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  • Posted on January 7, 2013 at 7:26 am

CharLena’s Picks:  Wedding Dresses after the 2013 Awards ceremonies’ Top Five.  

This is also a continuation from March 2013 Budget Weddings NYC Newsletter:


From 5 through 1 with honorable mentions to follow afterwards.  Remember no matter the color, or shade of the dress all dresses can be replicated.  I have named three places on my radio show:

# 5 Amy Adams on red carpet at the Golden Globes.


Amanda Seyfried on Oscar’s red carpet comes in at #4.

#3 Jennifer Lopez at Golden Globes.  Love the way the dress falls at the bottom.  And of course, what girl wouldn’t want a bit or lots of lace to glam it up.


Surprises of the pales in color, coming from this bold colorful woman, but you know a woman’s prerogative is to be changeable.   This year I liked these:

#2  Just remember to have your seamstress move the darts away from your breasts and you too, can rock this even better than Anne Hathaway did on The Academy Awards’ red carpet.



#1 Jennifer Lawrence’s dress that toppled her.  I LOVE, LOVE, the cut especially the skirt, the raised or brocade pattern and the wideness of the skirt.  Imagine it in lavender   Just remember during any part of your excitement to pick up your skirt in front as you walk or ascend stairs and to carry your train while descending stairs and you’ll be golden.

I hope you have enjoyed my picks for the season and remember even though most of the picks are designer gowns you can get replicas or have it made in the color and even style of your choice.

The following pix in no special order are the honorable mentions.


I like the sweetheart neckline and the design of Carrie Underwood’s bodice.

If you have a near perfect bod you can rock this gown, like Jessica Chastain did or better.  The sleekness of this dress is killer, for sure.


The flowing soft material of Lupe Fiasco’s dress and the color are so wonderful, I had to include it.  I think I used to have a raw silk skirt and tank in this color.  Whew!  Need I say anymore?  I didn’t think so.



I think the cut out for this dress is going be seen at a lot of parties this year including as part of the proms all over the place and especially here in NYC.  Can’t you just see it.  It is SO interesting and fun.  Good choice Ms. Watts.


And finally T. Swift again in a more demure lace gown or is it a dress.  I don’t remember how long this one was, but lace and a wedding seem to be synonymous   It looks like Ms. Swift’s apparel has an overall air of wedding attire with 2 in my top 10 and one in my “honorable mentions”.

Now you have a whole slew of gowns to get ideas from.  Make your choice and rearrange them if you are not buying off the rack but having someone make it and have them make to your specifications.

 The Men: (I guess I can’t leave them out, right?)

Men’s wedding attire is almost still unchanged, but what about a red or even black velvet  tailored jacket or tux and black velvet shoes.  Maybe a colorful cummerbund to match the cravat and or tie.  Mmmh!  I like that too.  There’s a change a happening . . .  a little.


Good Evening!  This is the month of February 2013 and I decided to try different days and times for my radio show on Blog Talk Radio.  Perhaps you have listened to show in archives or actually listened to it live.  Let me know what time you would like to listen to it live and I will see what I can do.  In the next couple of weeks, here are a few of the people I plan to have on:  Bridgette Bartlette, Fouzia Elidrissi, Jean-Hans, Phil Nee, just to name a few over the wedding industry.  Last week I even met a well known make-up artist/performer who may be on.  His first name is Ernesto.

Meanwhile today, I read from both my soon-to-be published book – New York City Budget Weddings Elegant and Affordable and the Amazon published book – Wedding Cake:  From Frosting to Crumbs, plus gave you advice about choosing your wedding cake, complete with questions and  also a little bit about your wedding planning budget, men’s wedding attire, plus spiritual transformation during your wedding planning.  Please check that out via Blog Talk Radio’s archives of my show Budget Weddings NYC 4U.  I know you’ll get a lot of enjoyment and tips from listening.


Enjoy your weekend and tune in Monday at Noon when I give you my Picks of the Oscars’ red carpet attire for weddings.



Whether you are already in the midst of your wedding planning or even if this is the start of your of that process, you deserve to take some time off from your wedding plans, to regroup with your fiance’ to release the perils of wedding planning.  Take time out each day, to reconnect and just be.  You will feel inspired to go along with almost anything, as long as you are together on the same page of understanding.  It draws you together more perfectly than “just” going out on a date.

You may want to incorporate this into your marriage as a daily habit to keep and continue to grow together with.  Making time for each other is a sure way to stay in love with each other and to communicate better.

Here’s some ideas to stay together and release at the same time:

Start a novel together and read out loud to each other a little each night.

Draw a bath as warm as you can stand, pour some wine into your wine glasses, light some candles and soak away the stress of the day and the events of planning your wedding. (This might be a once a week relaxation form, but lovely nevertheless.)

Massage each other’s shoulder, maybe once a week a full body massage, complete with scented oils.

Exercise together at the gym or go to a yoga class together.

Sit comfortably in each other’s arms and look deeply into each other’s eyes.

These are but a few suggestions, I am sure you can come up with some of your own that are perfect for you.  Perhaps you will even want to continue the practice into your marriage.  It’s a great way to stay connected with other, instead of growing apart.  Start now to do some of these things and I promise you will get through your wedding planning without a hitch and still deeply in love with each other even after a few mishaps or arguments or misunderstandings during your wedding planning.


I mentioned this on the book’s Page on Facebook, but want to share it here, too:  Color is invading the wedding dress and NOT big flowers, either.  It’s almost like icing on the cake.  White flowing dresses, but with a bit of color in tulle or taffeta.  Also, this year ruffles are back in lots of different ways:  big ones, small ones and then some that look like flowing tears of fabric or even look like feathers.  You can see pictures on my Pinterest under Wedding Apparel.  Pinned Image

The designers taking up the cause of color are:  Vera Wang, (yup! Truly) and Alfredo Angelo.  Both can be found at David’s Bridal.  Picture above is from neither of the mentioned designers.

Tip #2

Look for and find those marvelous wedding gown January Sales.  Not just at David’s Bridal, but at trunk shows and other wedding gown boutiques, too.  Below are dresses from David’s Bridal for only $249.                                                     $199                     A Vera Wang pink print in Taffeta for $299 at DBs.

Happy New Year.  If you are getting married this year, choose a significant date, have your plan and budget ready and let’s start your engines and let’s roll.

Tip #1

Always, always, always remember to get a contract wherever you go and with whomever you are dealing with for services or products, EVEN or especially if you know them.  AND you’ll save money more money, too.

Yup!  That goes for EVERYbody.  For a follow-up or more in depth look at this, see my full length article in my Newsletter.  Sign up at right to receive the monthly newsletter.