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Saving Money As A Wedding Guest

  • Posted on March 13, 2011 at 12:32 am

Saving money as wedding guests can sometimes be as hard as the couple saving money on the wedding event.  Brides can sometimes in their quest for their perfect day forget that their guests have not saved up for this specific day like the bride and groom may have over a significant amount of time.  When their wedding guests get the invitation, depending on its formality it may represent a crunch of both time and money.  Because of this forgetfulness, wedding guests often feel the pinch of having to buy something special to wear to the event, or to participate in the many pre-wedding and post-wedding events, especially if they are an integral part of the ceremony.  Or even to purchase an expensive gift, just because they have been invited to the wedding.  Friendship is one thing, but the wedding couple, must remember that their guests do not want to spend the rest of their lives paying for the happy event in collusion with them.

When planning the wedding the couple must take into consideration their guests’ range of attention-span during pre-wedding events.  Especially if these are also their out-of-town guests.  Just because they are out-of-town, in for the wedding, does not mean they want their days and evenings filled with wedding event socials.  That is holding your friends and relatives hostage from out-of-town hostage to your desires.   Shortening or eliminating them altogether is a plus for the wedding guests.  Not everything should or has to be mandatory and revolve around the wedding event.  That alone, will cut down on outfits to purchase.  For my husband and my wedding, we dispensed with the rehearsal dinner, which saved both our wedding party time and money, especially since the pre-wedding gift was no longer “an expectancy”.  In actuality, we hadn’t expected it, but with the traditions of the rehearsal dinner, the wedding party usually is expected to buy an additional gift for the couple who they are attending and vice-versa.

Since my husband and I were well into adulthood, we did not expect nor need any of the big-ticket items that have become the norm for most wedding gift registries.  A few additions were set-up, but not entire stores-full of items.  Gift certificates of small denominations were encouraged and although no one took us up on the gift certificates or really even the registry, Amazon and Bed, Bath, & Beyond were our picks.  Most of our guests gave us money of varying combinations, which is always a plus, and a time-saver for the guests.  Our wedding was on a Saturday mid-afternoon in a church which cut down on wearing apparel cost for most of our guests.  Since it was a June wedding, buying or having dressy formal wear is easy for most folks.  Summer weddings are easy apparel re-wear, with most people being able to wear it again to a barbecue.

  • An afternoon wedding set in the summer especially can save on the guests having to purchase items to wear, that may never get out of their closets, again.
  • Summer weddings are especially easy because dressy summer apparel can easily fit into anyone’s closet.
  • The wedding invitation will denote a great deal to the couples’ guests as to what type of attire is expected.
  • The later into the evening the more expensive the attire and unless their guests go to a great many cocktail parties for work, that one bit of wedding-wear may set them back a pretty penny.
  • Plus, an afternoon wedding is or can usually be casual enough that women do not have to have special hair at premium prices added to their attire.
  • Spring and autumn weddings loosely follow the same constrictors and sometimes can feel even less money constraints, but with a twist for weather related attire.
  • A winter wedding depending on where it is held is the most formal attire but if the couple dispenses of a strict color code or theme of their wedding their guests may be able to wear the outfit again, as well.  Winter weddings do not usually have the playfulness of summer weddings, when it comes to attire for guests.

The choice of where the wedding will be held will also bring the cost of clothing for the attendees down as well.

  • A hall on a Friday or Saturday night denotes very special or formal attire.  Think date night or prom.
  • For weekend weddings; Saturday, and if the church lets you, a Sunday night and afternoon is less formal, followed by a Saturday afternoon.
  • Weekday evening at someone’s house; even less formal, with garden parties weddings being the less expensive for the guests.

In the couples’ burst of enthusiasm for their great day, it would do them well with their friends to also remember their friends’ pocketbook, which does not mean they have inexhaustible supply of money for their friends’ wedding day nor should they have to take the hit either.