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Your Dreams Succeed Through An Elegant Tote

A bag that makes all your dreams succeed AND just after one of the biggest events in your life has transpired. You’ve been asked and you’ve accepted to become affianced. You’re Engaged!!! Yippee!! Luckily for you, your fiancé  and a few of your closest women friends in your life who know your taste, loves and desires to exhibit elegance, have chosen the perfect gift. A gift that’s so perfect because it goes beyond just the wedding preparation and short jaunts with friends, family or even your fiancé.  This tote is a gift that speaks “old world elegance” with a modern flair to anyone who sees it.

A. Hart's Career Tote Bag goes to the beach easily.

A. Hart’s Career Tote Bag goes to the beach easily.

Amazingly, you can use the bag for almost anything, including the preparedness for the wedding especially with the amazing inserts of make-up brushes in the pouch AND the wedding planning organizer book. You might say to yourself, “This is a gift I will get to use forever. How did they know? I gave no specific hints. I guess thankfully they know me and my inner elegance is shining through, completely through my tote and the amazingly soft make-up brushes to go in the interior make-up pouch. I AM a lucky woman to receive such beautiful gifts, that I wholly deserve.”

Excellence and Beauty

Career Tote with Make-up Brushes



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How To Pack For Your Honeymoon

Coming Soon for the Size 12 and up Bride.

Is it different than the smaller woman? You bet it is, but I’ll show you how you don’t have to carry any more bags than the size 0 bride. You’ll be surprised just how much more you’ll be able to pack, even if you have a size 11 shoe.

 Shoes: Are you going somewhere flat or hilly, or maybe to the beach? My new favorite shoe brand, since I broke my foot last year is the Croc. It’s great to walk in no matter the terrain. And they even have a designer Croc, that’s fun to rock (uhr wear). Berger is the designer. They’re easy to wear at the beach or walking up stairs in Italy, or wherever you honeymoon. For a night out on the town, take or buy of pair of almost flats, but with a no higher that a 3/4″ heel. Your arches or lack thereof will be happier for it. Walk, or standing for that matter in flats is hard on your feet and if you stand for a long time, the next day your shins, heels, arches and knees will be be screaming out loud.





Cinco de Mayo Party – clothing

Feliz Cinco de Mayo


Growing up in Phoenix, Cinco de Mayo was always a special time. And in Phoenix it is quite a big deal, especially now. Not just a one day deal, but a whole week of fun and celebration. Complete with special party attire.
There were always lots of things going on in the area parks, including the park I lived down the street from El Prado Park. Now of course the neighborhood has changed considerably since I was a child, but the many get-togethers and festivities are probably about the same when it comes to Cinco de Mayo. And if you are getting married and even bigger event is in the offing.
Do you know what Cinco de Mayo is all about? I mean other than it being the fifth day of May? The holiday, of sorts, is really only celebrated to its full capacity in Puebla, Mexico and in the states with a large Mexican population, most notably, Arizona. It’s in celebration of perseverance and fortitude byPpr Portrayals 1 General Zaragoza’s company of Mexican soldiers’ initial win over the French better equipped and larger arm in the Battle at Puebla.
While I was growing up the celebration was mostly in the various neighborhoods around town rather than a city-wide event. Nowadays the event includes a parade in the center of downtown on Central Avenue, along with restaurants presenting various Mexican fare at deal-worthy pricing*, Mariachi bands, Dos Equis & Corona, deals on food and drink, and of course the Margarita of the Year award. All of it sounds like a great deal of fun city-wide, but it was also lots of fun while I was growing up. My next door neighbors were recent immigrants from Mexico, so you know a hot pot of spices, vegetables and menudo (boiled tripe) were put on to boil early in the day.
By the afternoon all their relatives both in Phoenix or coming up from parts of California and Mexico were already in full party mode and dressed for it. The men would be in their specialty shirts and the women and young women in peasant blouses and ruffled full skirts in festive colors. Smaller children were always running around getting into mischief and eating, while staying out of the way of the adults.
Families already get together to celebrate with food, music, and lots of dancing, so with a wedding there are even more people about, trying to get in on the festivities. As a bride in the midst of these fun times perhaps you might keep your wedding dress on, but if you want to really get down and dance to the mariachis, allowing your husband to truly throw his hat into the ring, so you along with your guests can dance around it perhaps you’d like something a little looser, so you can really dance or hit the piñata.
I have, of course a number of suggestions:

If instead of having your wedding on Cinco de Mayo, which could still be considered a budgetary wedding, you decide to honeymoon in Phoenix in and around the date, here are a number places you could go and feel like you are a part of the greater Phoenix festivities:

Someburros - 101 E. Baseline Road, Tempe. 480-839-8226. Half-priced margaritas all day long and free bean & cheese burritos between 11 am – 2 pm delivered via Uber to your Tempe door. Call first to make sure you’re within range.
Barrio Urbano - The Yard, 5632 N. Seventh St., Phoenix. 602-287-9000 Offered from May 5-7, features a bucket of Coronas for $15, house margaritas for $6 and a special mole rojo with chef’s vegetables $19.
Sierra Bonita Grill - 6933 N. Seventh St., Phoenix. 602-264-0700, You’ll get made-to-order margaritas for $5 each from open to close. During lunch from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., $10 lunch specials - spicy potato taquitos, chipotle chicken street tacos, red chili pork tostadas, the SBG Sonoran-style hot dog and a green chili quesadilla. YUM!

Because I am behind I decided to do it twice, so if you cannot do the teleseminar on Tuesday, 16th of July you can join me on Thursday, 18th, both at 8 pm.  By next week, I should have my landing page up and you will be able to sign up then.  Again, apologies for the delay, but it just means my getting all the ducks in the row and ready for you without a hitch.

If you have been listening to my radio show on, you know that I have decided to put my book on the Internet via 5-module teleseminar starting in mid-July.

As a preamble, I thought it would be fun to have a teleseminar in which we get down to brass tacks of planning your wedding.  The shopping "how to's" to use to your advantage whenever you go into a shop or business.  We'll be discussing Shopping Archetypes AND Creating Your NYC Wedding on Thursday evening 11 Juiy at 8 pm.  More details coming soon.

Okay, I know you are ALL really busy planning your weddings, so instead of classes or a course, I thought about another way this might be a better way to get your questions answered.  Tell me which would YOU prefer, a tele-summit (Interview of guests by me) or webinar (with PowerPoint presentation) or a teleseminar with me answering most of your questions in a 45 minute period, plus 15 minutes of Q & A at the end?

Create Your NYC Wedding for Less Than $15,000

A illustrative dramatic video for you.

I hope you're ready to feel at ease during your wedding adventure, if you are then go to:  http// and when you register you'll pay NO additional fees for registering. There are two discount codes of which you can have one of them by using code PLANYOUR per course - only 2 available, so sign up soon or if you are a couple you can use the 2 for 1 deal, 2WED, pay for 1 and both can of you can come.  What a deal!  Only two available for each code.  So go to to sign up.  See you there next week. Tune in to my guest appearances next week (which I will announce here and on my Facebook Like Page ( by Monday 7/24, and for my radio show with a special guest on from 2:30 - 3 pm on Thursday 26 July 2012.  See you soon.

Plan Your NYC Wedding:                                                               Venue Design Series - Intro

Co-Instructor/Venue Designer - Hans Fulcher, (& my husband), explains the various aspects of venue design and decor.  A good designer helps with the coordination and maintaining of the overall aesthetic theme of the wedding event.   Hans is currently demonstrating visual decor ideas with regard to the wedding scene from the movie Breaking Dawn    Your Link for savings: Video Link:

Create Your (New York City) Wedding for Under $15,000

A 5-week wedding series.  Get your questions answered along the way, as well as start and nearly finish your wedding planning book.  Don't forget the last class is a panel of wedding professionals selected to answer your burning questions.

About this Course

 So you want to get married in NYC, but don't have a high 5-figure budget. Still you want all the bells and whistles that spell luxury, and elegance, but you don't want to burst your budget wide open and subject you and your new spouse to a life-long debt. All because you wanted your wedding day special? This, then is the course for you. By the end of this course you will have your wedding plan defined. You will realize through comparison where your budget falls from the low end or the high end of the monetary schedule between $500 - $14,999. During the course one attendee will walk away after the class with a drawing for their reception venue. Attend this course and get your burning questions answered from wedding industry experts. By the end of this course you will have your own personalized wedding plan binder and many, if not all, of your questions answered, as well as resources to tap later for your wedding. Link for code to save on payment fees from Skill Share -  Copy and paste into URL or click same link above to go to new window.


Please bring your choice of a 3-Ring Binder for the 2nd class. By the 3rd class, please bring in a vision board or pictures of how you'd like your wedding to look.  (A few 3-Ring binders will be also be available for you class during class.)
Pay $0 in Skillshare fees when a student enrolls with your referral link below.


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