Wedding: How To Save Tips

Tip #51

Hire your Wedding Planner as soon as possible, so you can start saving time, energy and money early. The Wedding Planner is a professional who uses their expertise to save you money while keeping your wedding organized and running smoothly.

Tip #50

Save money down the road for that special occasion and buy your well-fitted suit for your wedding and then have (at least) one dress suit in your closet, forever.


Tip #49


It’s “THE BIG Party”, so Do You and have fun. It’ll feel less expensive because you are having SO much fun with your new spouse and relatives.

Tip #48


Looking for a way to be on the wedding apparel cutting edge? Check out the red carpet dresses & tuxes during the Hollywood actor’s awards season November – March of each year.

Tip #47


If you or your bridal party need expensive jewelry to round out your attire, but don’t have the bucks to purchase it, why not rent some instead? Beautiful crystal or Ener-Gems from Super Dolls Lounge starts from $35 for a week’s rental.

Tip #46


Take a break from each other and have some real fun. Forget about focusing 24/7 on the wedding. It balances your life. It keeps you energized optimally.

Tip #45


To stay relaxed and toned have a massage by a certified LMT. Increase your endorphins through  massage, facial or foot reflexology.

Tip #44


Would you like to save on drinks for your reception guests? You could come up with one or two different themed drinks. Perhaps you could match the drink’s colors to your wedding colors.

Another sub-tip so your guests taste buds won’t be shocked; don’t leave the tastings to your bartender. Make sure you and your fiance taste the drinks, of course but perhaps a couple people from your wedding party could also taste them. You want it to taste good as well as look good.

Tip #43


Always hire a professional photographer and/or videographer, so when you are looking back over the years looking at your wedding pictures that your friends took will be fun, but the incidental pictures that a professional takes are enduring and priceless.


Tip #42


Honeymoon/Stay-Moon in New York in the community that you may never have visited. Drench yourself in the new culture, the foods, stay in a hotel, motel or a B & B, do some shopping or just take a walk. Learn about a new neighborhood while you’re on your honeymoon.

Tip #41


Peruse your favorite lingerie shop or FIT for their current June 3 – November 15, 2014 for ideas about your wedding night apparel, off you go to either Brazen Lingerie or even your favorite mid-range lingerie shop, to see if you can get something similar, but at less the price.

Tip #40


Start at the beginning.  Start from within and work outwards, being true to yourselves.  By really getting both of your centers of who you are, what your desires are separately, then coming together, and coming from joy to a compromise you stay on budget.  By implementing that, you have more enjoyable plans, together.

Tip #39


Choose a DIY project that will be truly fun to you and stress releasing, but that will also save you amazing amounts of money.  For instance:  Your veil – cutting it out, hemming and then adding sparkle.  It’ll be worth it.

Tip #38


Work with professionals it will save you time and money in the end.  Wedding Strategist and Wedding Consultant will take you from the very beginning to the end.  Don’t tell your best pals all the details, they’ll be sick of it waaay before you are even near the end or to your wedding day.

Timely Tip #37


If you are thinking about getting married in late autumn or early winter, then you will want to check out the vast array of items in various craft stores, even if it’s just to pick up your favor bags or Chinese food take out (Go to Pearl River – Great prices). You save googobs of money if you go a week or two before Thanksgiving.  20 – 75% off as the stores make way for their Black Friday specials.

Timely Tip #36


Take time out of your busy wedding planning and sit with your fiance and have a meditation moment together.  It promises to keep you both sane at the same time, on the same page.  It doesn’t matter so much which mediation style you choose.  It’s really about sitting together and breathing in and out together.  Getting back to calm, just for the two of you.  When you do that you are starting a habit that will keep you sane throughout your marriage (if you continue it) and I promise you it will help you stay on the same page together.  Start with 1 – 2 minutes either looking into each other’s eyes or at the wall, then work up to 5 – 15 minutes.  It’s a real breath of fresh air and you may even receive fresh workable ideas.  It’s all about stopping and listening to the your inner selves (The Universe, God, Knowledge – whatever you want to call it.).

Timely Tip #35


Here’s an idea that is perfect if you are in a quandary of what to give your wedding parties’ as a gift or the favor and packaging  for your attendees, plus I might add it’s a fun eecursion.  The Gift Show is the show for creative gifts, which also includes unique packaging.  You’ll get a whole host of ideas and probably be prompted with new ideas of your own.  There’s nothing like seeing something you never thought of to jog your creative juices and come up with something unique of your own.  Keep your eye on the NY Show events around town, but especially at the Javits Center.  It usually happens twice a year, so there is no reason to miss it.

Tip #34

Do your own hair after you decide on your favorite special occasional coiffure and what you  could walk down the aisle sporting.  If you’ve been trying out various hairstyles, boost it up a notch by adding accessories.  Think tiara, seed pearls, a veil or jewels.

Tip #33

Short of time for your wedding planning?  Pick out three to five of the most important tasks that you want to add to your wedding.  Get those done, no matter how large or small and then consider yourselves done and successful.  Have fun, get married, get toasted (double intendre) and go off on your honeymoon.

Tip #32

Choose to take your honeymoon outside of the usual box. Summer and a hot or warm spot.  Go on your honeymoon somewhere cool (temperature-wise) or even somewhere not considered a typical  honeymoon spot.

Tip #31

A Budgetary Tip:

If you can make your money go further, during your wedding preparation, you’ll have more left over to deposit into your savings, retirement, and investment accounts, even after your wedding day and honeymoon.  And that is exactly what you want, right?

Tip #29 & #30

Buy ONLY what you need and then buy quality items.  Even if you are on a budget, buy the best quality, since it cover the elegant effect you are going for and it will last much longer than cheap in price and or quality.

Tip #23 on

Here’s 5 more tips to check out and use, for weddings here in NYC.  Top 5 New York Basics for Bridal Necessities

Tip #23

Go with your gut instinct, intuition, the first thought right after you experience or see something or you are being presented with it.  If the service provider tries to get you make a choice that your initial reaction is to say no, then listen or go with that first thought.  You will not be disappointed and that first thought is probably telling you what you really want or think.  Don’t discount it.  Go with it.  It’s usually right.  This is saving you from future stress whether it is monetary or definitely your belief system within yourself and your decisions.  Remember that little voice is usually right.

Tip #22

Looking for your special cake?  Ever thought about going to a wedding cake competition?  For an entrance fee, you can have your cake, eat it, and then vote on it.  Check for the event’s upcoming dates on the this website under Wedding Cake Taste-Off tab.  You’ll be glad you did and your sweet tooth, will too.  Next year, it will be twice a year, so you’ll have twice the fun, twice the choices and even better chances of finding your wedding cake baker.  Check out 2011’s winner and winning cake:

Raspberry Pineapple Wedding Cake Wins the Day

P’s Baking & Catering winning cake.

Tip #21


Check out this for marriage between closets which saves your oodles of money when it comes to your search for a new home for the additional clothing after marriage.

Look for upcoming interview on in near future.

Tip #20

Be ahead of the curve – the strapless is easing out of popularity.  More about this later, but just think you no longer have to show off shoulders or upper arms that are not up to par, nor a decolletage, that is too much for a strapless dress.  Being in vogue can be fun or an absolute disaster.  Be in vogue for your particular figure.  That’s even more stylish.

Tip #19

What about a toilet paper dress?   Check out the design from both 2011 & 2012 wedding dress design.  Maybe she could design your dress.  See if you like any of these and remember all the designs can use only 10 rolls of Charmin TP, needled and thread.

View the runner-ups and the winner here.  Which one would you prefer?

Tip #18

If you have great legs and you’re feeling daring or just want an exotic twist to your wedding, then go with a shorter wedding dress.  This year’s newest trend is the short wedding dress, with a twist.  Looks fun like an upscale cocktail dress.  Most are designed for spring, but with the right accessories – a cape, bolero, or even a long train and you can wear your mini into the fall and possibly even early winter.  Check out a few of the dresses below from the 2012 Fro Marchesa Collection.

Keep in mind that short is considered less formal than long, but it’s still fun, so be daring go for the short and have even more fun at your wedding.

Monique LhuillierTobi Hannah

Martha Stewart and Olga from Onewed above.

Tip #17

Flowers are always your friends,   They can in so many areas of you wedding so work with a great florist who has your best interest in mind, while creating your dreams through the right flowers AND always go with the flowers in season.

Tip #16

Ever thought of a cost effective re-purposing solution for reception decor?  Think about hair accessories:  scrungees/scrunchies – beaded, or lame, or faux pearls or glass-like crystals or with even real crystals. You don’t see it yet, do you.  Think of all the tulle you need to look like a bow or to be pulled back or even made to look like curtains, columns or just fanned out at the bottom.  Other than pins or yucky rubber bands, what could you use successfully and still look elegant [depending on which kind you use, of course].   Da-da-da-Daum!  Yup! A scrunchie in your color choice.  Check out Ricky’s, Sav-A-Thon, or your neighborhood discount store.  Or you could even go to their supplier and get them wholesale, then you are REALLY saving big bucks.

Tips #14 & 15

Hire a Wedding Consultant or Wedding Planner.  Their fee will invariably save you both time and money.  Through their personal relationships with vendors they can get you some amazing deals.  Remember friends love to help out friends.

Here’s the other tip, just because you may not know the vendor personally, they are the friend of your wedding planner or consultant, it does not mean you get to treat them unfairly.  Treat them as your friends, too especially if you are getting an incredibly wonderful price and kick-ass service.  So please don’t forget to tip (gratuities) the vendors working your event.  Why you say, aren’t they getting paid anyway?  Yes, they are, but sometimes not all of the payment goes to them, especially if working for a large company.  See article on tipping which is a 3-part series on Home Page (2/17, 2/20, & 3/6/2012) for who and how much to give a gratuity.

Tips #13

To really save, you can make your own wedding cake.  Can’t be done, you say?  Well check out the cakes below and Faith Duran’s blog entry.  Follow the links below to find out what she did for herself and her little brother’s weddings.

39 Layers and Some Buttercream:  Wedding Cake Report

by Faith Duran

In case you thought you could not do your own cakes or for some else, check out this blog entry: These are cakes she made for her brother and new sister-in-law’s wedding.  Pretty cool, don’t you think?2008_12_10-Cakes02.jpg


The Homemade Wedding Cake, also by Faith Duran

This cake is amazing and she made for her own wedding.


Tip #12

Locally Made Wedding Dresses:

Have you done your ultimate research for your wedding dress in the five boros?  Don’t give up before you start, just because you want to say affirmative to the dress.  Explore all your possibilities.  There are some amazing salons available for you to peruse.  Have you been to        57 Grand, yet?  And they are locally designed and made.  Most of their dresses are within a reasonable rate.  Check them out.  A lot of them are of a simple, but elegant design that you can accessorize to make it even more expensive looking.  57Grand even has accessories you can purchase from them.  Some of those are more expensive though than their dresses.  Be cognizant of what can drive up your pricing.  Other surprising places to look are RK Bridal with dresses starting at $400 and which is located in the 30’s in Manhattan with dresses starting on sale as low as $238.  Dressing the part of a bride does not have to cost an arm and a leg, if you do some research you can find the perfect dress well under $1000.  Be willing to explore.

Speaking of David’s Bridal: Who was?  I was – when I was in their store on 6th Avenue near 23rd Street,  five days ago, there were two beautiful creamy off-white Oleg Cassini dresses that had been marked down to $299.  Now I don’t remember the price originally, but I do believe it was well over $1500.

Tip #11

Whether you like David’s Bridal or not, they are having a sale this weekend  6/17 – 6/19/2011 and it’s probably worth taking a look around.  Remember their designers these days are Vera Wang and Yves St. Laurent AND these designers’ usual price point is under $1500.  Just imagine if their designs are on sale.  You owe it to yourself to check them out.  Plus, they have cute and colorful bridesmaids’ dresses.  Don’t forget they also Nice bridesmaids’ dresses and they even have tiaras, shoes, and jewelry.

Tip #10

Are you planning an outdoor wedding? Outdoor weddings are quite beautiful to have in the spring, summer or fall-the greenery of the outdoors and the natural eco friendly environment gives a unique and intimate ambiance. However, it is more elaborate than a catering hall wedding, it requires a lot planning, such as a contingency plan in case if it rains, getting the proper measurements for a tent, the list goes on. Outdoor weddings can be a challenge, do your research, pay close attention to every detail and work closely with your wedding vendors.

Here are 13 tips that may be helpful for you when planning your outdoor wedding:

Tp #9

Sweet dresses at a sweet price.

Are you getting married in white or some other color, but you definitely can’t see yourself going the big poufy wedding dress way?  Or now that it has stopped raining, for awhile, and turned suddenly hot, you just want to wear something elegant, but comfortable, and affordable?  Follow me as I share three sweet deals that you can use for your wedding attire.

Of course there is David’s Bridal, even for a simple non-bride dress, plus you can choose from various colors and styles.  Did you know J. Crew has something white that you can use for $695.  Quite chic and fluid.  I know that’s probably not the price you had in mind.  I just threw that in to see if you were paying attention.

Really check out Coldwater Creek, they have a very pretty white sleeveless that is just $100.  Talk about budgetary.  Hold me back. I’d even buy it just to go somewhere fun in it.  Just thinking about it has cooled me down a bit.  It’s an eyelet number in cotton, that also happens to be washable.  Think beach wear or barbeque outside weddings.

How about a faux wrap dress with eyelet design all over.  You can find that one for $228 at Nordstroms.  It has capped eyelet sleeves and goes to just above the knee.  Remember I said eyelet all over.  What could be prettier.

Do you need a little or a lot more color in your life?  How about a white lace top with mid bicep skimming sleeves and a burst of color from the braided waist band down?  Is that more your style?  Or is the price tag the way to your heart?  Check it out at for this number at just $51.  Or if you want a full burst of color, no holds barred then spend your bucks, $40 to be exact at Old Navy.  Can’t imagine buying your wedding dress at Old Navy?  Why not especially at that price and in a flirty, cool, dramatic color and body draped empire waist dress in rayon.

Check all these places out.  Even if it seems like the complete opposite route to go for your dress, you may be pleasantly surprised to find your perfect dress.

Tip #8

Give your guests a choice –

Offer your guests a choice of foods.  Not everyone eats or even wants to eat chicken. You can have something that is equally good and cost effective.  You could even surprise them with something lightly wedding themed.  Be aware that some people may have food allergies.  If you are unsure, ask them to put it down on their RSVP.  Problem solved.  Two choices are more than enough.  You are on a budget after all.

Watch here for another tip on Monday.

Tip #7

How’s this for a savings, but still have something new and expensive, but for the rest of your lives.  How about a totally “Green Wedding”?  Use all that money you thought you’d use on the wedding as a down payment to buy a house.  As soon as you get within closing, schedule a month or two out, longer just to be safe; e your wedding + reception/housewarming in your new home.  Now there is a memory to keep forever.  You get, a new home, gifts for your new home and you save on two venues in one.  Plus, all the leftover food doesn’t have to get packed up, just put away.  And your gifts can go right into their perfect spot.  Now there’s a fun way to spend the your next few days in your new home.  Go totally green and use real place settings.  No plastic for this event, after all it’s a “green event” and you’re still going for elegance.  And poof, you’ve had your first [major] dinner party.  Still going on a honeymoon, have someone stay at your home, if it is immediately after the wedding, you don’t want any surprise visitors while you’re away.  Or buy in a full service building.  Coolness!

Tip #6 Check out Fouzia’s  She is an extraordinary individual who I had the pleasure of talking to at length in aphone interview.  Parts of the interview will be included in my upcoming eBook.  I interviewed her as an expert in her field.  She is a Wedding Consultant who will work withinYOUR budget.

Check out what’s new in 2011 wedding songs:


Tip #5: Have you been to other receptions in your life time?

Think about the foods you ate and enjoyed.  In this case, it is alright to swipe someone’s idea or parts thereof.  You are looking for fun and deliciousness for your guests and yourself.  You will find ideas at other people’s for you and your guests to ultimately enjoy.

Tip #4: Tips from Florisity’s Katsuya Nishimori


Your guests are due in ten, and you’re shoving a fistful of wilty deli flowers into a vase.

Those bodega blooms have more potential than you might think. In today’s video*, renowned artist/floral designer Katsuya Nishimori — formerly of Takashimaya Floral and cofounder of the recently opened Florisity in the Flatiron — has tips for making a beautiful French-inspired arrangement for less than $25. Really, you’ll be amazed how good a deli bouquet can look.

Of course, we can’t discount the pros of going to a florist (more variety, bigger blooms, longer flower life, and the magic touch). But if you can fool one or two people in the meantime, consider it a success.

Florisity, 1 West 19th Street, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues (212-366-0891 or If this puts a bloom in your bonnet, go to one of Florisity’s beginner’s classes on November 3 or 10, 6-8 p.m., $225.

See Video at:

Tip #3: Give your guests a choice –

Problem solved.  Two choices are Offer your guests a choice of foods.  Not everyone eats or even wants to eat chicken. You can have something that is equally good and cost effective.  You could even surprise them with something lightly wedding themed.  Be aware that some people may have food allergies.  If you are unsure, ask them to put it down on their RSVP. more than enough.  You are on a budget after all.

Watch here for another tip on Monday.

Tip #2: Are you thinking about food for your reception?  Don’t forget tokeep your guests in uppermost in your mind regarding the types of foods.  Don’t forget your vegetarian friends either.

In fact, only think about your guests.  Really about the only thing you will get to do is smell the food.  Of course do the tasting, but don’t think about yourself.  Think about your guests, and what they will enjoy. They will thank you later for it.

Tip #1: Yes, it’s your wedding, but remember the bulk of your budget money is going for the reception.  In other words the food or drink or dessert or any combination or all of them should be top shelf, depending on your budget.  Plus, you have invited your closest friends and relatives to celebrate your day.  Think about them first and get what you think they would like to eat.

Another tip on this subject tomorrow.

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