Bonus Report, sent even before the book has published. This report covers:

  • How you and your fiancé can continue to stay connected even through planning
  • How to understand each other starting now through all of your marriage
  • Communication clues
  • Authentically getting to know each other’s dreams, desires and loves
  • Learn each other’s thinking process

In the meantime; tell your friends. Ask them to tell their friends and their friends’ friends that the book that assists people in all five boroughs get married for less, but elegantly has finally arrived.   This book answers most and I’d even wager all of your wedding planning questions, but here’s a few to whet your whistle: Reasons the book's necessary for you:

  • Real wedding New York City wedding plans
  • Real places in New York’s 5 boroughs with real pricing
  • Real names of experts and contacts with their information for saving YOU big bucks!
  • Real advice to help you for your specific budget
  • Real information that can help you from start to finish

Here’s what a few folks who’ve read the book are already saying:   “CharLena provides a fully stocked tool-box to help wedding couples create events that are memorable and affordable. …” Angela Gregory, Wedding Coordinator The Riverside Church, NYC . …”I highly recommend any bridal couple, yes even grooms, to read this book to maintain your budget and still have the wedding of your dreams"   Rev. Louis A. Olivieri, LUT, OUnI Ordained Interfaith/Interspirtual Minister Licensed Unity Practitioner 917~656~0929   On and by the way, the name of the book is:  New York City Budget Weddings: Elegant and Affordable and again it is on Amazon, right now for pre-sales. Nothing can be downloaded until 12 midnight 1/24/15. Finally!  The book that can save you lots of time and money written for the engaged couple who is desirous of getting straight answers to their questions while quelling the nonsense you hear when planning your wedding.  For instance:  “You can’t get married in New York City on that budget.”  Or for those of you who have already heard “You have to pay for the best, after all YOU are worth it.”  Who are those people?  Are they thinking of you and your pocket or theirs?  This book will guide you through the maze of what to do and where to go to get exactly what you’d like for your wedding event, all within $15,000. CharLena Pearson-Fulcher Author & Budget Weddings NYC, Founder

The Book is OUT ...almost

New York Budget Weddings: Elegant and Affordable

New York Budget Weddings: Elegant and Affordable

Happy New You ... Year!

Every New Years’ most of us wish each other prosperity during the first week of the new year, but what about the rest of the year? Don’t we all desire and deserve prosperity throughout the year? Let’s make a resolution to keep the wish going throughout this year. Jump into the new year with gusto whether you're just married or still married after a number of years. Reach for your broom, grab hands and jump forward into the new year.

 White Traditional Wedding Jumping the Broom Ceremony Organza Periwinkle Rose

Budget Weddings AND have $$$ left over.

Budget Weddings AND have $$$ left over.   Whether you are getting married or planning a birthday or anniversary party, or reunion, we all deserve to have the opportunity to have a stylish event without breaking the bank. If you decide to use an event planner, check out exactly what they’ll do for you. Decide what your limit is financially and then chat with the planner or whomever you decide to coordinate your event and make sure they understand your vision for your event and your pricing limit. If they do and you’re happy go for it. Draw up or have them draw up a contract of what will be done and allow them to run with the plans. Setting up your strategies with an event planner allows you to really enjoy your event without having the worrisome details weigh you down. And no micro-managing. That’s not fair to the planner or you. Release the event into the capable hands you have chosen and relish the opportunity to allow your fantastic style to appear through the eyes of someone else. Remember to have a Happy Restful and Prosperous New Year and New You!

At Year's End--Time to Start Anew

This past Sunday, I was reminded that for the world to become more just, loving, understanding or civil, we all must become that which we desire within ourselves. Each of us is part of the world.  Until we know this for ourselves; any rallying cry falls on deaf ears. Begin anew with you.

Start anew

Start anew

In marriage you are starting anew family, community and reinforcing love:

More Past Holiday Wedding Videos: Wedding Proposal: Indian Wedding by Jason Lanier

Fun For Autumn or Halloween Weddings   Happy Halloween! 5 Solutions to Bridal Stress Posted: 07/28/2014 3:16 pm EDT Updated: 07/30/2014 9:59 pm EDT                       by Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway n-WEDDING-DAY-large570

In our culture, brides and stress go hand-in-hand. Bridal stress is unique. It is essentially temporary, yet is often connected to deeper emotional challenges and is exacerbated by family dynamics . There is often a decision to make, or challenge to resolve, at every turn and any little disruption can put you in a momentary tizzy. In this article, I am addressing brides, but this stuff happens to grooms too! Here are some of the challenges, and solutions: 1. Bridezillas are made, not born. It's supposed to be the happiest time of your life -- and you want it to be -- yet planning a wedding is hard work. You have to find the time to tend to a multitude of details as part of an already busy schedule while managing vendors, family anxieties and demands, your relationship, your emotions, and an array of tricky wedding dynamics. While it is true that some brides are downright demanding, many are nice people, sucked into the vortex of wedding planning stress and overwhelmed by the expectations or shenanigans of those around her. Solution: Include stress management, self-nurturing and time to chill out as an integral part of her wedding planning process. When you feel the stress building, take time out, go for a walk, slip into a movie, get a massage, go for a manicure, write in a journal, do something un-wedding. 2. Everyone has something to say about your wedding! No matter who you are or what age, everyone has an opinion to express. You may be showered with congratulations and gifts, but you are simultaneously bombarded with unsolicited advice, wedding horror stories, and negative vibes from well-meaning friends and relatives who are too lost in their own experience to realize they are imposing on you. People tend to use a family wedding as a chance to fulfill their own needs. Family dynamics erupt in every which direction because as the clan prepares to gather they begin to act out what it's all about for them -- not you! The issues are often classic -- mom wants it to be the wedding she never had -- or the experience may be fraught with more modern challenges such as questions about mixing faiths, opting for a non-religious wedding or planning an alternative kind of affair, or a same-sex ceremony. Solution: Clarify the wedding you truly want, try to stay centered and set clear boundaries that no one can penetrate with words or attitudes. If all else fails, remember this: Weddings may be for other people, but marriage is for the two of you. Focus on what your marriage will mean to you. 3. Getting married can stir up a lot of emotions. The process itself sets forth a period of growth and change that can be daunting. As you begin the process of getting ready for marriage, unresolved emotions may arise and come to the surface to be explored. They may be about parents and family, past loves and even concerns about the person you have chosen. This doesn't mean you shouldn't marry, it just means inner work is called for along with all the outer preparations. Solution: Embrace the awareness that the wedding signifies embarking on a journey of evolution from one part of life to another, and honor and address the emotions and fears that arise. Trust they are natural and pay attention to any issues that might require support or counseling. It is important to stay on top of your emotions and be honest with yourself during this time. Don't sweep things under the rug. 4. Wedding planning can be a crisis. There is so much focus on the external experience that a bride can become mired in details and demands and lose track of the reason she is getting married in the first place. When she feels that planning the wedding of her dreams means going to battle -- with parents, family, friends, and vendors -- she becomes hostile and reactive. What began as a joyful experience turns into a fight to ensure the perfect wedding. It is exhausting and even sweet tempered people can turn mean and cranky. Solution: Remember that the true meaning of marriage is to bring two together in sacred union -- the party is meant to be a celebration, not something that will kill your spirit in the planning. When two people in love literally step up to commit themselves to one another in matrimony they have the opportunity to unite not just their hearts, lives and families, but to unite their very beings. Anyone who witnesses a wedding can be empowered and inspired by the love in the room. Focus on the love and remember it is always your aim. 5. Your happiness in life DOES NOT hinge on your wedding alone It really doesn't. Some brides believe that they must have a perfect wedding in order to have a perfect marriage and a perfect life. They give the wedding day too much power and begin to treat the wedding itself as something to be worshiped and served. There is an underlying fear that if something goes wrong with the wedding, it is a sign that will make or break the marriage. Our culture places a tremendous emphasis on having a great wedding and not enough focus on having an awesome marriage. It's okay to be temporarily obsessed and to yearn for the perfect wedding, but you have to keep your eye on what's truly important. Solution: Step back and realize the most important part of the day is not the day itself but that you walked down that aisle and into the arms of the person you love, the one with whom you choose to build a life. You will have many more chances to create more memories. The wedding day, while important, is only one of the many experiences and memories you will share! So relax and have fun on your big day!

Person(s) of the Month – August 2014

Patrick SmithD. Zuckerman I haven’t done a Person of the month in quite a while, and since this is my birthday month, I decided to have two persons of the month. And it works well because these two are the most recent people I interviewed on my radio show. Before I tell you who they are, I’d like to let you know a little about them. One is a fellow I met at the Figment Festival on Staten Island in June. His skin stopped me in my tracks, because his skin looks like the skin of a newborn baby, soft-looking, with dewy softness and filled with inner moisture. Turns out he is both a Licensed Massage Therapist and a skin-care innovator. He has his own line of products. The other person is an artisan of another kind. She is a recent graduate of Workshop In Business Opportunity (from which I graduated and now I  volunteer as a Work Group Leader). She is enamored of the beauty in nature and spends a good deal of her time at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens to receive inspiration for her next arrangement of flowers or flower project. Then she recreates the inspired beauty through her art within the paper world. I like both of their stories, because they both stumbled into their business, much like I did my own business. After each short bio I will include their websites and their radio interview with me as well.   Patrick Smith is the Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and Certified Aromatherapist. Patrick during the course of learning about the body to complete his education to become a LMT discovered his affinity for creating oils, potions, lotions and creams to beautify and keeps skin feeling younger. No, he did not drop the LMT business, he still does both, but he also creates various natural skincare treatments as well. In fact for the last two weeks he was offering a special for my radio listeners.   Pat Smth's Hands Potions by P Smith Above link is Patrick on BudgetWeddingsNYC4U on As of 25 August in honor of birthday, Patrick has extended his special offer, found on It's worth the wait. go check it out.       Danielle Zuckerman, Paper Artisan decided during the planning of her wedding to make her own flower bouquet, the bridesmaids and even some for decorations. It was such a hit for her event that both her new husband and her sister suggested that she start a business offering these beauties on a custom basis. Even though some project’s test design may take up to five hours to make, she is still loves to do it and is there to help the couple make their wedding day and beyond special. And the rest as they say is history. Ppr Portrayals 2 Ppr Portrayals 1 Above link is Danielle's interview on my radio show: budgetweddingsnyc4U                       Last Friday, 25 July besides being my cousin Kathy's birthday I had a  fun  evening on my radio shows, first via when my guest was Patrick Smith. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting him after I met Denny Daniel at the Figment Festival last month. I say distinct pleasure, because this man's face is SO supple, so beautiful to look at because his skin glows, that after he told me he produces skin care products, I knew that he had to be on the show. He did not disappoint. He has lots of wonderful tips for the bride & groom and the general public. He's also a massage therapist. Rather than you read about him here in print, because I don't know if I can keep the hyperbolic words out of this post, I suggest you tune in to our interview. Plus, he gave all of my listeners an offer I do not think you can refuse. The offer is good for the next 2 weeks, until August 9th, go pick it up. You will NOT be disappointed! Included here is his website, so you can see his wonderful products. Plus, he's also a Licensed Massage Therapist, too.  Check out because you won't believe the care he's taken with his website, but also the wonderful products he makes by hand. I am enamored of his skin, but also his products, seeing his skin is to know his products are good and yes they are unisex. Later that evening or the next morning depending on your perspective: I finished up the month with my homage to Dr. Maya Angelou with readings from The Pulse of the Morning, (aka The Rock Cries Out To Us), Awakening in New York and Touched by An Angel. I felt like singing, so I did readings and chanting of her words. I hope you'll get a chance to tune to that as well. That is on Next Saturday morning @ midnight, Jon Giswold-Fitness Guru for Men (Basic Training: A Fundamental Guide to Fitness for Men) and co-Director of Prayer Chaplains at Unity of New York is the meditation leader. If you get my newsletter, you will know that I am following along with a year of wedding planning, loosely based on my WCTO Board of Advisor member Fouzia's wedding schedule. You may know her as a yoga instructor or CEO of Either way I've hit upon some interesting topics that go into making your wedding plans and planning a success, that most books or magazines rarely touch of upon. This week we continue with inexpensive honeymoon spots around the city. I hope you are on the list to receive this info. If you aren't when you do sign up, you  also get my special report: The 7 Most Important Questions to Ask Wedding Vendors. So sign-up!   A show I was supposed to be on, but will be on later with my newly published book: Tonight is another double-header for my shows this evening.  First we have Denny Daniel, Curator of The Museum of Interesting Things is back on the show this evening (with full moon, 11 2014) at 6:3o pm. I even got Denny to name of the interesting things he'd like to add to his collection. Then later, tonight at midnight on Midnight Meditation with CharLena, and Stephanie Rooker is on board to guide us through her vocal sounds and breathing. If you missed it remember you can catch her in archives:     Denny Daniel, Curator of The Museum of Interesting Things is back on the show this evening (Soltice Eve, 2014) at 6:3o pm. Denny was also on TedX-Fulton St. - Tonight on same station but on Midnight Mediation with CharLena join me as we mediate based on a Catherine Ponder book. That at 12 midnight, of course. Welcome to the first full Friday in June. Today there are two shows available on BLOG Talk Radio from me.  The first is the bi-weekly show with special guest Denny Daniel, curator of The Museum of Interesting Things. We'll delve into his out of the ordinary ideas about wedding receptions and how to make them the talk of the town. Here's a clip from about what he does:     Also on the weekly Midnight Meditation with CharLena, my special guest tomorrow morning is poet and author:  Taneeka Wilder who uses the power of words to penetrate and nourish hearts that are in need of healing and mending. Drawing from her own personal journey, her book, "On the Precipice of Love Illuminated" is a collection of poetry, and short stories that place a strong emphasis on self-love, inner wealth, and knowing your true worth.     New Contest from GREAT Chance to win $500 Gift Card.

One of the 20% off ties. Just hit decal below.

One of the 20% off ties. Just hit decal below.

My favorite pattern:

DIY Male Marriage - 

New York Style Neck-wear

Big city, big lights, the Great White Way or the event’s the thing, whether it’s an awards show, or showcasing the latest fashion or even your own wedding, what do all these have in common? It’s neck wear for the male (& some women) in your life. Where do you find stylish neck wear in various colors to suit your taste? Sometimes you can find it on street corners and definitely in the garment district, and of course in the higher echelon men’s shops, but what if your wallet and taste are not on the same level as those, then what? If it’s your wedding are you relegated to taking something out of your closet? Pshaw!  That’s no longer necessary. I’ve stumbled onto a shop that has beautiful handmade ties …AND you can buy them online. Check them out via any color your heart or wedding desires and I’m betting that they have color you are looking for. I checked out my favorite color and came up with a paisley tie to die for.  It’s SO beautiful and it’s less than $25.  You cannot beat a price like that. There are silks and synthetics and even cotton, but remember I said silk. Are they in New York City, alas no they are not, but they are online which is almost as good. I've spoken to the CEO of the company and wait for it, here’s the best part, he’s is giving my readers 20% discount of his already low prices. Hey for this amazing discount and acquiring one or some of these beautiful ties you really can’t go wrong.   Vendor_Award_BNT Bow ties or Neckties: Men’s wearing apparel over the years have only changed slightly, but now with the bow tie back and the colors of the rainbow depicted in bow ties and regular ties, your wedding or any place you desire to wear a tie can have a burst of color. Colors that are delicious to the eye and fabrics fun to touch. Ties by design and on De-Mand in any color you desire.  You cannot go wrong with any color scheme.  Bow – N -Ties has got your back.

Who's on the Radio this week?

Saturday morning 5/10/14, CharLena is back as host of Midnight Meditation with CharLena to start the month of May with meditation emphasis on various Christian meditations handed down through time.  Before we start with those specifically we will begin by Forgiving Ourselves and Developing Compassion.  Join me at 12Midnight  tonight . Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail         Victoria Rodriguez (former Program/Financial Director of WIBO) turns the tables on CharLena and interviews her.  She wants to get a better understanding of CharLena and her business.  Tune on Friday, 9 May 2014 at 6:30 pm on to get the scoop.   Remember to tune in 5/3/14, at 12 midnight Saturday morning for Kathy Threats-Grant as our Meditation Leader.  Ms. Threats-Grant's voice is perfect when it comes to meditation.  Join us and you cannot help but relax. Celebrant LaSonta Diamond was scheduled to be on BudgetWeddingsNYC4U on this week 4/25/14 at 6:30pm, but there were some technical difficulties with here being to actually get on the air. Ms. Diamond will be on later in the month of May. I hope you tune in.

NYC Costs & Wedding Authenticity

Okay the new wedding costs are officially out.  It seems that the wedding industry in New York City expects that most people will use upwards of $87K for their wedding planning and day’s festivities.  Their expectation has risen over $22K in 12 months.  Doesn't that sound like someone has a screw loose especially for middle class New Yorkers?  If that is the amount you make in a month, then you have no worries about dropping that amount on your wedding day, but really should you?  I shout a resounding NO!!! $87,000 sounds like the wedding industry’s dream (goal) of just what your wedding day’s festival of leading up to getting hitched could look like if their fantasies come true.  Don’t do it!  And again I say this a lot (in my upcoming book) that it’s your day to be joined both emotionally and physically, not to use every last cent along with your sanity for ONE DAY out of the rest of your married life.  If you do choose to spend $87,000 and you are not making 7 figures, then I know that if you haven’t already gone insane, by the time you finish spending that amount on your wedding you will.  Plus, you wedding will also be on its last legs even before you get started. Why do I say that?  Mainly because I know that your main topic for the rest of your married life if it lasts longer than Kim Kardashian’s first marriage will be about how much money was spent for that one day and the burden of paying it off. Too often nowadays, we allow things outside of ourselves to influence what we will do for our big days.  And yes, getting married is a big day within our lives.  I know that, it was for me and will be for you, but you do not have to lose your common sense to achieve your spectacular wedding.  Spectacular and wedding do not always connote big expense.  If you can see through the hype and make your wedding your own with your spectacular idea within your budget, you can stay sane even during the planning of your wedding day.  It’s possible.  It’s been done before, even by people who are wealthier than you.  In fact, I’d bet if you look at people with old money (made at least 35 years ago or more) they are not using BIG money for their weddings, or at least not more than 10% of their total net worth, just because they can.  Nope, the neo-rich do that, to show to the Joneses that they can because they seem to have the means. By trying to impress others, you are really no longer being true to who you are.  You aren't even being original.  You are copying someone else’s idea of what’s cool, trendy, edgy or whatever.  Why do that?  By doing that you are also ripping your soul in half because you are no longer listening from within out.   By doing it this way you have started a walk down an inauthentic and empty pathway.  A void you will continue to try to fill via spending with the intention of getting back to your authentic selves.  Copying other's ideas for your own will not help in the least. What can you do to get back to your core of who you both are with regard your wedding plans?  Ask yourselves:  Wouldn’t it be better if we could get to our real selves and express it through our wedding? The answer is a resounding YES! Now how do you go about doing that?  After hearing the NYC wedding industries’ expectation, is it even possible to stay on budget?  Start within and get to yes.  Get back to your authentic wedding planning, now.   If you are feeling confused over any part of this and believe you can still have a fabulously elegant wedding, but are unclear how and you need further assistance, email me: or call me: 917 548 4870 for a consultation.  My fees are reasonable.  We can work this out.  Besides consultations I have Intensives (1-day, Weekend or over 3 weeks) Courses, Radio Shows: Information & Meditation, Events and Contests.  To your Authentic Wedding!


In-Law Relationship Challenges

In-Law challenges already?  Is it possible?  You just became engaged, it’s too soon.  And perhaps you have been trying to delude yourself, but have now come to the conclusion that you cannot ignore the fact that even though your soon-to-be in-laws, do not like you, they smile in your face and say they love you, but looking into their eyes you can tell that those are just empty words to mostly placate your fiancé and veil the real thoughts about you. What can you do about it?  Anything? You could ignore it?  Or You could pray about it?  Or You could talk to them or your fiancé about it. The easy thing to do is, of course ignore it.  How often will you come in contact with them anyway?  Over the course of your wedding plans, probably more than you realize, right now.  You may not actually interact live, but you will do so over the phone and if they are computer savvy, via email.  Emailing and especially phoning hostile people can be annoying, frustrating and downright anger-making. There could be derisive comments via the course of your plans over the phone, in person or through your fiancé, although any good fiancé will refrain from informing you of the latter.

Let me tell you what happened to me briefly:

(The rest of the information is available to my subscribers of my newsletter.)

The “Other” Oscar Wedding Dresses


These women and even the celebrity men in their tuxes are mentioned very sparingly, since they are usually busy interviewing everyone else on the red carpets.  You even see them every hour and do you ever really take note of their outfits?  They are the journalists who are interviewing all the big stars crossing in front of them and are almost invisible.  I suppose they should be, so that you are not distracted and can see the celebrity’s apparel that they are interviewing.   That does make sense, right? Here’s my bit to honor them for getting all dressed up for the occasion.  And didn’t they look beautiful, too?  Email me and tell me who your favorites were.  (I’d say leave me a comment but a computer geek whom I asked to fix two items on my website, decided to fix several other things, including my archives and comments so yup, I’m clueless as to how to turn my comments back on.) Here are my honorable mentions and why I think they’d work for your wedding attire: Robin Roberts of Good Morning America (GMA) on ABC was on the Red Carpet in a beautiful lace-topped loose mermaid dress in a light cornflower satin dress with boat neck top.  That dress I believe would be quite easily translated into affordable wedding gown.  Just as Rose said on the last budgetweddingsnyc4u show, it will depend on the type of lace used that would bring the cost of the dress down.  It could still be made out of satin and stay well under $1000.

A beauty in Corfower

A beauty in Corfower

Lara Spencer also from GMA on ABC in an off white column dress with Egyptian beaded & sequined design is easy to move, walk and sit in, so that could easily be translated to your wedding aisles this summer and it’s sleeveless.  She’s wearing a Franco Kaufman dress.  Because Lara (like my cousin, Kathy) usually brings fun with her, I know that that dress had to be easy wearing.  It's almost perfect for anyone’s wedding.Lara Spencer Guiliana Rancic from E News and Joan Rivers’ Fashion Police is wearing the quintessential wedding dress.  She’s wearing every little girl’s dream; to grow up to be a princess with the ball gown bottom in tulle and the sequined sleeveless top.  On The View today (3/20/14) it was learned it popped open because of the wiring underneath and it was too tight, no doubt.  Make sure you can breathe, walk and dance rather than sewn in.

Perfect ballroom wedding gown silhouette.

Perfect ballroom wedding gown silhouette.

Kelly Osborne from E’s (Joan Rivers’) Fashion Police is wearing something that I believe you could get away with for less than $500.  It’s a simple sheath (that you could decide on the material) with a lace bolero.  How simple and elegant is that?  Hers is probably more expensive, but it still looks quite chic.

An easy chic stunner.

An easy chic stunner.

Louise Roe, journalist-formerly of Fashion Star is in a green possibly silk one-shouldered flowing gown with a lace opening on it that runs down that one shoulder.  As you know, I love one-shouldered dresses so that one won my heart right away.  And this silk could be changed from silk to rayon and into white, off-white or eggshell quite easily.  I’m betting that could be made for less than $500 as well and you still feel extremely glamorous and comfortable at your wedding.  Brook Anderson one-shoulder is all in lace and a little more fitted, but it could work as well, possibly made for less than $800, depending on the lace. Louise Roe Men’s attire:  I liked the white tuxedo jacket on both (Jaret Leto & Matthew McCanaughey) and I guess I should, since that is what I dressed my husband in.  It just makes anybody pop!  It says “I have arrived!”  And then there was Kevin Spacey, in the bright blue suit popped as well.  It actually works against his skin tone.   Brooke Anderson   You can find all of these and the Oscar Celebs at the following tinyurl:

Oscar Gowns into 2014 Wedding Dresses

The Ellen DeGeneres 2014 Oscars have come and gone, yet the dresses from that occasion have not been forgotten.  On my special show almost immediately after the Oscars, both Anina (Young) and I picked out the dresses we thought would appear in the wedding aisles this summer and if that is not enough, (And quite frankly it is not) this evening 4/14/14, my friend and dress designer Rose Jeffries will be on to discuss which of my favorites are easily reproduced and stay within budget.  We’ll hear from her what her favorites are as well.  I think that will be a fun show, since we both love fashion.  I hope you will tune in.

It occurred to me, though that I had not shared in print my top five picks.  I will do that here.  Let me brace you, by saying that there are two pink dresses in the mix this year, too.  I know I am amazed, since I did tell you last year that pink is my least favorite color and yet, I couldn't help myself again, this year.  The designers of these two dresses just hit the mark for me, in their clean lines and the fall of the material.  It just made my heart sing.   Let me just get those two pink dresses out of the way now.

Camila Alves 2014

The white tux jacket was in for the males this year, too.  Camilla looks SO elegant.  Love the flow of the material, don't you?

Oscar 2014

Oscar 2014

Oscar 2014

Oscar 2014

Here's my runner up, and look it's already white.  Little to do but find one in your price range.

Both white, with one that has more details.

Both white, with one that has more details.

I like Carlista Flockhart-Ford's on the right.  More interesting details and sheer elegance.

Now for my favorite.  I think it will surprise you:

Period and fun Wedding Dress.

Period and fun Wedding Dress.

Okay enough, now it’s your turn.  Write me and let me know if you agree or disagree. Oh, and next week, I’ll share with you my top non actress gowns, too.  The reporters on the scene were putting their best-dressed style feet forward too, for all to see.

Your Special Wedding Keepsake

They’re here!  They’re here!  Wedding Cake Toppers that look like the wedding couple.  No more mass produced approximations. No, now you can be proud that your cake topper reflects who you really are through your characteristics and personality.  You might wonder how that will happen.  Will you have to sit for a portrait?  Will it be the same old stances?  Well yes or no.  It’s whatever you choose.  Here’s the beauty, you decide what  look you want (standing serenely, dancing, hopping or with your animal friend)  on top of the cake.  You decide. You send them a photo of you and your fiancé with your instructions including the clothing you’ve decided to have on, they’ll send you proofs of what to expect.  You inspect it to make sure they’ve gotten your features, clothing and positioning just right.  It’s as simple as that. Then at the reception when your cake is rolled out with your unique topper, there will be one more thing to swoon at besides the cake.  Now how perfect is that?  Plus, you’ll have your wedding cake topper that you will want to keep and to display your happy event for years to come.

Register here for your chance

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That means not only are the wedding cake toppers here, but you have “arrived” with your memorable keepsake on top of your cake.  It’s the “mini” you, because it resembles YOU.  My Memory Dolls has made the first day of the rest of your life a little more special.  It can’t get any better than that. Check out the video below:

Enter to win a My Memory Doll on the Wedding Cake Topper Contest Page.  Contest 2/17 - 3/13/14.  Announced on on 3/14/14. Personalized Wedding Cake Toppers

Be My (Budget Friendly) Valentine


As Valentine’s Day gets closer and closer are you trying to figure out what are some cost-effective ways to save BIG while still saying I Love You now or Be Mine Forever? If you’re a guy or gal, you have to know that most women that you date or want to marry if they are passed the age of 32 years old have seen ALL the cutesy things that can be given for Valentine's Day or even for their birthdays or their anniversary (if you’ve been dating for years).  What if this year, it’s different and it has to be, because you want to pop the question?  Or what if you want to pop the question, but what if you don’t have the ring…yet?  Mmmh, what could you do? Alright all the bears, hearts, boxed candy or balloons from the dollar, uh rather discount store are out.  Flowers are nice, but they don’t say ‘be mine’, not unless you buy the really loooonnnnng stemmed roses.  I’m talking 2-feet long stemmed.  If your almost betrothed hates roses, then you are “just done” and up the creek.  What about something a little more intimate?  If you don’t know her size, then that is probably out too, because too big and you’re in the dog house.  Too small and it might seem you are making some sort of comment.  No, I don’t think lingerie is the way to go either.  Perfume, you say.  No, not unless you absolutely know their favorite scent.  Getting something you really like, that they have never tried, says you’re thinking only of yourself and not their tastes, especially if it turns out they don’t like it.  Nope!  Too risky.  What else is left, you might ask? There are any number of things actually having to do with gift certificates or short subscriptions or quick and inexpensive adventures just for your soon—to-be betrothed or for the two of you.  It’s your Valentine's Day, too after all. Now I have a friend who hates gifts certificates and used to think that people buying them were copping out.  I, on the other hand, think if you put the thought into knowing what I like and you buy me a gift certificate, it means you know I am adult enough to purchase something I really like AND that you have been listening.  So here’re a few suggestions for gift certificates, but the denomination choice is up to you. for if you are clueless what to purchase.  Amazon has everything Wholefoods or Trader Joes – Everyone eats food of some kind and both stores have specialty sections. Flowers of the month or Wine of the month or Beer of the month or the two of you can go on a trip A favorite spa-mmmmh I love those.  After my husband and I were married he treated me to a spa day and I suggested he try his first massage and he loved it. That was a gift for us both. These are a few of my ideas of how to say Be Mine or I Love You for this  Valentine’s Day.  Perhaps you have other “budget-friendly” ways of saying those three magic words.  Please share them with me.  What is some fun or different way you’d say I Love You to your Significant Other?   Or, no ring yet, why not send a picture in to and have a wedding cake topper as your substitute ring.  Maybe a little late for Valentine's Day, but still a possibility.

Custom Cake Toppers for anyone.

Just send your picture in to get your personalized topper. Make your wedding day even more special.


Greenery Saves BIG Wedding Bucks!

Saving BIG in conjunction with your wedding is a godsend.  Here we are in the midst of what some would call, the most brutal winter. In fact, we are not even half through the winter and we've already had three snowstorms and continuous frigid weather to keep us either bundled up or inside.  Especially inside your own home if you've been unlucky enough to catch a cold or the flu.  Whatever the reason, you can think of it as an opportunity to do an in depth Internet search for places for your wedding, if you've recently gotten engaged or perhaps you’re about to pop the question as soon as Valentine’s Day rolls around.  Either way have you thought of having your wedding somewhere that you don’t have to decorate?  Saving you big bucks on flowers, tulle, candles almost anything you might put in a ballroom or empty hall or liturgical space.  Decorations for these spaces could run into the hundreds or even thousands. All you have to do is keep your guest list down to 90 or fewer people and come up to 100 in attendance and you’re set.  You can get married in one of the areas in Central Park.  Provided it is not a blisteringly hot day, it would be gorgeous.  You’ll have to keep your wedding day on track, because you can only rent the spaces for up to an hour, plus you’ll want your guests to walk comfortably out of the park without having shin flints from standing, too long.  No chairs allowed.  No rugs runners or tents for that matter in the green areas.  If you want your photographer to shoot pictures there is an additional fee, $100 (30 minutes maximum), but even that is minimal. If you’re hankering for a smaller and shorter wedding (30 minutes, max.) ceremonies, have it in the Central Garden.  That way, you have fewer people at the wedding, but can ask lots more to your reception, if you like.  Or have the excuse because you’re having your wedding in the Central Garden you cannot invite anymore people?  That way you can have a small wedding and small reception, thus saving yourselves even bigger bucks. Look at that.  You use less money have less people at the ceremony and the reception.  Suddenly it’s become exclusive.  It makes it sound like a chic event that most people will crave inclusion, but you can promise and deliver later a nice big informal party and include everyone.  Sounds like an amazingly inexpensive idea, right?  After all maybe you’re now saving for your whirlwind tour of Europe or a down payment on your new apartment.  Either way during your wedding planning you are saving big. Smaller reception means you could have your reception at your favorite restaurant instead of renting out a hall or hotel ballroom, thus saving even bigger bucks and stress. Even with the pricing for Central Park reservation, $400 and the Photographer, $100 and the restaurant of your choice for the 25, you’re saving BIG, big bucks.  This alone may keep your wedding way under $2500.  A lot depends of course on the number of people invited and where you have your reception.  Rental of space in Central Park, with free greenery, possibly flowers for a mere $400. Wow!  Think about it, you could come out WAY ahead.   Source facts:

      Yup!  the teleseminar is now pushed up until mid-early winter when I am better prepared with all that stuff you won't necessarily see but is most useful to you.

Lots of other things popping off this summer.  Especially this month.  So not to worry, I have some surprises in store for you, including new books and more. As you know, if you listened to my radio show: on I just celebrated the end of year one and two of my newsletter and radio show respectively.  In celebration, I shall implement shorter more frequent newsletters and at least a couple of video tips per month.  These two newer fatures will start this very month.  See you soon via newsletter or video or radio or books or . . . well you'll hear about that quite soon, too. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

      Geez!  I was offline for two weeks and it seems with getting ready for this teleseminar I was offline for 2 months.  I am behind and that's why I have had to push the teleseminar back again, but this time for only five days.

I am excited about doing it, but there are so many things to get done, before I can have it.   Things that if I did this live, would not come into play at all.   If you ever think about having a teleseminar wedding, I can walk you through it, but I say, don't do it.  Too many strings attached.

Under siege with loose wires.

Because I am behind I decided to do it twice, so if you cannot do the teleseminar on Tuesday, 16th of July you can join me on Thursday, 18th, both at 8 pm.  By next week, I should have my landing page up and you will be able to sign up then.  Again, apologies for the delay, but it just means my getting all the ducks in the row and ready for you without a hitch.

If you have been listening to my radio show on, you know that I have decided to put my book on the Internet via 5-module teleseminar starting in mid-July.

As a preamble, I thought it would be fun to have a teleseminar in which we get down to brass tacks of planning your wedding.  The shopping "how to's" to use to your advantage whenever you go into a shop or business.  We'll be discussing Shopping Archetypes AND Creating Your NYC Wedding on Thursday evening 11 Juiy at 8 pm.  More details coming soon.

Okay, I know you are ALL really busy planning your weddings, so instead of classes or a course, I thought about another way this might be a better way to get your questions answered.  Tell me which would YOU prefer, a tele-summit (Interview of guests by me) or webinar (with PowerPoint presentation) or a teleseminar with me answering most of your questions in a 45 minute period, plus 15 minutes of Q & A at the end?

Create Your NYC Wedding for Less Than $15,000

A illustrative dramatic video for you.

I hope you're ready to feel at ease during your wedding adventure, if you are then go to:  http// and when you register you'll pay NO additional fees for registering. There are two discount codes of which you can have one of them by using code PLANYOUR per course - only 2 available, so sign up soon or if you are a couple you can use the 2 for 1 deal, 2WED, pay for 1 and both can of you can come.  What a deal!  Only two available for each code.  So go to to sign up.  See you there next week. Tune in to my guest appearances next week (which I will announce here and on my Facebook Like Page ( by Monday 7/24, and for my radio show with a special guest on from 2:30 - 3 pm on Thursday 26 July 2012.  See you soon.

Plan Your NYC Wedding:                                                               Venue Design Series - Intro

Co-Instructor/Venue Designer - Hans Fulcher, (& my husband), explains the various aspects of venue design and decor.  A good designer helps with the coordination and maintaining of the overall aesthetic theme of the wedding event.   Hans is currently demonstrating visual decor ideas with regard to the wedding scene from the movie Breaking Dawn    Your Link for savings: Video Link:

Create Your (New York City) Wedding for Under $15,000

A 5-week wedding series.  Get your questions answered along the way, as well as start and nearly finish your wedding planning book.  Don't forget the last class is a panel of wedding professionals selected to answer your burning questions.

About this Course

 So you want to get married in NYC, but don't have a high 5-figure budget. Still you want all the bells and whistles that spell luxury, and elegance, but you don't want to burst your budget wide open and subject you and your new spouse to a life-long debt. All because you wanted your wedding day special? This, then is the course for you. By the end of this course you will have your wedding plan defined. You will realize through comparison where your budget falls from the low end or the high end of the monetary schedule between $500 - $14,999. During the course one attendee will walk away after the class with a drawing for their reception venue. Attend this course and get your burning questions answered from wedding industry experts. By the end of this course you will have your own personalized wedding plan binder and many, if not all, of your questions answered, as well as resources to tap later for your wedding. Link for code to save on payment fees from Skill Share -  Copy and paste into URL or click same link above to go to new window.


Please bring your choice of a 3-Ring Binder for the 2nd class. By the 3rd class, please bring in a vision board or pictures of how you'd like your wedding to look.  (A few 3-Ring binders will be also be available for you class during class.)
Pay $0 in Skillshare fees when a student enrolls with your referral link below.

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